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Movie Suggestion Post #101

Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  I tend to start at a 5 star rating and deduct things based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, which means I enjoyed it and would probably recommend it or watch it again.  (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! –  Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of)]

Paddington 2015 (w/ Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Madeleine Harris, Nicole Kidman, Peter Capaldi, Julie Walters, & voice of Ben Wishaw)   3.75 stars – As a child, I loved Paddington the cartoon, though I had never read the book. I even had a nightie when I was a child with Paddington on it. He was a sweet bear who always looked like he was ready to face any downpour. When I saw the teaser trailer for this movie, I was so excited. We saw this in theatres as a family. The boys loved it and so did we as adults. I actually felt I could relate to the mother in many ways (such as coming up with strange names to call my children). Paddington is a Peruvian bear who travels to London because of an explorer who visited his Aunt and Uncle years earlier and taught them how to make marmalade and other things. Paddington meets a kind family and tries to learn about life in London. This causes many mishaps. There is a woman who seems interested in him and hopes to capture him. It was cute to see Peter Capaldi in this too (who is the current Doctor in Doctor Who). I did not know he was going to be in it. If you are a Harry Potter fan, Mrs. Weasley is in this too.
content: cross-dressing (though the scene was not obscene and was funny though a man did flirt with the man thinking it he was a she), tight fitted clothing on a woman shown, A taxidermist is shown with animals that had been collected – most were one-of-a-kind animals, a character dies (not shown but assumed), a woman tries to get a man drunk as a distraction (so there is drinking and drunkenness in this)Paddingtonstationpaddingtonbirdies

Invasion of the Body Snatchers  1978 (w/ Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Leonard Nimoy) – 3 stars – I just found out this is a remake of a fifties film, so now I want to see the original, because I don’t tend to like remakes too much.  This version of the film had great graphics for a “horror” flick, and I know I don’t watch too many of those types of movies at all, but alas, here I am.  I have heard about the title for many years and thought it was a b-flick that was terrible (in my head before seeing the movie).  Now that I saw it, I was actually really impressed.  Many things in it were very realistic and the way it was filmed was really great too.  The story is about an alien plant that comes to take over the earth and a woman notices that something is happening to her boyfriend.  She goes to her co-worker friend for help to figure out why her boyfriend has changed so drastically.  In the process they both start to discover much more than they bargained for.  Definitely an interesting story.  My only big problem with it is that content made it worse (so I would have had a higher rating for it).  What a let down. This movie ALMOST made it through without nudity.
content:  a large man gets up from a mud bath and you can see the very bottom half of his bum and a little. . . bit of his scrotum, a woman is shown covered in a weird fiber that looks like breasts for a second without any nipples, a man is shown with blood dripping down his head after a hit and run, a man is shown stabbed in the neck with a dart, in the last 14 minutes of the movie a woman is shown topless and walking around a building (top portion only shown), kissing, a man axes a person’s head (it isn’t a person though, but looks like one). . . this actually looks very realistic and it does have blood, some scary imagery throughout (the whole concept of this movie is unique and freaky), a man’s nose bleeds, the use of speed pills shown, language: small “b” word

To the Beautiful You 2010 (Korean TV show) – 3 stars – An Olympic gold medalist high jumper goes to an all boys’ school and has a hard time jumping again afterwards.  A girl who admired the Olympian decides to go to his school as if she is a boy so she can help him jump again.  This leads to interesting situations throughout the show.  I enjoyed this one a bit, though not as much as I have enjoyed other Korean dramas.  I think that some of what happens seems realistic and some of it not so much.  The girl did not look much like a guy to me at all and I don’t know how that would fool anyone especially for as long as it did.  The only guy who won’t go swimming and never shares the same locker room with them while they are inside of it. . . is very suspicious and easy to figure out!
content: girls shown in a towel a few times, guys’ chests seen throughout the show, people dressed in drag, kissing, deceit, a guy shown with a pretty busted up bloody nose, a guy has a crush on the girl who is pretending to be a boy the whole time thinking he may be homosexual because of it and has a hard time with that throughout – even though he has a crush on an actual girl though there is a guy who does have an actual crush on another guy throughout this as well, talk about people being porn addicts or perverts (people show magazines being held but they never show what is on the covers), a guy puts his palms on a girl’s chest and her chest is all wrapped up to make it seem like she is a guy so he gets fooled, guys shown sitting on toilets, people try to harm others, punching, a girl is in a dangerous situation that may cause sexual assault, a boy and a girl share a bedroom together (never any sexual stuff happening there), some language in it like the “s” word

The Signal 2014 (w/ Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Laurence Fishburne, Beau Knapp) – 3 stars – I would have rated this higher but unfortunately because a girl was shown in underwear, it missed getting a higher mark. This however, was a very strange and thought provoking film that left me going, “WHAT?” at times but leaving me so intrigued. You have a couple of hackers and the girlfriend of one of them on a search for a Nomad who has been hacking them at MIT. In their search they end up finding themselves in some strange facility and are told they have a sickness of some sort. It was truly so interesting to try to figure out what was going on. Laurence Fishburne of course pulls out his Morpheus-like role again, but at the same time it is very different too. My husband didn’t see the underwear scene but outside of that he LOVED this film so much. This is one of those films where I want to explain the plot but that could give too much away. I actually watched this “blind” as my husband called it. He wanted to see it and didn’t tell me what it was going to be about and so I started watching it not knowing the plot, and I think that worked out for the best. The beginning was confusing and a little boring to me and I didn’t understand it. It seemed like some teens just traveling around but then when they reach a certain destination and something occurs that changes everything, I was hooked. There was just one thing that seemed out of place (with a cow) that didn’t make sense, but you’ll see what I mean.
content: A scene where a person’s body flies in the sky making them look “rag-doll-like”, A girl is shown standing in front of two men with her butt cheeks hanging out of her underwear for a few seconds before she walks away (totally didn’t need this in the movie too because it didn’t go with the rest of it at all), blood shown at various times mainly dripping out of people’s noses, disturbing imagery that might be scary, people get shot by guns and die, kissing, immodesty, language: (“s” word a few times, “f” word once, God’s name used blasphemously, “d” word, misuse of “hell”)

The Identical 2014 (w/ Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta, Erin Cottrell, Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano,) – 3.25 stars – This is a movie about a boy who was separated by his twin brother at birth and raised as a pastor’s son, though always having a calling towards singing and music even though his father wants him to be a “man of the cloth.” This story focuses on what his life is like and how he is searching for himself while relating to a top singer. This is set in the 1950s and yes, the guy looks and sounds a little like Elvis too. It was a good movie regardless of the slight cheesiness in the actual songs not sounding too much like their time (that’s the only issue I had). Definitely a Christian film and seemed to have been made by Messianics (Jewish believers of Christ). I of course loved Ray Liotta’s acting best. Overall the message is well revealed and inspiring.
content: a couple of women shown in old-style bikinis briefly, people drinking (no drunkenness shown), people shown smoking, immodestythe identical

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 2011 (w/ Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Amr Waked, Rachael Stirling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Mison) – 2.25 stars – In the desert of Yemen, fishing is definitely not common, but apparently it was so in the past before the waters dried up.  A sheik wants to bring it back and he wants fisheries experts from Great Britain to help him bring this to a reality, but most of the people from Yemen are not too happy with him.  The main subjects of the story are Fred Jones, who is an expert in fisheries and Harriet who has hired him and is working along side of him to fulfill this dream for the Sheikh.  Harriet’s boyfriend is a soldier who is about to go off to Afghanistan and Fred’s been married to his own wife since he was young and she wants to go off for a few months to do what she wants to do, which saddens him because he wants a child.   Since Harriet and Fred do business together, they are around each other a lot when they are going through their hard times and build a friendship.   I didn’t really find the story to mesh well and Kristin Scott Thomas’ character seems like an angry selfish woman in her scenes and she swears most of the time as she works for the press in regards to the Prime Minister.  Harriet (Emily Blunt) definitely shows the best acting to me in this film especially as she grieves over missing her boyfriend.  The Sheikh actually is the most likable person in this whole movie and I really like how his friendship with Dr. Jones built well.
content: a man mentions being married to several women, kissing, assassination attempts, a man gets a wound on his cheek with blood showing, a married couple are shown in bed with the man on top (both are shown wearing clothes and are under the covers) though the man thanks his wife for allowing them to have sex (he does moan as the scene comes in), a woman takes off her pants and is shown wearing underwear and she climbs quickly into bed (panties barely shown but her entire leg is definitely exposed), people shown making out and we can figure out that they had sex (nothing shown at all), immodesty, a quick TV channel sequence shown where a pop star is in underwear, a man’s neck gets snapped, smoking shown, drinking shown without drunkenness, language: (short “b” word used in plural, long “b” word, “f” word used once vocally and a few times typed out, God’s name used blasphemously and one included with the “d” word, “bloody” used a lot (it is a British film), “hell” used incorrectly, “a” word used several times, Jesus’ name used improperly 2x)

Kiss Them For Me 1957 ( w/ Cary Grant, Leif Erickson, Jayne Mansfield, Suzy Parker, Ray Waltson, Larry Blyden) – 3 stars – In 1944, three men who are Naval officers decide they need a leave once finishing their tour. They each are considered war heroes. One of them can’t wait to become a part of the government, another has had his share of war and can’t wait to just be away from it. The last one just pretty much follows them around as a loyal friend. Of course this is right before the Pearl Harbor bombing, so they just are out to have fun in San Francisco. While having a party in their hotel, Cary Grant’s character is out for drunkenness and girls, but finds one who seems so interesting and beautiful (Suzy Parker). I think her acting was terrible. She was so emotionless at times. I couldn’t stand it. Of course Jayne Mansfield is treated like a sex object as usual, which is always sad. They make her out to be dumb though in ways she is very smart and I wish they cared a bit more about that because she actually acts really well in this. Cary Grant is always grand in his acting and shows his comedic humor. I think the story for this was very sad. It showed a lot of the mentality of those who serve in war and how varied they can be. It was quite interesting to see.
content: a man talks about how much he loves his wife while he is willing to kiss another woman who says he can think of his wife while kissing her, two women quickly compare bust sizes, lust, immodesty, smoking, lots of drinking and drunkenness shown, kissing and making out (though of course their kisses aren’t as deep and intense as these days show in films), talk about going to an apartment (sex assumed though nothing shown at all), punching, war footage shown of planes blowing up in the air, language: the “d” word

New Hope 2012 (w/ Ben Davies, Samuel Davis, Dodie Brown, Perry Frost,  Will Schwab) – 2.75 stars – Another Christian film where the pastor somehow always has a poetic monologue and all the answers without many actual problems.  It is actually a little frustrating and annoying and unrealistic.  A family moves to a new town where a kid recently committed suicide (a year earlier).  The kids in the school are picking up the pieces still as well as the family of the boy who did it.  He was a teenager and even had a brother whom he was very close to who is not coping well.  The new family that moved is a pastor and his wife and two kids.  His son is going to join the basketball team and he shows an interest in a girl there who doesn’t seem to be a believer of God and who was the girlfriend of the deceased boy.  So many people have this way of looking at him as if because he is the pastor’s son he is a good example at all times.  It was definitely one of those faith films that was pretty good other than things here and there.  It wasn’t terrible like a lot of other movies I’ve seen in this genre.
content: a girl is interested in sex and hands her boyfriend a condom, talk about suicide, fighting, underage drinking and smoking shown, mocking people (for faith and in general)

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me 2012 (documentary) – 3.25 stars – I have known about Big Star for only a few years now and truly enjoy their music. I was excited to see a documentary about them. Basically their band tried to make it big in the early 1970s, but they were not getting known no matter how may reviews were put out about how amazing their music was. This saddened the one who started the band in Memphis and wrote the majority of the music named Chris Bell and shows the struggle he had since the failure of the release. The other members of the band tried to continue to hold on. The band only released three albums but they have a great cult following of fans. Also this focuses a lot of Alex Chilton in the band too. We learn a lot about the studio in which they recorded at too. I think the only downside I had about this documentary is that we didn’t actually learn much about who each member was and where they came from. Two of the members are dead now, and while they explained a little how one died, they didn’t mention at all about how the other one died. I figure it was to protect him, but it was strange. This documentary definitely is good but the story is pretty sad. I liked how it was done though. Of course what did not make sense to me is that this documentary was finished after a third member of the band died of cancer but that wasn’t even mentioned which is odd to me. Now there is only one surviving band member.
content: some language (About 3 or 4 words), talk about drugs and videos of people who are most likely high at times, people shown with alcohol and shown smoking cigarettes throughout, drunkenness talked about, talk about Jesus, some immodesty shown, people shown kissing, talk of deathBigStar


My Sons

sillyboysaresweet2I teach the boys in the mornings as usual until noon (starting at 7 or 7:30 depending). Leto is now 8 and Micah is 6. They are starting to really enjoy their lessons. Leto had been easily distracted for a long time but has been more dedicated. He has beautiful script/cursive handwriting. Micah used to cause loads of frustrations by fighting me on wanting to learn and read and write. He finally loves to read quite a bit, he is starting to write better, and he does his work diligently. He’s learning so much. These boys are so smart. Leto’s problem is that he sometimes thinks he knows what he is supposed to do with an assignment that he skips over the directions and misses an important point so I have to make sure to point out the directions and let him know to pay close attention to the assignment at hand.  Micah rushes and gets sloppy at times. They’ll learn.

Leto does not stop reading. He also loves video games and music very much. He is getting better and better at the piano.  He has a habit of picking his nose an putting the boogers everywhere (thankfully he is starting to use tissues more and more). He also tends to talk a lot, that when he meets new people, he tends to forget to ask them questions and he has a hard time making friends, though he is very friendly and sociable. Micah smiles so much and likes to be silly and is the funny one but he is also shy. He loves to build with LEGOs and draws really beautifully. Everyone seems drawn to him and he has an easy time making friends. Micah still sucks his thumb but he has not pulled out his hair in a few months which was a big long hard battle we’ve had to deal with for nearly all his life.

Both of the boys dance beautifully. I love watching them learn ballet. Leto has taken to it so very seriously lately and he concentrates and gets a little upset with himself when he messes up but he works to correct himself and he has so much fun in class. He seems very dedicated. Micah loves to be around a couple of the girls that he has befriended in class and one in particular he holds hands with for one of the dances and he smiles and enjoys it and does a great job. He is definitely flexible and he is a little nervous about his class getting harder next year because he is afraid he won’t do as well (he’ll be fine). I am glad that they decided they wanted to dance ballet at 6 and 4 years of age and that they continue to love it.  I see a lot of kids leave after a few months and a lot of the kids will cry about going into class while my boys are always thrilled to go in. They’ll be dancing for two years come June!  I have them go all year around too while most have their kids go Sept-May.

Their favorite thing is to spend time with their papa. Rob is so wonderful with them. I love seeing them light up whenever they are with him. He has been teaching them so many things about computers and having them help him with tasks. They want to spend every second with him (so do I).

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When Sister Mary Prays

1 John 5:14-15 says, “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.”SisterMaryI have mentioned in the past how Jesus visited me in a dream when I was only 4 or 5 and healed my partial deafness and speech problems that followed because of it. There was no hope for me in being able to hear or talk like a normal person, but Jesus healed me and I never doubted in faith in His existence and God’s power because of this. I want to offer you another story of healing.

More than 10 years ago, Mary suffered from a horribly painful stomach disease. Although she and her husband searched for a cure and spent large sums of money, several years passed filled with so much pain that she planned to kill herself. Then, Jesus spoke to her in a vision. She experienced God’s power to heal and knew she was called to testify of Him.

In the years since her healing, Sister Mary has walked in simple faith and obedience to Jesus by praying for hurting people in her community, like a man named Jona. This man was in a terrible accident and according to his doctors he had no chance to live. But not according to the God who healed him! Jona now serves as a pastor and missionary bringing people to Jesus, just like how Sister Mary reached out to him. He says, “I wanted to carry this good news the rest of my life and serve Him with all my heart.”

Today in a remote village in South Asia, as a result of one woman’s simple trust in God, hundreds of lives have been changed. I believe you’ll be encouraged by her video story as you reflect on the power of prayer and our God who is in the business of transforming lives!

Many people in my own culture seem to belittle prayer and seem to push aside the spiritual darkness that is all around us.  I think in Asian cultures they are more aware of the darkness and are more open to understanding Jesus’ love and the healing power God offers to them than here. Their faith is able to grow more potent and I feel incredibly encouraged by the prayer life that Sister Mary has.whensistermaryprays


Thursday Thoughts & Links #16

I have had this in draft mode for months (maybe 9 months) and forgot about it.  This is a very dated post, but hey, it is still fun!! I added a few at the end for something more recent. Sorry for abandoning these posts for a while.

1. What an extremely talented 14 year old, who takes photos of nature and objects and himself, manipulates them so that he shows up in his own photos, but in a surreal and beautiful way! Here are some of his works, and he actually explains a bit of how he does it on his blog.

2. Hobbit-Like home?hobbitlookinghouse

3, Aldrich and James are very talented. I really enjoyed listening to this song they performed (I admit I never heard the original though).

4. I barely had much of a walk to my school bus stop before getting picked up by bus let alone having to worry like these kids around the world who have to take dangerous routes to gain their education daily.commutetoschool5. A man who has night terrors and sleep paralysis that he recreates into photography.  It is really a unique take! (Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for this)
6. I love  this story about a man who died from wearing himself out while on a mission to save another child from trafficking in China! He was so inspiring. He saved loads and loads of children.
7. Snail photography that is so dreamy!!!
8. This crip walking to irish jig music is hilarious. I laughed.
9. My husband came across this brother-sister team singing together. They covered a song together and it sounds beautiful. I am such a sucker for good harmonies.
10. We’ve been on a tiny houses kick lately. I have always mentioned to my lovely husband how I’d love to live in an RV or something. These houses are incredible! Here’s some photos of a few of my favorites!
Tiny house #1 outside and inside shotstinyhouse1outsidetinyhouse1
Tiny house #2 outside and inside shottinyhouse2outsidetinyhouse2
tiny house #3tinyhouse3outsideStitched Panorama

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A Napalese Woman Who Was Able to Find Hope

700,000 people live in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shiuli is one of those people. At the age of 21 she became a widow and was left to care for her three children all alone. She had been married at 14. Her husband moved the two of them out of the mountains and into the capital city in Nepal. They became carpet makers and had their 3 daughters during that time. Her husband Turan became weak and sick. They had only been married for seven years when he died.

It became very difficult for Shiuli to make enough money to support her daughters. Eventually her youngest daughter died of malnutrition. Shiuli was desperate to find help, so she sought out all religions she knew about hoping that would work. She gave sacrifices and received little help from anyone or anything. She had no peace and was worried her daughters would be abused and that they would all die.Napalese woman

While working one day, Shiuli received visitors (women missionaries) who told her that they followed Jesus. She did not know who this Jesus was and listened as the visitors told her about the sacrifice that Jesus made for others. She listened and explained her own story to them.  She was told that there was a way to free her burdens as they let her know about God’s love for her. She felt a great peace and decided to depend on this Jesus she heard about. They led her to a church through Gospel for Asia and the pastor and people there reached out to her and have helped her.

In response Shiuli says, “The Lord has blessed me in such a wonderful way that He has provided shelter, food, special care and attention through His people,  The most important thing is I am receiving fellowship,”

There is hope for the millions of people who have never heard about God or Jesus. I offer you three ways that you can help other women like Shiuli out. Help build a church through my son Leto’s “Cookie Church” fundraiser. He has so far raised $1460 to build a church in Asia.  helpingwomenwhomakerugs

Sponsor a woman missionary (you’ll see I have a link on the right side of my blog for this as well). If it were not for the training and love flowing out of these women missionaries, people like Shiuli would feel hopeless and a lack of peace, but through God working through these women missionaries, hope was offered and peace was received.

The most important thing you can do is pray for the people who are like Shiuli an pray for the missionaries who are reaching out to others.  Prayer is extremely powerful. God hears us and sees our longing for the gospel to be brought out across the world and He does answer our prayers.

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Finding Peace Among the Chaos

SundayWorshipthumb1In John 16:33 it says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I have found that in the digital age, we can easily pick and choose who we want to be around and who we want to be friends with and quickly cut them off without too much of an issue. I have done so myself in the past. Now, I don’t like that. I think it is rude and terrible (so yes, I was a rude and terrible person).  I have become the type of person who wants to be friends with all people and regardless of our differences, I am willing to work with them and continue to pursue a relationship with them whether or not they want to. This of course doesn’t work too well if the other person isn’t willing to work things out. I find that those who are older than 40 tend to be understanding and capable of continuing a relationship and being at peace even with differences because their generations were more face-to-face than with those who are more from in the computer age. I am 31, and have lost several relationships simply because my opinion doesn’t match theirs, and that is so wrong. I love getting to know people who are not like me. I think about Jesus and how he had a harder time with those who stated they understood God than those who were the underdog of society that no one wanted to get to know.  He took the time to hear them out and show love to them. What a great example.

As a follower of God, and as one who is a peacemaker and justice seeker, I have learned to be more forgiving and gentle, but it is a hard thing to do when I want to go back to my old mentality when things don’t go necessarily in my way. God’s way is for us to get along and not argue or complain and to be at peace with all people. James 3:17 says, “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

I play video games. Many times while playing games with strangers from around the world, I have seen people either who are very kind and patient with others or those who have been downright rude and say things that I doubt would be said if they just met me in person. Because I am female in the gaming world especially, I have had people leave a game when they found out they have a female teammate. I have had people threaten to rape me and say crude and inappropriate things to me. In the process though, I have found dozens of people who are respectful and don’t care that I am a female, as long as I can make for a nice teammate or help have a fun game-play. I often have been the peacemaker in games where I tell people to stop swearing at people or putting them down and to be kind and the entire game can get switched around when someone takes initiative to say, “Hey, that is a person you’re playing with. You are a person too. Don’t you get stressed out if someone were to say that to you? Let’s have fun and remember it is a game. Please be respectful and show proper teamwork.” I will speak with my soft voice which surprises them after I was silent all game. They get surprised when I do that and I think of myself as being an in-game mom when I do it (which I don’t mind. . I am a mom). Sometimes they’ll continue, but often times they become more understanding and apologize. I never thought that my peacemaking through following Christ would follow into video games, but it can.

Even if people are terrible and murderous and malicious or manipulative, showing kindness to them and being peaceful can lead them to a change of heart. Show them Christ’s love and so much can happen. You might see a transformation. Pray for them. I’m making it a habit to pray more for people, even those that I play games with or have a hard time with.
SundayWorshipthumb2Outfit info: blouse – Modcloth a few years ago | Shoes – Payless a few years ago | Skirt – I don’t remember the store but I got it 12 years ago! | Snowflake necklace – a birthday present from a woman at my church | belt – don’t remember as it is also old.

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#HTChallenge – Fighting Sex Trafficking during the Super Bowl

I promised myself I’d post more information about human trafficking and justice issues on my blog, considering I am “The Justice Pirate” to stand up against oppression and the sickening accounts of labor and sexual trafficking and more. I haven’t posted enough about it in a few years, not since I borrowed vintage outfits for several months a few years ago in which for each outfit post I explained various types of trafficking. I really enjoyed doing that but slacked since, though my voice and heart continues to pour out on such matters.

Last year the Super Bowl was in my state of NJ, which is one of the best states in the entire country along with two other states (yes only 3 are this good). There were dozens of arrests of traffickers and rescuing of victims of sexual trafficking that took place on the night of the Super Bowl alone. Unfortunately this year the Super Bowl is in one of the lowest trafficking fighting states in the country, in one of the lowest fighting cities at that. Our hope is that what happened in NJ last year will happen this year in Arizona.

end-it-jn-njcThe problem with sporting events is that where there are groups of people gathered (especially the thousands who celebrate at sports events), there are usually demands for company to celebrate these things with. Many pimps (which are traffickers) tend to be on the look out for new girls to recruit, and many of them are underage, while others are not. These girls often get tricked, kidnapped, coerced, beaten, forced into drug use, or are highly threatened into becoming prostitutes. Out of fear and desperation, they are trained and obey how to act and are made up to look older if they are young (stress and abuse also ages them). They then are hired by those looking for company for a night and are “raped for profit” as Gary Haugen of IJM states. A lot of those girls are abused in various ways rather than just used for sex. If they get caught, usually the prostitute is criminalized, feel they can’t trust police or much of anyone, and a lot of the time these women fall in love with their pimps who have abused them awfully so they don’t escape and will return to them after released because at least they are being fed and clothed by someone even if they are abused by them. The prostitutes adjust and feel they have no where to go so they continue in the work.

The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old! Many prostitutes don’t make it to 25 years of age (usually dying from drug abuse, suicide, murder, or HIV/AIDS). It is a terrible situation and many laws in the US have been changing to help them rather than to criminalize them. Also the “Johns” who hire these girls don’t realize that these prostitutes are treated as such and there have been programs made throughout the country to help teach them the truth and to help them with their lust addictions. Many “Johns” get away with their purchases of women, but laws are changing to take matters more seriously. Pimps when caught sometimes get off easily, but over the past year alone I have found dozens of cases where these people have received 25+ years of sentencing rather than up to 6 months as I noted a few years ago.

This Super Bowl we (Justice Network – which I am a part of) and NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking are doing the #HTchallenge  to spread more awareness to those in the nation to fight and raise a voice for the defenseless and disregarded in hopes of ending slavery. You can find what you can tweet here to help you out as well as various Facebook message you can write. There are also images you can share (such as the one I have posted here). I hope you will come along side me to be a “game changer”!


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