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The Tea Quilt

quiltforrin6thumbIn July I gave my sister-in-law a quilt I made for her.  I used a pattern from the book Quilts For All Seasons. She loves tea and drinks it constantly so I thought I would find a tea fabric. It actually took me a few months to find the right one (I had been planning her quilt for a while).  I also found a matching calico print fabric.  Her favorite color is purple so I wanted to make her a pretty purple tea quilt.  This was the most challenging quilt I’ve made thus far (granted It was only my 9th quilt).  I don’t think I was precise enough in my cutting of fabric and I should have bought a new blade for my rotary cutter (I learned my lesson from this quilt).  It was difficult aligning things when I started to piece the blocks together, though I saw it coming.  However, for the most part, it came out very well.  I was satisfied with the results.

For the applique that I added to the backing, this was NOT in the pattern from the book.  I actually drew it up myself and worked on it.  It didn’t take me too long and was fun.  I used one of the teapots and teacups from the fabric as a reference for my drawing.  I then chopped it up for various fabric uses.  I sewed it on but realize now that I should have made one of the teacup handles on the opposite side (another lesson learned).  My plan was that when she folded down the top of her quilt on her bed, she’d be able to see the teacups and teapot.

I put a free-motion quilting design of tea leaves on the border and for the rest of the quilting I just made horizontal lines throughout it.  I really like how it turned out.  It is always fun to give a quilt away that I spent hours working on in hopes that it will keep someone warm, cozy, and brightens up their bed!
quiltforrin2thumbquiltforrin11thumb quiltforrin10thumbquiltforrin13thumb quiltforrin12thumb

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Boys Will Be Boys?

babybirdiesthumbWhile waiting for my husband’s lunch meat to be cut at the deli at the supermarket, a man notices my sons sitting on a bench with pretzels behind them in which they were eyeing.  The man looked at me as I kept watching them, and then said to me, “They are going to steal them maybe?”

“They wouldn’t do that.”

“Aw, I did it once at that age. What are they 5 and 6?”

“8 and 6.”

“Well you know, boys will be boys.”

“Boys shouldn’t steal.”

“It wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

As I went to respond to him that it would hurt their souls if they were to steal, we were interrupted by a deli worker who made sure the man received his meat.  Afterwards he said to me, “Well you know when they are not around their friends as much in the summer, they get bored and get into things and sometimes things happen.”

I responded,”Well they are homeschooled and are used to not being around their friends all the time.”

“A job and a half for you. Even so, boys do need to try things out.”

I received my meat.  I informed the man that I had to go and told the boys it was time to leave.  They jumped by my side ready to go to the register to pay out.  I pondered the message conveyed by the stranger I met.  Just because a boy is a boy doesn’t give a boy a right to be a trouble maker and do things that are wrong.  Just because a boy is bored doesn’t mean he should be granted access to do trouble making or steal.  It hurt my heart to think that this is how many people might think.

All I can do is continue to try to teach them to do right and hope they will do what I teach them.  Maybe one day they’ll do things wrong that will truly hurt them or others, but I want them to be aware they are doing wrong rather than shrugging their actions off as doing something supposedly expected of them as they grow.

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Quick Personalized Quilt Commission

Those who have been reading my blog for a long time know that the quilt posts are pretty recent.  This was my 8th quilt.  In late May/early June, a woman who is the mother of one of Micah’s ballet classmates asked me to make her mom a quilt.  She wanted to do something sweet for her because she was ailing quite a bit.  I told her she could buy some light colored fabric cut at 10″x10″ and have family members write on them with fabric markers or paint.  I then let her know that I would be able to put a trim around each of them like a frame and that it wouldn’t take me long to do.
renetquiltinsta2I didn’t give her a price but asked that she just buy the fabric she wanted for her mom.  I told her how much to buy for each, and she followed through excitedly and immediately.  She gave me the finished 10×10 panels, but they were not all sized right at all. It was actually quite difficult for me to make this easy quilt just because the sizes were off, so it was a little off kilter and I was a bit upset by the turn-out. but I warned her that I was new to quilting to begin with and she said that was fine.  Also she gave me an extra panel which put my original measurements all out of whack.  renetquilt3

I decided to make more tulips like I had for my table runner and asked if that was okay with her and she loved the idea because she said her mom loved flowers.  I put her dad’s message in the center of the tulips and tried my best to put the blanket together with the badly sized panels.  I had forgotten to tell her about the binding fabric needed, so I just went out and got fabric I thought looked good with it.  I finished the quilt in three days and she picked it up and adored it, which made me glad (since I was so nervous).  She handed me some money for it, though I was not expecting the amount she gave me at all since I had her buy the fabric as it was.  While this may not be my best quilt, it was the most heartfelt.  Her mom loved the quilt, but unfortunately her mom died on June 19th (which was also my 11th wedding anniversary).  I received a message about her death with a very kind message about how touched the family was by the quilt I made and that her mom had it on her all the time and that they’ll always have the blanket to remind them of her last days and how sweet they were. I was very sad to hear all of what happened but glad I was able to get the quilt to her before she died.

Out of respect, I didn’t want to show you what the whole quilt looked like as there were a lot of personal messages on it, but she gave me permission to be able to share some photos.  renetquiltinsta1


Summer is Meant to Be Hot

It is hard to imagine that last year we survived without using our air conditioning because this year we have used it a lot, but at the same time I know I could do without it, so it isn’t that big of a deal to me.  I always find humor in people who complain in the winter that it is too cold and that they can’t wait for summer to come but when summer comes they think it is too hot and whine about the heat.  We all tend to feel drawn to comfortable weather AND lives, but are we meant to be comfortable all the time?

I think about the times that I have had hard times and how anxious I was or how upset I was.  I think about the times where I have felt happy and at peace, and usually it was due to my own ignorance.  There are people living in the heat without the ability to cool off in water or air conditioning at all.  I try to think about how tough they have it and realize that they are actually blessed to get through it and see that it is just the way life is, so they endure.  We are going to have hard times and need to face them and trust that God will get us through them.  As we trust in Him, He always provides and comes through, knowing what we need.  I like depending on Him when I don’t know what to do or when I feel a need to complain about things that are not worth complaining about at all.Sunshineinmylifetheyare1thumbSunshineinmylifetheyare2thumbSunshineinmylifetheyare6thumb Sunshineinmylifetheyare5thumb Sunshineinmylifetheyare3thumbSunshineinmylifetheyare4thumb[outfit details: Shoes – TOMS | Dress – hand-me-down from a friend | Bracelet – Simply Fair | Flower hair clip – Lila-jo]
Sunshineinmylifetheyare8thumb Sunshineinmylifetheyare7thumb

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Movie Suggestion Post #104

Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. I tend to start at a 5 star rating and deduct things based on content, plot, photography/direction, and acting.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, which means I enjoyed it and would probably recommend it or watch it again.  (5 star ratings are very rare with me)! – Content is listed for those who are careful about what they or their children view (or what to be aware of)]

The Company You Keep, 2012 (w/ Robert Redford, Shia LeBeouf, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Terrence Howard, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brit Marling, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper) – 3.5 stars – I kept thinking about this film for a couple of days after watching it.  There were a load of people in this film and I will say it was nice to see a newer film with Robert Redford and Julie Christie (I have reviewed a few of their films in the past).  Shia LeBeouf did a wonderful job playing a journalist who ends up finding a deep interest in a story about a peace movement group known as the Watchmen during the anti-war revolution of the sixties and seventies.  In 1980 they killed a person which went against what they stood for.  One of the women who was a part of the group decides to get caught which brings up the search of finding those who were involved in the murder.  Robert Redford’s character is the main suspect and the hunt goes out for him.  All he wants to do is protect his 11 year old daughter.  Shia LeBeouf’s character tries to find out the real story behind those who were involved in the crime.  Definitely a good film.  I think they went a whole hour before a bad word even came out (and I think they could have avoided much of the language throughout the film).  The story is riveting.
content: old clips of news reels that show bombings and violence (no gore), insinuated sex between two unmarried people as you see a man in bed without a shirt on and a woman who seems to be dressed in a robe of sorts already out of bed and awake, talk about drugs, talk about murder, packaged drugs shown being transported, people drinking (no drunkenness), language (several “f” & “s” words, a few misuses of God’s name, “hell” used incorrectly, “d” word, full and short “a” word used a few times)thecompanyyoukeep

Cross Creek, 1983 (w/ Mary Steenburgen, Peter Coyote, Alfred Woodard, Rip Torn, Dana Hill, Joanna Miles, Cary Guffey, Ike Eisenmann, Malcolm McDowell) – 2 stars – I’m sorry but this was just very boring.  Woman author Marjorie Kinnan Rawling formerly known as a reporter decides to write about British high society life of sorts and moves to the Florida bayou.  While there she learns about the people around her and enjoys their stories and company. She starts to write about them instead after her book fails.  This film is about her time there to write the widely acclaimed book “The Yearling”.  The acting wasn’t bad or anything, I was just truly bored and felt like I wasted my time. It was just strange in a way. This was actually nominated for an academy award somehow. The scenery was beautiful!
content: although we never see sex it is mentioned that people are sleeping together when unmarried, drinking and drunkenness shown, animals are shot (non-graphically), long “b” word, “d” word, God’s name used blasphemously

Speedway, 1968 (w/ Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra, Bill Bixby, Gale Gordon, William Schallert) – 3.25 stars – A lot of Elvis movies don’t make me happy because they always demean women, but here we have a strong female role in Nancy Sinatra which was good.  Elvis is a race car driver who’s best friend is his manager who takes care of the financial part.  His friend however was not properly taking care of his tax claims and so his “charitable contributions” are pretty kind but are unnoticed.  When the IRS comes after him, Elvis wants to make things right (sometimes with use of songs).  This was a cute story. I thought it enjoyable.  The songs were good too.
content: kissing, a man tries to lure in women sometimes through manipulation to get them to stay with him but usually he doesn’t win out, some immodesty (go-go dancers), smoking, fight scene, drinking (drunkenness is shown)speedwayfilm

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, 2013 (animated w/ voices of Orlando Seale, Samantha Barks, Harry Sadeghi, Stephane Cornicard, Jessie Buckley, Sophia Ellis) – 3 stars – This was a French movie (though spoken in English throughout). It was very strange but very interesting.  The imagery and story might be a bit frightening and so I don’t recommend it for children at all, honestly.  For instance, a baby is born and his heart is so cold that he might die so an operation is done so that he has a heart of a cuckoo-clock instead. It was a bit crazy when I saw it and I cringed while watching! Jack is told a few rules throughout his life to live by and one of them is that he must never fall in love because it will end up killing him.  He sees a girl that comes to town with a circus and he grows weak but thinks about her for a few years and wants to find her no matter what.  It was unique but so sad! The animation was really neat. There is singing in this too but some of the songs weren’t that good in my opinion, while a few were very lovely. Overall this is a dark faierytale.
content: scary imagery, a woman abandons a child, a bully is quite intense with how he treats the main character where he nearly kills him, fight scenes, blood shown, Jack the ripper shows up in one part and talks about slicing girls and he is shown with a knife, amusement ride with disturbing scenes in it, chain smoking woman shown, talk about a girl “riding a cowboy”, someone drinks tears, kissing, a girl gets scared or reacts when excited as well by having thorns growing on her body and vines – this can be sexual or non-sexual depending on the scene, female immodesty throughout (little skirts and cleavage shown), death

After Earth, 2013 (w/ Will Smith, Jaden Smith,  Sophie Okonedo, Zoë Kravitz) – 3.25 stars – Set in the future, a father and husband is ahead of the military and is admired by many for his heroic fights against an alien nation that had destroyed earth at one point.  People don’t live on earth any longer, but on another planet.  The son of this man has a lot of pressure and has always longed to be close to his dad and be like him.  He just wants his father to be proud of him.  He admits he is weak but has to prove himself when his father’s life is in danger.  This film may seem kinda slow to a lot of viewers because it is quiet at times, but I think it shows realism as to how it would really be if it truly happened.  When I first saw the trailer for this I thought it only had two people in it and I had no idea about what it was going to be about.  It was very different than what I suspected it to be and very rewarding.  There seems to be a strange created accent though that is in this that was the only annoying part, but you figure if in the future we didn’t live on earth anymore and had groups of people on a new planet, we’d have new accents.
content: some gore from a nasty wound, cleavage shown, people being wounded and killed by aliens (wasn’t graphic, was more shadowy, and blood was shown later), language: (“d” word, God’s name being used but more in a “help me” type of way than in a wrong way)afterearth

The Fountainhead, 1949 (w/ Gary Cooper,  Patricia Neal, Raymond Massey,Kent Smith, Robert Douglas) – 3 stars – This movie had some awesome parts in it and some freakish weird parts at other times, but I did not read the book in which it comes from (the screenplay was written by the author as well, so I assume it is the same).  Howard Rourke is an architect who no one seems to want to hire because his ideas are not similar to ones that are common.  He wants to continue on with his work his way, rather than do his work the way people tell him he should (this whole part of the film’s basic plot I enjoyed).  There is a woman who works for a newspaper company and writes articles who happens to feel nothing at all.  She has never been in love and wants to just be free.  She meets the architect, not knowing who he is yet for certain and somehow can’t stop thinking about it (the relationship part of this film is very strange to me, honestly).  The plot thickens as it goes on with drama and sad occurrences.  It was extremely well acted regardless and the way it was filmed was incredible too.
content: smoking, drinking (no drunkenness), kissing, a man gets a whiplash (blood shown), a man is scratched (blood shown), suicide by gun (not shown but they make sure you know what it happening), a person cuts themselves with glass, a woman is in bed and has much cleavage that at first makes it seem like she is naked but she is wearing a revealing nightgown

Interstellar, 2014 (w/ Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow, Matt Damon) – 3.25 stars – A very strange movie that started out pretty normal until nearly the end.  My husband is a big 2001: Space Odyssey fan and it reminded him of it, so he didn’t like it as much as I did simply because he felt it was less unique than it could have been.  They start it out as if it were a documentary but go into the story behind it all.  The world is dying out because it is covered in dust and there seems to be little hope for the future of mankind.  McConaughey plays a man who cares for his family but was formerly an astronaut who has to take up his role in finding a place where mankind can live.  His daughter takes it extremely hard and while in space, he receives a few messages from his kids.   His daughter continually gets strange messages that she says is from a ghost throughout the movie and her father shrugs it off but she continues to believe in them as she ages. The story focuses also on the relationship McConaughey makes with his co-worker in space who is played by Hathaway.  The acting was superb by all.  It was intriguing and thought provoking.
content: kissing, murder attempts, people die due to space issues mainly or just from old age or due to the environment, language: (a couple “f” words, a few “s” words, long and short “a” words, short “b” word)interstellarmovie

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My Ballet Boys Have a Mini-Gala

theboysofballettogetherthumbI haven’t posted ballet photos in some time, but yes, my sons just finished their second year of ballet a little over a month ago.  Micah was in pre-ballet this year (last year he was in preschool ballet) and Leto was in Beginner ballet (last year in pre-ballet).  They have since each moved up a level (Micah in Beginner ballet and Leto is now in level 1 ballet).  They each performed an hour long gala for their level for family members.  Micah’s gala was to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but sadly the seating wasn’t too great for me so I didn’t get enough good shots.  He did a great job though! He was once again the only boy in his class.  Leto’s performance was more strict and done mainly from memory and not with a teacher showing them what to do.  Leto did a great job! I loved watching each of them.  I had a front row seat right in front of where Leto was standing, which was neat (and thankfully it didn’t distract him).  Here are some photos from the mini-gala they had.  I do post photos throughout their training on my instagram too. On to year 3 of dancing ballet (and they LOVE it).Micahpreballetgala6thumb Micahpreballetgala3thumb Micahpreballetgala2thumb Letobeginnerballetgala15thumb Letobeginnerballetgala11thumb Letobeginnerballetgala6thumb


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