My Top 4 Favorite Podcasts (I’m a guest on one)!

I really never thought I’d be the type of person who would want to sit and listen to people talking on and on about things, but here I am doing just that.  I am still pretty new to podcasts.  Please let me know some of your favorites so I can try giving them a listening to as well!  1.  Shalom in the City I have … Continue reading My Top 4 Favorite Podcasts (I’m a guest on one)!

Rob and Leto on the couch we bought to replace a hand-me-down we had for a few years.

Still So Much – Minimalist Problems

When you are a minimalist, you start to find more and more that you don’t need at all.  Last year we had two porch-filled Salvation Army pick-ups, went every week for several months to drop off items at Goodwill that filled my jeep, and gave people things we weren’t using anymore that we knew would be used by them. The question now is, “Now what … Continue reading Still So Much – Minimalist Problems


Triangular Folk Quilt

It is appropriate to make a post today with a quilt since I have officially been quilting for two years!!   I am behind in posting my quilts (and everything else).  I am glad this is the one I get to post about today though! I have this quilt for sale on etsy and really am surprised it hasn’t been sold yet, because I really love … Continue reading Triangular Folk Quilt


Good Memories: Walks with Brothers

I mentioned that I was going to start to focus on some good memories in my childhood, because I honestly have very little, so I am digging for some gold nuggets.  My childhood wasn’t bad, it was just very boring.  I believe that counting my blessings is important and growing out of the negative and finding the positive is a great way to process my … Continue reading Good Memories: Walks with Brothers


Movie Suggestion Post #111

Anchors Aweigh; 1945 (w/ Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson) – 3.25 stars – Two Navy men are on leave in Los Angeles.  To look cool in front of their friends, they make it seem like they have women waiting for them back home.  They start to fall for a beautiful woman who wants to gain singing success.  They go through lies to try to … Continue reading Movie Suggestion Post #111

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Summer’s Not Over, Yet It’s Been Busy

We’ve been up to so many things this summer. One thing that drives me crazy is that people assume that once school begins, summer is over. Summer ends in the end of September, and that is how I want to keep it! Although I will be homeschooling and such, I want to continue to do summery things while I can! I did make a few … Continue reading Summer’s Not Over, Yet It’s Been Busy

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5 Reasons Why Christians Should Shop at Target

For over a decade, when I’ve had to choose where to go to do mass-needs shopping, it has always been Target.  Recently Christians have boycotted their Target shopping and get all huffy and puffy with me (also a Christian) if I mention Target in a positive way, without hearing me out. 1. There are 321.42 million people living in the US.  700,000 are transgender.  That … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Shop at Target

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Rob’s Green Star Quilt

I started to make this quilt from a pattern I got out of Liberty Love.  I had a lot of green fabric left over from a few quilts, but did have to purchase some extra.  I had a lot of fun making this!  I am going to make it again in different colors at some point, because I like it that much. Unfortunately after I … Continue reading Rob’s Green Star Quilt


My Favorite Olympic Films

I post #Olympicjunkie tweets all over my twitter account.  I’ve been watching the Olympics since I was able to and when it is not an Olympic year, I still watch old clips of people in various sports from various countries!  I thought, “I have seen so many Olympic films now, I should do a post of my favorites!” I’ve been telling my husband my plans … Continue reading My Favorite Olympic Films

Hairchangesandfun (8)

Hair Change – Back to Bangs & Red

I was born with strawberry blonde hair.  In time it lightened to more blonde than anything.  After a while it darkened a little.  My hair looks reddish in certain lights, brown in others, and blonde in others again.  After three years since dying my hair, I decided it was time for a change, yet back to something nostalgic and comfortable for me. I started to … Continue reading Hair Change – Back to Bangs & Red


Life without a REAL Camera

I started to get into photography in December, 2001.  I had a manual film camera (Vivtar 35mm) that I loved using.  When the only photography film developing place (that I trusted and loved so highly) closed down in 2004, I went digital permanently, even though I had already been using a digital camera for about a year at that point. The Digital Cameras I Owned/Co-owned … Continue reading Life without a REAL Camera

Colorfulrainbowquilt (6)

Small Squares, Big Quilt

I decided to make a colorful quilt using bright rainbow colors from left over fabric I had.  Each square ended up being about 2″ after all the seams were sewn and when I realized that my quilt wouldn’t be large enough, I actually had to buy about 7-10 fat quarter bits to cut up and add to it before finishing the top. Then I bought … Continue reading Small Squares, Big Quilt