3 Ways I Am Improving

Sometimes I look through my old yearbooks and read what people wrote to me. This is as a reminder of who I may want to still be or who I definitely don’t want to be anymore now that I am an adult.  I guess when you see people writing in it everywhere, “Never change,” it starts to really cause you to wonder, “Why never?” I … Continue reading 3 Ways I Am Improving

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Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self

1. I have focused too much on my bad memories. I didn’t really have a bad childhood to most who would look into it and take a peek at my life, and I can tell you each of my parents had a much worse childhood than my own as did their parents before them.  The problem with my childhood is that I didn’t have much … Continue reading Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self

Friends I made watch 200 Cigarettes

Memories Involving 8 Films From My Teen Years

The only year I enjoyed in middle school was 1996/1997 (7th grade for me).  The girl I had considered to be my best friend at the time was going to have a movie night for her birthday.  Her family just got a sound system put in and we were officially 13 years old (my birthday was 12 days earlier).  She had a major crush on … Continue reading Memories Involving 8 Films From My Teen Years


It’s Okay to Date & Marry Guys Shorter Than You

I am 5’9″ and have always loved my height.  I was always into the idea of marrying a man who was taller than me. When I first saw Rob in high school, he wasn’t directly in front of me, but I was drawn to him.  I could tell he was short for a guy, but I didn’t realize how short at the time. It wasn’t … Continue reading It’s Okay to Date & Marry Guys Shorter Than You


Is Anyone Here?

I started blogging in 1999, the year I started my sophomore year of high school (nearly 17 years ago, friends).  I was so open about everything as a teenager, while having a happy, positive attitude that eventually turned sour and was too opinionated, costing me friendships I held dear.  People would scrutinize my blog so that they could find something wrong about my life to … Continue reading Is Anyone Here?


Delicious Stuffed Peppers

I have been eating unhealthy my whole life until recently.  I always hated vegetables and am finding ways to eat them as a way to retrain my taste buds. Our friend from church had shared the recipe, which my husband cutely “demanded” I make him for dinner.  We ate it last night as well as the night before (seriously, one of these alone fills me … Continue reading Delicious Stuffed Peppers

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The Search for Thoreau’s Tiny House

My husband has read two books by abolitionist Henry David Thoreau.  He loved reading Walden very much which was also his grandfather’s favorite book (his grandfather was a minimalist too).  Since Thoreau has pretty much become Rob’s hero, he wanted to see where his house on Walden Pond was. We were on our way to Maine to visit our dear friends.  Rob told me on … Continue reading The Search for Thoreau’s Tiny House


Spirit of the Jerseys

Earlier in May (where my phone short circuited), we went to a Spirit of the Jerseys state history fair.  It was very educational and a great place for the boys to go and learn about various things in history mainly from the Civil War period through the early 1930s.  We love finding educational and cheap or free things to do.  This had a $10 parking … Continue reading Spirit of the Jerseys