My sons were excited about learning that their latest field trip with one of our co-ops was going to include hiking.  It has been a while since we went on a hike in general.  What we didn’t realize is the further fun we’d be having at The New Weis Center. We had two guides to […]

Tower; 2016 (Documentary) 4 stars This is an awesome (and very sad) documentary about the sniper killer of Texas back in 1966.  I have known of this shooting for a few years and wanted to learn more about it, and this is the story with mainly animated drawings instead of video footage, but you get […]

India is what I always say is my heart string country.  It is the country that I have felt yearnings to go to as a missionary.  It is the country that I first wanted to learn about when I was a child.  It is the country that is so colorful but so sad and oppressed.  […]

My sons are very fond of Minecraft.  They love learning about different minerals as well as the whole creative aspect of the game.  Micah has his own little rock collection and Leto can tell me the names of various types of rocks for hours. One of our homeschooling co-ops took a field trip out to […]

While homeschoolers are known for not ever having snow days, such as my boys. Sometimes I let them have their time to just dream.  I took these photos back in January with our first heavy snow of the new year.  They spent about an hour just watching the snow.  I was amazed at how content […]

The author, Shari Lopatin, of The Apollo Illusion contacted me a few months ago about sending me a Kindle version of her book that will be released on May 19th for me to write up a review about the book!  I’ve been asked in the past by authors to do this  and am really picky […]

We started this study the day that the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea started.  It was exciting for the boys to see the opening for the Olympics after we learned a little bit about its history earlier on in the day.  It was actually the perfect way to learn about it!  We got […]