Yesterday I decided to go into the Goodwill store nearby. I wanted to see if they had any vintage dresses, which of course the oldest they had seemed to have been from 1979 and wasn’t in my taste at all. Rob and the boys stayed in the car as I went in the store for a quick look-around.

I kept smelling something. A woman with her couple of kids kept walking by. They smelled very badly. I looked over my shoulder at one of the times and saw how tattered their clothing was. Maybe they were even homeless. It made me feel extremely guilty to even be there.
To make matters worse the woman shows her daughter an ugly skirt that probably wasn’t even in her size and her daughter says, “That’s really nice. I would love to wear that.” My heart melted for them at that moment. Then I walked out, arms at my sides holding no bags or clothes. After we left I realized, I should have offered to buy the skirt for the girl. . .but it was too late. I regret that a lot (especially since last Sunday I told the youth group in the lesson I led about showing our faith through action) .

As much as I truly do love looking cute and being clean, I have to remember that I have it too good even though I don’t have much myself. I live in a country filled with ungrateful people. Everywhere I look on people’s blogs there are people who spend hundreds of dollars a week on beautiful outfits. There are people who can’t even comprehend owning something that nice and it is us/those who are less thankful for what we have.

In a week where Thanksgiving takes place, and in seeing how this family was truly thankful for what they could get, I want us to please be thankful for what we have and stop WANTING so much and start showing love to those who have less than us. I continually find that there are people who are happier and more thankful because they have nothing but faith in survival or/and in God. The more that we want and continually fill our lives with STUFF the less we want anything to do with God or faith. It is not a good thing.

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  1. that was beautiful. i am so blessed to have clothes i love. and everything i have, really. i get a lot of friends' hand-me-downs and they seem to piece themselves together nicely. it is wonderful. especially because i have made $30 in the last month. 🙂

  2. That is so true. Our society is so materialistic, and there are some people who can't even afford to buy new clothes! Thanks for the insight, beautiful post.


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