It’s that time again!

Out of a 1-5 star rating, The ones in bold had more than a 3 star rating (and are worth seeing!)

The Pirate 1948 (w/ Judy Garland, Gene Kelly) – 2.75 stars – although it had good singing and dancing, the story was a bit boring. This movie did inspire me to work out again though (after seeing Gene Kelly’s ripped thighs)

Monkey Business 1952 (w/ Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers) – 3.25 stars – hilarious. I laughed a lot and I don’t do that watching movies too often. It is about a husband and wife who use themselves as test subjects for the husband’s scientific research of a type of fountain of youth formula. I loved it so much! great acting.

The Love Guru 2008 (w/ Mike Myers, Jessica Alba) – 2.25 stars – Funny and such but too much uncalled for sexual jokes that would just go a little TOO overboard.

Seven Pounds 2008 (w/ Will Smith, Rosario Dawson) – 3 stars – Had some great atributes to how we should treat others and care to help people, but the ending was far too awful to me. :: sigh ::

The Philadelphia Experiment 1984 (w/ Bobby Di Cicco, Nancy Allen) – 2 stars – major cheez-ball film. they somehow during the experiment opened a wormhole in space that caused two men from 1943 to go to 1984 but the acting and the story . . wow. haha. It was bad! They had ’80s hair in the ’40s too what is up with that?

My Science Project 1985 (w/ John Stockwell, Danielle Von Zerneck) – 2 stars – more cheez-ball film! science project that caused time travel and people to go in places they don’t belong, etc. It also brought about some high school romance in the process but it was so lame!

Minority Report 2002 (w/ Tom Cruise, Samantha Morton) – 4 stars – Rob is a big Philip K. Dick fan in which this was a short story originally. It is about a society that has three special gifted people called “Pre-Cogs” that can predict when a murder is going to happen. Therefore to keep peace police will arrest people for not doing things that they were going to do before they do them, but is there a fault in what these pre-cogs see? Very good film.

How To Be 2008 (w/ Robert Pattinson) – 2.5 stars (although my husband would give it 3.25 stars) – It was good but just a bit long and drawn out that made it boring at times. It is about a young man who is still searching for himself. He loves his music and poetry but it just seems like no one understands him, especially his parents. He contacts a self-help book author to help him personally. My hubby liked this one much more than I did and he mentions the movie from time to time since seeing it.

The Natural 1984 (w/ Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall) – 4 stars – a man who is born with a gift in baseball is excited about starting his career as a pitcher when tragedy strikes his life to delay him from entering for another sixteen years as a batter/fielder. People try to find out who he really is and he ends up finding out more about himself in the process. a beautiful story. I may just read the book someday.

The Palm Beach Story 1942 (w/ Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea) – 3 stars – a woman who ends up wanting a divorce from her husband, separating herself from him, but doesn’t want to take any of his money because she cares about him. Then she ends up being a love interest of a rich man in order to help her husband gain a good job. . .but does she really still love her husband?

Under the Biltmore Clock 1986 (w/ Sean Young, Barnard Hughes) – 1 star – boring and pointless. don’t bother. good costumes though.

Paper Moon 1973 (w/ Tatum O’Neal, Ryan O’Neal) – 3.5 stars – this movie takes place during the depression years (it is filmed in b&w – beautifully directed). A young girl’s mom died and a man who arrives to the gravesite during the funeral ends up driving the girl to the only known relatives. Turns out the man is a con artist in which the little girl helps him – and maybe is more of a con-artist herself! (who constantly believes that he is her real father – which in real life they were father and daughter). I had been wanting to see this film for a decade and finally I did and it was worth it!

Music I’ve been listening to Lately:
all albums by the following –
The Gorillaz
The Juliana Theory
The Ramones (against my will. . Rob’s been listening to it a lot and I can’t get into it :: shrugs :: )

Song to share with you:
Until June – Sleepless

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