It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and I was actually getting hot from the sun shining!
When Rob got out of work he took these shots of me.
I’m getting a little better with smiling in pictures
But the old non-smiling photographic girl comes out most

Hat: Tilly’s $12.99
Shoes: Aldo T-straps (they were on clearance, I don’t remember the price)
Shirt: Vintage 1940’s Embroidered WWII Era Shirt from Jewels4pandas $35
Pants: don’t remember but they were $10
flower: lila-jo

Now I want to just show a picture of where I was inspired by this a bit. At least it was the first thing I thought of when putting it together. From Doctor Who in the ’70s with the first Romana (one of his companions). Here:

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  1. Ooh! I absolutely adore your hat and shoes! SO CUTE!

  2. I've been so behind in reading blogs, so don't mind all my delayed comments. I LOVE your style, I'm so jealous of how cute you always look! I love retro stuff, and you really pull it off.

  3. you look so pretty in that hat, and what cute shoes too! can you believe i wore those f21 shoes again…and around town at that?? ugh, they're so uncomfortable but so dang cute.

  4. You coul pull it off too!!And Starr, I saw those pictures on your blog and my heart fell into pity for your feet! But they ARE so cute! If I don't end up selling mine soon somehow, I am going to have to struggle and wear them again as well. what's a few blisters?? haha.

  5. Love the pics! Pretty lady!


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