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50s style brown with white stars dress

For months and months I had this dress in my favourites on etsy.com (got it from Clever nettle)
and then it seemed to have disappeared for a while. When I noticed it was listed again recently I took the plunge.
It is such a comfortable dress. It was certainly handmade and who knows when, but it was in using a 50s pattern. I love that on the sides of the shoulders there are tiny white star buttons sitting there. Sorry I didn’t get shot of them. I told Rob to really quickly take these of me while our boys were napping.
Weird angle. . but yeah my legs are tiny like it seems.
Those are white stars everywhere.
I’ve been noticing lately that some of the dresses I’ve had that are vintage from after I had Micah are far too big for me mainly in the bust area (since I’ve shrunk a lot since being done nursing for 3 months). I will be selling them soon. I also have old clothes  from my teen years that are vintage that no longer fit in which would be too tight on me. I just have to take photos of them all, add a ribbon to my gunne sax 70s dress (since the old one broke), and start selling them.

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