I never really posted photos of these two dresses!
This is one of my ultimate favourite dresses that I own (Rob bought it for me as a Christmas present). It is so light and so nice for warm weather (like how it was yesterday here. I was sweating outside while taking these. ah, I love my remote for my camera so i don’t have to run back and forth with the self timer any longer, yet I’m still sweating!) It is vintage!
The back is so interesting how it clips together with buttons rather than bow-styled
One of my favourite parts of this dress (rather than the Gingham style) is the buttons in the middle.
I look so tired here. Motherhood!
Anyway I need to sell this dress. It is too large for me now. I got it in October and it is too loose now which is uncomfortable. The chest measurement would be good for a 36-37 and the waist would be good for 26in (it ties to tighten in the waist)  to 29in (which is the max measurement when relaxed). sleeve round: 15 inches, Full Length:43 inches . . I’d sell it for $34 via paypal (includes S&H). I wear a petticoat under it which isn’t included. It is a reproduction dress.
The back of the dress that does tie

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  1. These dresses are gorgeous! Too bad I wouldn't fit into that amazing red dress…

  2. Oh my goodness I need to find a measuring tape STAT. I'm pretty sure the boobs are ok because that's like my bra size, and the length is fine because we're both tall. But I have no idea about waist! What pants size is that the equivalent of, do you know? And is it like high/natural waist, or hips?

  3. @:@llison – natural waist. . the way you'd be measured if they did tailor stuff. so not hip waist measurement. . but above the bellybutton. The hips are pretty much free. I don't really know what pant size that would fall under. I would think with the measurements I gave it would range between a 5-9 but I think pant size would be different than dress because of how they measure things. I'm a size 5, myself, but I was a size 9 when I bought the dress after having Micah. It fit me then and it still fits me with the tie, so that's why I gave that range.Thanks everyone.

  4. If it was me, I'd keep the dress and get it altered. Susan Spoelstra used to make Heather's ice skating costumes, maybe she would give you a good deal?

  5. That dress is gorgeous!I wish I could buy it but I think it'd be a wee bit tight on the chest.Sad.:[But yeah, maybe you COULD get it altered – it looks great on you!<3 Grace.


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