I’ve been asked “What’s the deal with you and Robert Downey Jr.??”

In case I never made it clear, which to many who know I am a big RDJ fan, it is not clear; I am not easily twitterpated ever over big stars at all. I just don’t find them to be “hot”.  My husband Rob (pictured on left) and I were discussing this the other day. Rob said that I totally would not have been attracted to RDJ at all if it weren’t for him. Why is that? I swoon like wild over my husband. I blush all the time with him, ask him. After a little over a decade of knowing Robert Tiedemann, I am extremely in love with him more than ever.
Here’s how I noticed Robert Downey Jr. Sure when I was a kid I watched Weird Science when he was the bully kid wearing a bra over his head. His second movie I saw was Gothika when I was 21, and A Scanner Darkly a year after that which I hardly paid attention to because it was so odd (but Rob read the book and had wanted to see it in theatres and we missed doing so). I really was late for seeing any of his films.  I didn’t really take note of him at all. It wasn’t until the 4th movie I watched him in a couple years later that I went into shock. I was watching a really really bad film, which was one of the worst movies I’ve seen called Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (who was once a photographer in which I saw some of her interesting shots and thought the movie would be of interest) that I noticed him. I skipped a few scenes in the film (nudist colony in the first scene for heaven’s sake!) and was really bored while watching the movie. There was this character who had that one disease in which he had hair covering his body. At the end of the movie after Diane falls for him, because she has a fetish for “freaks”, She shaves his body. When they showed his face after it was shaved, my eyes opened up so wide (pictured on right side)!! I was in shock. I thought it was MY ROB. See the resemblance I saw?
It was then that I started to go into a frenzy of watching all of his movies, and in the process I really fell in love with his acting (not him). I have seen nearly 60 of his films (will soon pass that). Rob has become a fan of his as well and we have seen countless interviews with him, saw his seasons of Ally McBeal & Saturday Night Live, and I keep updated thanks to this great fansite (most of the photos of RDJ posted here are in fact from that site, so please credit them if you save them).
Now this is why I find RDJ very attractive, because he and my husband just look so similar to one another. What do you think? We think part of it has to do with the fact that they are both Scottish, Irish, and German. Perhaps there is a lineage connection. Just to let you know. . none of these photos of Rob were taken purposefully to look like Robert Downey Jr.’s! There are times when Rob himself gets freaked out seeing RDJ’s expressions, because they look that similar to his own.
RDJ and his hazel eyes
Rob and his hazel eyes
RDJ a few years ago (about 5 or 6 years ago)
My Rob a little more than a few years ago (he was 18 here, 27 now)
and yes that was his first car. how we miss it.
Robert Downey Jr
Robert Tiedemann
Old Skool RDJ
Old Skool Rob
Profile RDJ
Profile Rob
Short-haired facial-haired RDJ
Short-haired facial-haired Rob
Smiling RDJ
Smiling Rob
Long Haired RDJ
Long Haired Rob
Robert Downey Jr and his son Indio (his son towers over him now)
Rob and Leto (who will probably tower over him one day)

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  1. hehehehe! I didn't know you liked RDJ. I love him! Gosh is he cute! as is your hubby.I know what you mean about crushing on a movie star that looks similar to your hubby. My Jonny is kinda the same kind of funny as RDJ. He looks mostly like…joaquin phoenix though. when he wasn't crazy and at his hottest, hehe ;o)

  2. Haha,I love the crazy resemblance!

  3. ^anonymous, what's your name so I know who you are?

  4. That's CRAZY. I never noticed it, but you are totally right!! They look so similar!

  5. That's CRAZY. I never noticed it, but you are totally right!! They look so similar!


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