Months ago I had mentioned that I won a $50 gift certificate from Keiko Lynn’s blog give-away, in
which I could choose to use towards anything from Violetville Vintage. I picked out this vintage 1940s jacket.
Sorry it took so very long for me to post any photos wearing it!
I thought it would go perfectly with this dress.
By the way, these two jacket shots I didn’t pose for at all,
Rob was clicking when I wasn’t ready but they came out nicely!
This one I posed for though
This vintage 40s dress I bought specifically for Easter Sunday.
I purchased it from melsvanity on etsy. It came with a blue 80s belt, but the belt was a little too big for me.
I am wearing a petticoat underneath it from Bipperty Bopperty.
I really adore this dress!!
I love dresses like this because they work so well for large hips like mine (compared to the rest of me they are large – I love them)!
I need to work better at straightening my hair. Too many waves popped out.
My eyes always look so much cooler when the sun is shining on them.
the woman walking in the background bothers me!
My sweet man.
He really has to stop squinting so much when I take photos of him.

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  1. That jacket is amazing! It fits you perfectly. Your hubby looks amazingly dapper too. I need to start taking more pics of my hubby for the blog!

  2. Gorgeous dress and the scalloped edges of the jacket are such a nice detail.

  3. Rob's pants look a tab bit too tight in the thigh area. hehe

  4. you and your hubby are so precious together! what a fashionable man. And fyi… that's why I love vintage dresses too! lots of room for my hips. the jacket is flawless and made even better by the fact that it was free! Love the dress to pieces also.

  5. Ooh, you have such a lovely blog – and that jacket, and your dress for that matter, are gorgeous!!!

  6. Lovely jacket! I should probably start blogging about my outfits soon.

  7. ahhh. you two are outrageously adorable. omigoodness. can't stand it.your hair and face are so lovely too. it's almost like a 1900s girl in new york taking a stroll for ice cream. do you get that reference? it's a lil wild. but pretty nonetheless!

  8. Wow so many comments! I'm so glad! I never really get this many ever! Thanks everyone!Quincy – yes please post more pictures of you and your hubby. Dalena – I agree! That is what caused me to fall in love with it.Anonymous – I have a feeling you must be someone we know or you wouldn't have said that. haha. He has big thighs and needs to run more (he's slowly doing so). He likes tight pants lately, but thinks they would look much better if he were still skinny.Starr – Thanks so much!! The jacket unfortunately was not entirely free. I did have to pay a bit of money but it was $50 off. If you've ever seen the clothes for sale in that shop, you'd see what I mean. A lot of them are over $100, which is out of my limit.THanks Pretty Little PicturesMellie – YES, blog outfits. What is your blog anyway??!?Bri – Thanks so much!! I love the Victorian age of clothing, so I can totally see what you mean. I've actually dressed that way before because I really love that time period of fashion. Hope you all subscribed to seeing my responses.

  9. You look fantastic!

  10. you look so adorable

  11. You look fantastic!

  12. Lovely jacket! I should probably start blogging about my outfits soon.

  13. Gorgeous dress and the scalloped edges of the jacket are such a nice detail.


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