Movies are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. Anything over 3 stars is very worth it and is in bold.

Modern Times 1936 (w/ Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard) – 3.75 stars – When I had facebook I asked for people to recommend films to me between the 1930s-1960s, I’m finally getting through my suggestions (some mentioned below are also suggestions). I had seen Modern Times a while back, but not since I was a child. I love how fun this is and I laughed! It really opens your mind to what the Depression was like for many, and how the industry probably ran a bit too – this was the sad part of watching it. Things happened that had no solution (like the lead lady’s two sisters being put into an orphanage in the film and she never saw them again).

Call Northside 777 1948 (w/ James Stewart [my fav.], Richard Conte) – 3 stars – a good film about a journalist who is positive a man during the proabition accused of murder is innocent. They gave lots of background info about the time period in the beginning of the film, which sorta took away from the storyline at times, but was still good. This was based off of a true story. 

The Ugly Truth 2009 (w/ Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl) – 2 stars – Too much perversity for me. Funny how I used to laugh at these movies just a few years ago and now I cringe. Too much language too. I can’t handle it. Makes a film not worth it for me when there is overkill. The romantic story was cute though.

Sherlock Holmes 2009 (w/ Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams) – 4.25 stars – I’ve seen it before in theatres and wrote a giant review here. Still as awesome as ever and more. I look forward to the sequel (in the works of being written now). It was the 55th of RDJ’s films I had seen. . but I’ve seen even more since. See below for the latest! Happy 45th birthday to him (it was on Easter).

Inherit the Wind 1960 (w/ Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly) – 2.5 stars – Could have been interesting but I have a hard time liking a film that uses parts of the Bible in their film and twist it up badly so that people who don’t really know scripture at all will believe things wrongly, and where they make the one defending the Bible look like a hateful and mean person. This leads to why people hate Christians too often.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree 1995 (w/ Robert Downey Jr., Leslie Nielsen, Stockard Channing) – 2.5 stars – far too short. It was cute. My sons loved it. It’s my 58th RDJ film I’ve seen.  It was about a wacky man who loves Christmas and is in search for the perfect tree. He speaks in rhymes and sings a lot. It was silly but cute. I love the muppet stuff. It was entertaining.

How to Marry a Millionaire 1953 (w/ Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall) – 3 stars – pretty girls out to get rich. Had some funny parts. Beautiful costumes!! It was nice. I still can’t stand Marilyn Monroe’s acting!

The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit 1968 (w/ Dean Jones, Diane Baker, Kurt Russell) – 2.75 stars – a father works an ad campaign by using a horse that he couldn’t afford to get his daughter for her equestrian purposes. He depends a lot on the horse to win and it puts pressure on his daughter. It was a good wholesome family film.

Whip It 2009 (w/ Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Daniel Stern) – 3.25 stars – I thought it was really nice. There was some language in it and underwear scenes I skipped through.  It was about a girl who lies about her age to be a part of a roller derby even though her mom has goals for her to be a beauty pageant queen. It seriously made me want to get roller blades out because I was crazy with it for many years and I miss having in shape thighs!

Butterflies Are Free 1972 (w/ Goldie Hawn, Edward Albert) – 2 stars – Most of this film was of the lead characters in their underwear it seems.  It was an interesting storyline though of a girl who meets her new neighbor who is good looking but blind.  He deals with his mother who is always doing everything for him while he wants independency. It wasn’t that bad but it was pretty boring at times.

Baby It’s You 1983 (w/ Rosanna Arquette, Vincent Spano) – 2.5 stars – Film #59 with RDJ in it (but he had no dialogue! You had to LOOK for him too). I had to fast forward through a scene I didn’t expect (old VHS). The clothes and cars were nice in this. It was a nice story at first about a rebel boy and a college bound girl who fall in love. It got boring once she went to college.

Project X 1987 (w/ Matthew Broderick, Helen Hunt) – 2 stars – It was a heart warming story of how people get attached to a chimp through communicating with him through sign language.  Of course there was a big problem and this is based off of a true story about how an Air Force base tested radiation on chimps that they taught to pilot aircrafts and such. It wasn’t that bad but I thought it was pretty cheesy at times.

An Education 2008 (w/ Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard) – 3.25 stars – It was quite interesting. I really loved the way the parents interacted with their child. They seemed to always have the best interest for their daughter even if at times it may not have seemed to have been. The love they showed was vital and that really touched me.  I thought the lead character was incredibly interesting and lovable. The end of the movie though left me quite depressed!!!

Where The Wild Things Are 2009 (w/ Max Records, James Gandolfini) – 2.5 stars – Disappointed with this one. I almost saw this in theatres too. Glad I didn’t.  It was extremely boring. It was extremely beautiful in the artistic sense, but I guess it was nothing like how I always thought the book to be like, granted it is a short children’s book. I read this to my boys a lot, so I was so sad about the movie version. 
Booky’s Crush 2009 (w/ Rachel Marcus, Megan Follows) – 3 stars – I loved the clothes in this. It was based on the depression years focusing in on a family, in particular a girl who tutors a boy in her class who just recently moved to town. She has a crush on him and wants to go to the dance with him. It was sweet.
Astro Boy 2009 (w/ voices Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell) – 3 stars – I watched the anime in the 80s. The beginning starts out so very well in comparison. The movie was very cute. It was about a robot with a boy’s memories who wants to help both robots and people. 
Trojan War 1997 (w/Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Will Friedle) – 1.75 stars – Will Friedle looks like a male version of Rachel Leigh Cook! I had seen parts of this film before. It is focused around a guy who’s crazy about a popular girl and gets a chance to have sex with her and goes on a night search for a condom but gets into so much trouble in various ways while in his search.  Of course his best friend who is in love with him is mad.  All the sexual stuff in this is a pain in the bum but the ending proved that a real relationship is more important. Life is better without bothering with this film.
Pin Up Girl 1944 (w/ Betty Grable, John Harvey) – 3.25 stars – I just loved the outfits and hairstyles and dance routines and music so much!! That is what made this film really wonderful to me.  It is about a pin up girl who pretty much just tries to cheer up military men with her pictures, but ends up falling for one.
. . . .I can’t believe I saw 18 movies in the course of a week.

Music I’ve listened to this week:
Miike Snow – self-titled album – favourite track “Animal” & “Silvia”

She & Him – Volume Two (second week in a row) – favourite track “Thieves” . .still adjusting to new album and trying to learn songs so I can have more favourites. I listened too much to “In The Sun” before the album came out, which also is a favourite for now, but I played it out.

Headlights – Kill Them With Kindness album, The Enemies EP, Wildlife album

Morning Benders – The Bedroom Covers album, Big Echo album

I didn’t listen enough to the last two bands to pick a favourite song yet.

Here’s Miike Snow’s “Animal”

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. your blog is great!xxx

  2. Cool, I love movie reviews on blogs 🙂 I loved pin up, those outfits were just sooo good! And I really want to see an education.

  3. Cool, I love movie reviews on blogs 🙂 I loved pin up, those outfits were just sooo good! And I really want to see an education.


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