Going back to July/August . . I bought two 40s patterns, one for a dress, and one for a petticoat.  I have sewn before, but mainly reconstructing old T-Shirts Rob had, and otherwise I hardly touched my sewing machine that I got for Christmas in ’99 because of all the dreams I had in my sleep quite often of making beautiful clothes and having my own shop. Of course, I didn’t have Home Ec class available and I never knew how to begin, so the sewing machine basically sat there for years (the first thing I sewed was a pleated skirt when I was 20, but still it sat a lot since).
Today, I finished my petticoat. My Mother-In-Law had guided me about how to do the darts and put the pieces together (I did the cutting on my own & sewing), and she put the zipper on for me. It was very helpful, and I had decided to experiment to see if I could figure out how to finish it all up. Not only was I successful, but it fits and looks good too! I am really proud to have accomplished this. I really don’t know anything about sewing but think I am a fast learner.

I chose to do the pattern of the dress worn by the drawn girl in the blue petticoat, but I didn’t really want the lace on it, and if I want, I’ll add that later. I just wanted a plain petticoat to wear under my longer and more see through 40s dresses, since I have a shorter half slip and shorter full slip that I wear under my other dresses/skirts.
This is just as long in length as it is pictured in the pattern, but it doesn’t really look it by this shot of the petticoat. I also chose cotton instead of satin or something, since I didn’t want to waste money on fabric if I messed up (but I didn’t mess up, this time).
This is a 60s guide book on sewing that I tried to use to help me through the process (thanks to my mother-in-law for finding it at a book sale and giving it to me). I love the add on the back of the magazine haha.
So what now, you ask?
My next project is to do shorts!
This is a 40s shorts pattern and I really really hate shorts (my scrawny legs do look a little odd in shorts at times to me, so I try to avoid anything that shows the knees upwards), but think they are adorable. I would want to try the plaid shorts (maybe not use plaid though, because all that lining plaid up might be too much for me as a beginner) and then in time I would want to do the one that is in white, using a different colour (I get white things too dirty because I love playing in mud and dirt – ask my husband, he’s seen it in action – this is why I had two sons! haha).
When I do the dress afterwards, I want to do the one on the left and yes, in plaid. I have an addiction to plaid and gingham. I plan on making more than one dress using this pattern if I get used to sewing well enough.
my little standard sewing machine

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  1. Nice work! I've also always wanted to sew. I've sewn a few purses, but they were square/rectangles, and straight seams are pretty easy. My mom sews SO much and has made me a fair amount of clothes since I was little, but I've never tried. I'm dying too, though. Hopefully I'll get a chance soon. Good luck with the shorts, those seem hard!

  2. I just found out you have such a wonderful blog !I will stand behind you and support you if you need help sewing 🙂

  3. Those shorts are gorgeous!Could you tell me what the patern is? Did you buy it online?


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