Movies are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. Anything over 3 stars is very worth it and is in bold.

I watch a love of movies. . .

To Sir, With Love 1966 (w/ Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson, Lulu –more recent version of her singing the song she sings in the movie) – 3.25 stars – A teacher comes to a school in which he doesn’t really want to teach at. He realizes all his students are a bunch of misfits. He decides that the working class London kids need to learn how to be respectful, so he starts to treat them more of equals. Will he be able to help them? This was a great film. I really enjoyed it, but Mr. Poitier was always a great actor. Plus it helps that Rob is obsessed with the UK working class from the mod years ( < —a screen shot from the film of the style I mean), since he dresses like them.
My Best Friend Is a Vampire 1988 (w/ Robert Sean Leonard, Rene Auberjonois) – 3 stars – I actually really liked this one other than one scene of a vampire in one of the opening scenes who is all sensual and in her lingerie. Aside from that there was language in it I didn’t think was necessary. A teen boy gets bit by a vampire and ends up getting mentored by an older vampire on how he can live without feeding on humans and enjoy his life. His best friend doesn’t like the idea at first but thinks he is pretty awesome after that.  There also is a little tale of teen romance blossoming.
Sex and the Single Girl 1964 (w/ Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall) – 2 stars – In order to get an interview with a reknown psychologist who wrote a book (Sex and the Single Girl), a journalist takes marital problems from a couple he knows and uses it to get close to the psychologist. Of course this creates quite a lot of drama. I think the most hilarious scene in this is to see Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall (the couple with marital problems) attempt to dance together in the early 60s style even though they would have done much better doing probably swing or so. It was atrocious. The film however was just too odd for me. I couldn’t really get into it at all.
Laura 1944 (w/ Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Vincent Price) – 2.75 stars – A bit of a mystery movie with suspicion, murder, and a problem of everyone falling in love with Laura. It was only good because Vincent Price rules but he was a minor character. Gene Tierney always has great clothes in films.
Picnic at Hanging Rock 1975 (w/ Rachel Roberts, Vivean Gray) – 2 stars – This movie was so odd. The fashion was beautiful, but the story is so unsatisfactory and a little boring at times.  It was about how school girls went to an outing to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a teacher and three students end up missing. It was a beautifully filmed movie though.
Young Victoria 2009 (w/ Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend) – 3 stars – I’ve always loved Queen Victoria. . .probably because I heard she was a good queen and because we share the same name. This was a very good story that was pretty clean all about how Queen Victoria came to reign as Queen and how her relationship developed with her husband.  It wasn’t that long and it was sweet.  It was almost completely accurate too compared to a lot of movies I see based on history.  There was only one thing they exaggerated that I saw.
The Flight of the Phoenix 1965 (w/ James Stewart – the fav!, Richard Attenborough, Peter Finch, Hardy Kruger, Ernest Borgnine) – 3.25 stars – Very powerful and scary story about a bunch of men who crash out in the Sahara Desert. A pilot tries desperately to build a single engine plane out of the larger plane so that they don’t all die. Very interesting to see how they deal with the situation. I now found out someone remade this film (WHY!?!? classics should just be replayed in theatres!)
A Summer Place 1959 (w/ Sandra Dee, Troy Donohue) – 2.25 stars – This was really depressing. Characters in this have affairs, get pregnant out of wedlock, have alcohol problems, and are control freaks that abuse physically and emotionally. While watching it I just felt sad the whole time. There wasn’t much happiness to it. I still want all of Sandra Dee’s clothes whenever I see any of her films.
Karate Kid II 1986 (w/ Pat Morita, Ralph Macchio) – 3 stars – I used to favour this Karate Kid when I was younger. Now I don’t as much. I like the first one better now. I do a lot of things from this film that I forgot I did until I saw it and said, “oh yeah, that’s where I got it from”. It was good, but it was just another sad movie and had a lot of controlling family members. Plus In the background I saw human trafficking. . that upset me, because you wouldn’t have noticed one bit unless you were me, since I’m crazy.
Tammy Tell Me True 1961 – (w/ Sandra Dee, John Gavin) – 3.25 stars – always my favourite of the Tammy movies. I love this. It is so cute. An innocent river rat of a girl who is so sweet she makes you wish you were her. She enters college and ends up falling in love and helping many people, while being confident in who she is, even though she is often mocked for being the girl she is. I used to relate to it when I was a young teen.
Tammy and the Doctor 1963 – (w/ Sandra Dee, Peter Fonda) – 3 stars – Tammy falls in love with a doctor as she attempts to become a nurse and ends up causing chaos instead. Not as good as other Tammy films. I love Sandra Dee’s nurse’s outfit though. Adorable.
Broken Arrow 1950 (w/ James Stewart (my fav), Jeff Chandler) – 2.75 stars – I have seen this movie so many times in parts but never all the way through. It was nice to finally be able to see it all in order! Basically it is about a white man who wants peace between the Apache tribe and the white men. In the process he falls in love with an Apache. Sad movie though. sweet too.
A Little Romance 1979 (w/ Diane Lane, Laurence Olivier, Thelonious Bernard) – 3 stars – I thought this was a sweet film. Diane Lane was a kid in this and was so adorable! I loved her clothes. She goes to France with her actress mother and meets a young French boy who is obsessed with films. When their feelings blossom for one another, and drama occurs when her parents get involved, the two run away to Italy with an old pick-pocketer (Mr. Olivier!) who helps them out. There is some language in it, but aside from that it was cute.
Amelia 2009 (w/ Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston) – 3 stars – there was some language in it. This tells of the flying life of Amelia Earhart, and lets us sorta see what she would have been like if we were to meet the woman who kept many feeling amazed during the Great Depression.  It was a beautiful film, and focused mainly on her marriage and love of flying quite a bit. I wasn’t completely awed, but it was a nice movie.
Leave Her To Heaven 1945 (w/ Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde) – 3 stars – A story about a jealous wife. Simply put. . .which leads to many occurances that are tragic. I remember seeing the last half of this as a child and not remembering the title or who was in it, Finally I know. It makes me fume and did when I saw it as a kid too. You’ll want to smack Gene Tierney’s character a lot if you see it. great clothes and hairstyles though!
Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 (w/ Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane) – 3.25 stars – Another funny one with Cary Grant. A man gets married and visits his old aunts before going on his honeymoon. They have been poisoning men (literally) and burying them in their basement, his uncle thinks he is Theodore Rosevelt, and he also has a crazy murdering brother. He fears for his wife’s future and his own and lots of fun things occur because of it.
Music I’ve listened to lately:
been on a bit of a music fast. I really only listened to She & Him vol. 1 & 2  because Rob’s been putting it on in the house. More music next week instead.
I’ll leave you with this video though, because it has been more of what I’ve been paying attention to instead of music.

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  1. Thank you so much! Perfect recommendations for the weekend ahead! 🙂

  2. And I do love She & Him too by the way! 🙂

  3. Oh, some really great recommendations, I'll definitely be checking some of them out.And I love, love Arsenic and Old Lace. The way the two aunts bob about the house – it's been much too long since I've seen it!


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