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Shristi Studio Clothing & My Little Dog Too

Me and my Shetland Sheepdog Patience.
She’ll be 8 this month! It was bad to work at a pet store for a year and a half. I brought home a few animals and would have brought home even more if I could.
I love her. . .not many people do. She is a barking maniac that drives people crazy. She’s a sweetheart otherwise. She really only likes my little family and my parents, otherwise *bark* to everyone!
I have been taking photos and modeling for the wonderful Shruthi for her etsy shop Shristi Studio, as she made this dress. You will be seeing many more of her dresses displayed by me. If you would like this dress, she does have it up in a size x-large or large.  Either way, she could custom make it in your size for you probably. She does make this same dress in other fabric choices too.  I have shown photos in the past of me in her red floral dress which is made the same way.
I was dancing while taking these shots
These dresses are really comfortable and fun to wear. I wore it to the bank the other day and a woman said, “Blast from the past!! Where do you get dresses like this!” so I told her I buy a lot of vintage clothing but this one was hand made, and I told her of the shop. Tell your friends to visit Shristi Studio and buy some clothes!!

12 thoughts on “Shristi Studio Clothing & My Little Dog Too

  1. Hey Victoria! It's Michelle Lamb. How are you? I like your blog, very cute. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd be interested in making some extra money just for looking cool! lol. An art teacher that I've modeled for for the past 3 years is always looking for interesting people to model for his classes. It would be clothed of course! He teaches a portrait painting class and loves it when the model wears an interesting outfit or brings a prop (like a guitar etc…) If you're interested let me know. My email is

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