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Blog Contest Giveaway @ Shristi Studio’s Vintage Styles

Over at Shristi Studios’ Blog, there is a contest in which you, in voting, can win a free dress from the shop!
Please vote for me, Justice Pirate! Go and vote!
I honestly had no idea there was going to be a contest of bloggers going against each other. I know I am going against Twila Jean who has 500+ more followers than I do, so I have a feeling she’ll win, but granted I love her pictures a lot too! Please vote! Make sure you check out the other lovely ladies’ blogs too!
So here are some photos I took wearing this dress. You can buy it in various sizes from Shristi Studios’ Shop too.
Thank you for looking!!
P.S. I wasn’t planning on doing another outfit post this soon,
but I think I’m going to go a few days before my next entry. I need a small break!!

16 thoughts on “Blog Contest Giveaway @ Shristi Studio’s Vintage Styles

  1. I think the reason most Elvis impersonators do the 70s Elvis is there's lot more music. You can sing almost every Elvis song and get away with it. It would be kinda weird to see a 50s Elvis sing Burning Love, lol! Also, they can wear lots more makeup to look more like Elvis…which is nearly impossible cause Elvis was amazing looking, hehe! Also, the 50s Elvis was so young. There are AWESOME 50s Elvis' out there. I haven't seen one in person yet though! Also, the 70s Elvis was pretty darn cool! In the early 70s he was in the best shape of his life and his shows were amazing! You should watch Elvis That's the Way It Is from 70. If everyone watched that documentary they would think of Elvis in a much brighter light in the 70s!Okay, I'm done! hahaxoxo

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