Movies are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. Anything over 3 stars is very worth it and is in bold.
Iron Man 2 2010 (w/ Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Gweneth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson) – 5 stars (extremely rare with me) – This was my 60th Robert Downey Jr. film I’ve seen. Celebrate with a bang of it being an amazing film. At first I thought I was going to not like this movie as much as I adored the first by the trailer alone. I watched the first movie’s trailer every day for a long time before I saw it in theatres.  At first I thought the movie was not holding up to the power of the first one, plus you know I don’t like sexual stuff in movies, and there were girls dancing not wearing much and Scarlett Johansson was in her underwear twice in the film, but other than that it was pretty clean minus all the cleavage of women at Tony Stark’s birthday party. They did have slight language in it (two F-words that were bleeped in the film but you know what he was saying), other than that I think there may have been two profanities. The action in this and the storyline was really great and I laughed a lot. I think Don Cheadle was a much better Rhoady, which I didn’t think I’d like him as much as I had liked Terrence Howard. Mickey Rourke was the perfect villian. Basically all the actors were wonderful in their roles. I was highly impressed. Make sure if you see it, you stay after the credits like in the first film. If you follow Marvel, you will get it. If you don’t you may not.  . .I used to read a lot of comic books when I was younger. Oh and the Iron Man suit in the briefcase was classic and so great for how it was in the comic of Iron Man! Loved that.  5th biggest movie opening ever!

A Star is Born 1937 (w/ Janet Gaynor, Fredric March) – 2.75 stars -A girl dreams to make it big in the mocie industry. When she does and when love arrives, her husband’s fame dives down as she becomes more famous. I like this version. The 1957 one is extremely depressing for me. This one doesn’t have enough attachement to the characters, but it was still nice, but a little boring.  Main chracter’s stage name is Vicki. I found that funny. My name is Victoria, but I was called Vicki up until I was 18 (other than select few who still call me so).

The Red Shoes 1948 (w/ Moira Shearer, Marius Goring) – 3 stars –  About a girl named Victoria (haha. . yeah. . and they called her Vicki too, like in A Star is born which I watched before it, odd how that happens) falls in love with a composer and ends up creating a ballet with him. The owner company is jealous as can be though. This was so boring for most of the movie. The ballet dances are gorgeous though as well as the sets and outfits.  It is artisticly wonderful, probably the best ballet film I’ve seen. I just was bored with the story outside of the dancing.

Vicki 1953 (w/Jeanne Crain, Richard Boone) – 2.5 stars – You’re seeing a pattern here. Third movie in a row where the lead character is called “Vicki”. I know. I know.  I’m done though! This movie is about an actress who is killed and her name was Vicki. They try to investigate who did it. The story revolves around her sister mainly. Romance is included of course.

Reign of Fire 2002 (w/Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Gerard Butler) – 2.75 stars (Rob says 3.5) – We wanted to see this in theatres but due to Rob’s sister saying it was horrible, we didn’t. It wasn’t horrible (and Rob enjoyed it, as you can see), it was just nothing really to it story-wise. It was nice to see a different role for Mr. McConaughey though. Basically people are living underground because Dragons were released and destroyed most of the world. People come together in order to conquer and re-establish themselves aboveground.

Bandslam 2009 (w/ Alyson Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Gaelan Connell) – 3.75 stars (Rob agreed) – We loved this because of all the ska music and references. They even played The Aggrolites twice, which is one of our favourite bands (I mean, i even have a ring tone for my normal calls for one of their songs, and they are NOT a known or big band). The story was about a kid who seems to be ashamed of his father. He moves around with his mom and never has friends. When this competition comes up at his Lodi, NJ school (yey Northern NJ!) and he meets a girl who is trying to get a good sounding band together, so he becomes the manager of it, since he has knowledge of music.  He also makes friends with another girl that he has to do a project with, and really likes her. It was a cute story, it was clean, and we like good clean movies like this. I think there were maybe two swears it in, but I don’t recall. We thought this was going to be really lame!! It reminded us of high school. . .which we went to together.

The Girl Can’t Help It 1956 (w/ Jayne Mansfield, Tom Ewell) – 3 stars – This movie had some funny parts in it, and lots of great hair and fashion, and tons of great music performed as well (really! watch this if you want to hear some good rock and roll).  It is about a blonde who gets loads of attention from men (including a part where a man melts a block of ice because he gets hot looking at her) and people want to make her famous but some dont believe she can sing. My one problem is that with everyone eye-balling Ms. Mansfield, they look at her often as if she is a piece of meat and is really stupid.
Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers 2009 (anime)  – 3 stars – We watched this series as it came out in Japan back in 2004 I think it was. It was nice to see the movie which I think I might have liked a little better than the series. Make sure you watch the anime series before seeing this.12
Julie & Julia 2009 (w/Amy Adams, Meryl Streep) – 3.25 stars – This was pretty cute. It is based off of two stories in one, really.  You have Julie who needs something to take her mind off of work and ends up wanting to start a blog writing about her cooking experiences off of a large Julia Child cookbook. Then we also get to see the life of Julia Child and how she got to become so largely known in the world. It was actually quite interesting and I really especially loved seeing the 40s & 50s styled clothing. There was some language in it as well as a couple sexual sequences (nothing showy, other than Amy Adams in a bra at one point).

Music I’ve been listening to:

Arthur Kay & The Originals – Rare N Tasty album – favourite tracks “Play My Record”, “No One But You”
Kate Nash – My Best Friend is You album (I did like some of the songs on her first album, but I was so upset with this new one. awful content!!!! not recommended to anyone.)
Chris Murray – Yard Sale album – favourite tracks “Better to Know”, “Shades of the Same Color”
The Beat – I Just Can’t Stop It album – favourite tracks “Mirror in the Bathroom”, “Jackpot”, “Ranking Full Stop”, “Hands Off She’s Mine”

#1 Song that was stuck in my head this week:
The Selecter‘s “Three Minute Hero”
Pauline Black always makes me want to dance. Just watch her energy.
It has basically been a 2-Tone Ska week for our family.

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  1. I really enjoy those recommendations posts! Bandslam has great music on it, I agree! I'll have to listen to the music you suggest too! 🙂

  2. Jonny and I saw Iron Man 2 yesterday and loved it! I totally understand you liking 50s Elvis best!I've been an Elvis fan for 20 yrs, been to Graceland lots of times, seen every movie, every concert and read almost every biography. All I know is that I love Elvis, all Elvis, because he was just one guy. I know that he was a good guy who loved Jesus, who entertained people for many many years and is still entertaining them today. It makes me happy that young people, who weren't even born before he died still appreciate his career and listen to his music no matter what decade it is from. So if listening to Elvis's music from the 50s makes you happiest, rock on!:o)

  3. I Loved Julie & Julia! Can't wait to see Iron Man 2. Scarlett J. *girl crush* :)Xx

  4. I'm so looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2. Juliet and Julia has been on my list for ages, I love Amy Adams!

  5. Yay for 2-tone week! Also, Juliet and Julia is a cute movie ^_^ I took Kriss to see it for his birthday.

  6. Loving all the Vicki films!! 🙂 you are the only other Vicki ive met spelt the same way as me! most i know spell there name vicky or vikki.Ps loved Iron Man 2, Robert Downy Jr rocks!! :)vicki xo

  7. I really love Red Shoes! I hate all of the sexual stuff in movies & other media! My husband & I have started to walk out of movies if they are nasty. We have been looking up movies ahead of time & reading parental reviews. They put so much unnecessary sexuality & nudity in movies. It is very degrading. It's also making people numb to sick things!


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