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My Mom’s Story (extreme short version with pictures)

Once upon a time in February of 1950, a little girl was born.

The little girl was named Nancy, which was extremely common.

But this was no common girl. No!
She might have come from the poorest family in town, She may have been highly neglected by her parents, but there was a bigger plan for this young girl!
ah, the 60s.
She was a little nutty at times, bleached her hair, played sports with all the guys which was not something most young girls did at all in that time. She was mocked by most of the girls, and really only had one friend in her childhood (still her friend today too).
She was made prom queen (voted by teachers, this made her more hated by the girls) and sports queen as well, as she was captain of the field hockey team (which sadly was the only sport available in the 60s in school, but I don’t think they counted it as one).

She wanted to marry her high school sweetheart after being with him for two years.

but that was not meant to be. Though heartbroken, her dear friend tried to help get her back on her feet.
She met a handsome man who just came home from the war in Jan. 1970.

After six months they were engaged.

The woman was pretty homely so he bought her clothes and was becoming the woman he wanted her to be.
They married on May 15, 1971 (happy early anniversary to them).
Their marriage was in shambles. It was then that she found Jesus. She became the woman she was meant to be and wanted to be. Only ONE would guide her life. Only ONE would truly treat her fully with respect and love and be there through all the pain and heartache.
About three years later, she got pregnant and gave birth to a little redheaded boy.
Then she got pregnant again shortly after.
and had another little redheaded boy (who was born bald though).
Her marriage was still in shambles but she decided to pray often and have faith in the Lord and was willing to trust in Him to provide a way and to heal the wounds in her marriage. It was not easy being married to a Vietnam Veteran. She would fight for her marriage and her children.
She had a miscarriage shortly after having their second son. She loved her two redheaded children so much. They were her joy. She decided to train them up in the ways of the Lord so that they would be able to dwell on Him through all circumstances.
She is my hero.
In early 1983 my mom was blessed in the surprise of becoming pregnant, and knew she would have a little girl. . .that girl was me (sadly not a redhead).
Her Grandmother suffered worse in her own marriage and she was a major prayer warrior and the Christ-focused line was drawn through her Grandmother, who is her hero. (I’m pictured here with my mom and Great-grandmother, who lived from 1900-1990).
I guess I always wanted to be just like my mom. She was not only beautiful on the outside, but so extremely gorgeous on the inside.
She taught me so many things about God and set a beautiful example of what a true Christian should be like, and continues to show that to me. 
(my 8th grade graduation)
(high school graduation)
I had both of my parents walk me down the aisle on my wedding day in June of 2004, because she deserved such an honour of raising me. (yes I am wearing her wedding veil and wanted hair like how hers was too)
It took a long time and a lot of patience, waiting, and prayer, but my parents have a beautiful marriage now and love each other very much. I am so thankful for my mom’s endurance and love. I am also glad they fought through the very hard years (which there were many of). Happy Mother’s Day and Happy 39th Anniversary to my mom and parents.
My mom is one of my closest friends. I love her so dearly.

8 thoughts on “My Mom’s Story (extreme short version with pictures)

  1. Ahh this brought a tear to my eye. My mum and I have had a bit of a tough time this year, but your post had made me reflect on things and I should probably start appreciating her a bit more. You are so lucky so have such a beautiful relationship x

  2. You are the same age as me! Somehow I thought you were older. Maybe because you have been married longer and have a son. I sadly, won't have kids for a while due to our horrid economy and my husband's job situation.

  3. So sweet Victoria! My mum is my closest friend too and I admire her a lot. So glad to see that your parents could go through all the bad times, I wasn't that lucky with mine… it's better now, though it was really difficult, so I'm really happy about your family! 🙂

  4. How beautiful! I have always loved your mother; she has always been an inspiration to me as well. And yes, she has always been a role model.She is so beautiful! The baby picture reminded me a little of Micah, and I also see a lot of you in her.

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