As known from other entries, I photograph/model clothes for the amazingly talented Shruthi of Shristi Studios or Silk Bella (both are her etsy shops). They are extremely comfortable and so light and fun to wear. I actually wear her dresses on a regular basis because of that reason. She also sells them for great prices! (vote for me still until the 30th and you can get 20% off a purchase and could win a dress for free!!)
The hairclip (as usual) is from Lila-Jo (Shana – the shop owner, who also features me once in a while and is super nice too!)

I probably should have smiled. It is probably weird that I wore this to my Uncle’s Wake that day. . I’m a colouful person even when relatives die. ah!

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  1. so pretty and I'm loving your hair!

  2. beautiful dress! Hey, I don't see anything wrong with wearing it to a wake, honest! I have been a lot more colorful than that before lol…

  3. Beautiful dress! And it's a muted purple… not too inappropriate for a wake! 😀

  4. i love purple dresses. this one is particularly beautiful. goes great with the red hair. i love these etsy shops you model for too. i'm thinking of purchasing the black peter pan collar dress.

  5. This dress is so wonderful! The shape and style is so cute. My condolences about your uncle. 😦

  6. loveeeeee ur hair (^^) adorable dress & cool tatoo xoxo,

  7. This is really really beautiful! I love your work!!!!

  8. stunning as ever, you hot momma, you. love the polka dots and espadrilles…perfect warm weather outfit.i did write you a long email back in response to the last one, but when i went to find it in my email it was just blank. do you want me to send over that background or are you just gonna stick to the white?

  9. [signed in my main email, responding, but this is Victoria]Nico. . .all i did was take the photo and wear the dress. . that's hardly any work compared to the dress maker! Thank you though!!!Thanks everyone for the compliments. it is really nice of you!!!haha, Starr. . .calling me a hot momma made me feel weird because I feel so old lately, so thanks. It cheered me up!

  10. Ooooo, lovely….visited the shop and I am loving the blue Lucielle dress. Your red hair looks fabulous…. xx Lucy

  11. beautiful dress! Hey, I don't see anything wrong with wearing it to a wake, honest! I have been a lot more colorful than that before lol…


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