Thank you to Starr Crow who helped me out with my blog layout coding and she tweaked the background a little for me too which was originally made by Anthony Esau. She was extremely helpful and is a sweetheart! I’m probably going to change the header banner that I made soon, because It just doesn’t make me happy with how nice the layout is. . .but it will be up for probably a few weeks until I have time to change it.
I hadn’t hung out with my friend Brienne since around Christmas time, so it was certainly time for us to get together. She has an 8 month old son and is 5 months pregnant with her next son ( they will be 13 months apart! Mine are 22 months apart. She’s going to be busy! Plus she is a nanny of two other boys! Busy lady. We love little boys!). I’ve known her, I believe since I was in 7th grade (so she was in 9th).
I don’t know where her outfit is from, but she is a bit of a thrifty person. I love her shoes.
We are both tall girls. I think she may be an inch taller or so, but I am 5;9″, and I was on the lower half of the hill in the two photos above.
here we are with our boys. The two of us have both agreed in the past that we didn’t want to be sweatpants mamas, or ones that don’t take the time to care about themselves a little. . .so this proves that you can be a mom and look good too!
I love this shot I took of her smiling face.
baby bump
with her son Tristan who is such a doll!
he was giving her little kisses which was so cute.
Next photo entry will be of our sons that we love.

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  1. so very sweet. my friend made a conscious decision to be a "hot mom" and not an "ugly mom" haha, made me laugh

  2. This is such a sweet post. You and your friend are beautiful moms!! I love that you still dress nice and don't let being a mom get in your way.I'm so jealous that both of you are so tall. I'm only 5'5"! Boo.The layout looks so gorgeous. Starr is such a sweet person.Lulu Letty

  3. awww! so sweet! i love the new layout and i love starr! ;o)

  4. you guys are so classy!

  5. Those pictures are PRECIOUS!The new layout looks wonderful. I love the feel. It's very Victoria.

  6. Sweet pictures! I love the new layout, and actually thinks your new header looks great with it!

  7. Its so nice to see other moms of two who are put together and care to look presentable! You guys are adorable ❤

  8. sweet! i love that first photo and the group shot with all of the babies. your pal's dress and is very pretty and you're right, her shoes are great.

  9. aw her sons faux hawk is adorable! and love her shoes too- any idea where she got them?

  10. beautiful. i love the picture of you guys on the bench with your kids. so full of real life.

  11. Ooh, what great pictures! And I absolutely LOVE this layout! 😀

  12. Kristen, she told me she got them from Famous Footwear (she thinks).Thanks for all the great comments!!

  13. What cool moms these kids have. I love your hair style and those pink shoes your friend is wearing are adorable.The new layout is great! I'm trying to figure out how to do the three columns since mine seems congested.

  14. Both of you look beautiful!The shot with the two of you and your little ones is my favourite. 🙂

  15. You look so pretty here-I just admire how lovely and put together you look even if you have two sons running around. Inspiring!Your friend's shoes are nice too 🙂

  16. oh my gosh, she's so precious! both of you are. i love her dress. i had no idea you were so tall!

  17. Love the new layout. =D-Andi x

  18. these pictures are so nice!!!xxVickyfeel free to visit my blog:

  19. Love the new layout. =D-Andi x

  20. What cool moms these kids have. I love your hair style and those pink shoes your friend is wearing are adorable.The new layout is great! I'm trying to figure out how to do the three columns since mine seems congested.


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