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Inspirations and Western Shirts

Are you wondering “What are those little hearts next to each photo on your blog?”
The answer is that Hypeed.com, in which I’ve been featured in their online magazines three times now for, has an inspiration section. If you are signed up to hypeed.com, all you have to do is make sure you’re logged in and click on the little hearts. Then my photo that possibly inspires you, will be placed in here: http://hypeed.com/my-inspiration and it also will be listed on your hypeed inspiration portion of your profile. I don’t really know too many bloggers at all who use hypeed.com (other than Vicki of Magpie Girl who has been in their magazines too), or I’d have some inspiration in my own profile, but maybe the more you lovely people sign up to it, the more of a chance I also have to be inspired by you as I might be able to inspire you in the fashion sense!! When they were test running this, some of the people who run their site did add some of my photos to their inspiration list, so that is pretty cool that I am in the inspiration gallery already.

I love when I have bought something from a shop in the past, and I receive messages from them saying I might like a new item because of a similar item I purchased from them. This shirt was one of those items. At first I shrugged it off because it is a little big, but I decided I could work with it! I am glad I decided to own it! You know I have a gingham addiction.

belt: came with an outfit
Shoes: Mandees (circa 2005)
Jeans: Forever 21 (circa 2009)


16 thoughts on “Inspirations and Western Shirts

  1. I seem to mainly post photos of myself in skirts and dresses, this is true! I know I posted at least one jeans outfit . . .but that was in the winter and I don't have them any longer but bought replacements. For the next few weeks I actually am going to have pants/shorts outfit posts!! Then I'll get back to the dresses and such! thanks everyone. It has been getting harder to do my hair nicely now that it is longer, so I am trying!!

  2. Hey again!I LOVE your hair!! Thanks for the follow. I'll be sure to have your back as well! On big shirts: Yes, a belt is necessary! My mother just handed me some of her size L shirts this weekend. I picked through them for style of course, but they were all really big on me. A belt does wonders for these!I am checking out Hypeed right now.

  3. hey my dear i just read through your engaged post and wedding photo post my goodness you looked beautiful!!! you guys look so in love its heart warming. I hope you get to renew your vows on your 10th anniversary and have the wedding of your dreams šŸ™‚ x

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