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I Wear Long Shorts!!!

This is the outfit I wore when my husband and I went out for our 6th wedding anniversary last Saturday!
On our way we saw this really cool looking building just out in the middle of a field. It was strange to us, but I said, “Oo! Take photos there!” and so he said, “okay! I always wanted to check this place out”

It was really beautiful! Keep in mind we live in suburban NJ with lots of cars everywhere. It isn’t exactly easy to find places that are empty to photograph at.

Back in 6th grade I got in trouble for having my shorts above finger-tip length. I have really long arms plus I am tall, so shorts just end up seeming shorter on me than on people who have short arms and bodies where they end up having finger-tip lengthed shorts be very short. Personally I don’t know how people can wear shorts these days that are shorter than finger-tip length. I suppose with me being so modest-minded, and knowing how men go crazy over legs and seeing bums hanging out, it just never really was something I liked. These shorts are actually slightly below finger-tip length for me!

The only other pair of “shorts” I’ve worn since 6th grade are some old camo pants my dad cut when he was in the Vietnam War that I pin at the waist and wear. . they go right to my knee and I’ve been wearing them since middle school. . .I guess I’ll do a shoot in them someday too.

My chicken legs. I inherited them from my father. :: sigh :: This is why I also haven’t worn shorts since 6th grade. My legs have filled out a little since then though. haha.

I really wanted to go in this structure, but there were signs saying “no tresspassing” pretty much right next to where I was being photographed. I’m a law-abiding type of person. I took a closer shot of it for you.

Shorts: O Captain
(If you put the banner I have for this shop up in your blog, you can receive 10% off your order!)
Shirt: Action is the Fruit
(I’ll be wearing this probably a lot more, as this is the second outfit post with it now)
Flower Hairclip and Flower Ring: Lila-Jo
(as always!)
Shoes: Payless
(one of the cheapest buys I ever made that was put to constant use)
Photos taken by Rob other than the last one, all edited by me

29 thoughts on “I Wear Long Shorts!!!

  1. I can never quite figure out how to style shorts, but you've done such a great job here! I'm especially taken with the saddle shoes paired with socks. And what an amazing backdrop for outfit photos; I love the contrast between that stark, modern structure and the softness of the field.♥ christy

  2. Those shorts look great on you! I love the entire look! It's funny you think you have chicken legs and I've always thought mine are fat! haha! I guess it's cause you're tall and I'm short :o)

  3. happy anniversary! what stunning photos for such an occasion. i love the shirt with the shorts and the saddle shoes. your new header/background is perfect too. i love everything!

  4. Shorts just haven't looked good on me! I wear them sometimes but only for occasions that call for shorts (like hiking). If I wore more shorts, I'd definitely buy long ones. I can count the number of shorts I have with my one hand! I think the same goes with jeans. I have such a big bum that jeans and shorts just end up looking too tight on the top part and loose on the bottom. Darn pear shapes.I am liking your shoes!!!

  5. those shorts look great with that white blouse and your cute saddle shoes. your hair looks so cool like that. you certainly found a nice spot to take photos. that structure has a modern architecture appeal to it and that field is lush and gorgeous.

  6. great shots! those shorts look nice on you – i cant wear shorts because my legs are shaped weird, haha. yours look exactly right though, i remember from a seventeen article i read as a girl that legs are "supposed" to touch/nearly touch at the thigh, knee, and ankle – yours are the first ive seen that are actually like that!

  7. haha that's weird!! I always thought mine were oddly shaped. I think all legs are supposed to be shaped differently and that's what is so great about them. Mine are really tiny :: shrugs :: but my husband loves them a LOT so that's good. I used to be really really embarrassed about them.

  8. i just came across your blog and i absolutely love your style! your hair here is fantastic! and i cant believe you got those shoes at payless! i might have to go out and buy me a pair =]

  9. haha you are a better woman than I! I would have been high tailing it across that feild to explore that structure. it looks so cool. This outfit is so perfect… and completely perfect for exploring! haha. What a lovely location for taking photos.You have a wonderful blog.

  10. happy anniversary! what stunning photos for such an occasion. i love the shirt with the shorts and the saddle shoes. your new header/background is perfect too. i love everything!

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