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Prayer at Sunrise

Yep, another Spiritual post. Every time I make one, I see less followers. Please don’t go away. You don’t have to read this. If you are curious and want to put in your two cents, that’s cool to me!
I did food shopping at 7AM and did a short photoshoot at a lake beforehand (since the store opens at 7 and it was 6:30). While I was looking out at the lake and listening to the geese (and watching them poop everywhere), I saw the sun right in front of me. I just was thinking, “Wow, God, this is beauitful! You are glorious!” I wanted to worship Him on the spot, but I was trying to rush to get to the store and back home to help my husband with the boys. 
[photo taken by me. . the sun was really bright in this moment!]
I started to really want alone time with God. My time was being cut short. I wake up very early (habitually since I was 7). Unfortunately so do my boys (at this point in time). We’re all up between 5-6AM. I have desired to sit down and read my Bible alone and pray for at least a half an hour. To me it is really important to start my day that way. Why? To breathe in His word for guidance and then have it on my mind, keeps me less frustrated, more patient, and really it makes me feel like a better person. On top of that it is odd how often things I read can come up in a conversation or an issue that perhaps a friend is going through.  I feel at peace even when something comes in to shake me and make me angry. It is a feeling that is hard to describe, when the Holy Spirit flows, but it is so real and dynamic.  For now though I tend to either read a chapter or portion of a chapter and dwell on it while I am getting Rob’s lunch made, or doing something else.  A lot of the time lately I read the Bible to my boys and ask them questions, when really I am just asking them to myself, since they don’t really know much about it at all.  I want to pray more and more than just in my head to God.
I read an amazing book the other day about a woman who was in hiding during the Rwanda, Africa genocide in 1994. She was in a bathroom for 3 months with 5-7 women (two were added after a month). She prayed and prayed and prayed to Jesus since they couldn’t make a sound unless the man hiding them would give them food or tell them news.  Her story really was incredibly inspiring. The book is called Left To Tell. This woman saw her prayers answered so many times and she also was incredibly in tuned with God even though there were all those women there cramped with her.  She was focused. I want that. I want time to focus and talk to Jesus one on one. I don’t think I do it enough.
Oddly enough, as simple as it might sound, when I walked out of the store this morning, I saw the sun was nowhere to be found. It was getting dismal looking. I was a little down about that and prayed that God would allow the sun to shine down on me and to come out of my way of living, as I try to be His servant. The sun literally followed me as I drove in that instant. As soon as I got home, it went away (but after a few hours came out shining again).  I started to cry a little while I was praying a few other things that were on my heart and mind. I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t control it and I don’t even remember why it happened other than the emotions of feeling the Holy Spirit within me.

So many times I have seen God answer my prayers. It reminds me that He is working. He is listening. Sometimes He says, “no!” to my prayers, and instead of complaining about it, I try to see the positive about how it was selfish or how we need to look to God through things that do happen that are not easy to take (like a death in a family or something).  Instead of blaming Him for things, I find myself often rejoicing or being at peace.  Other times I have been praying the same prayers for certain people for many years and maybe He will answer them in the future as well. It is good to pray. It is really wonderful to also LISTEN to God. We need to not just talk and think we deserve to get our way. We forget that there are so many things God has done and we need to listen to and obey! He knocks on my heart and reminds me of all the times I have shrugged Him off. . .but I need to listen more and obey. At the same time I need to build a better relationship with Him as well.  It is not the easiest thing to do, and is a challenge. I’ve been seeking a better prayer life for a couple years and I still slack, but I have grown as well.  I am more and more surprised at myself, and am thankful that I am able to grow.

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. -Ephesians 6:18
I want to pray for you. How are you in need of prayer??

27 thoughts on “Prayer at Sunrise

  1. Thanks for sharing Zany Housewife. I know the feeling!Sophie, okay. I will pray for Lucy for you.My hubby – I didn't realize that what I prayed for you with the boys was what you needed prayer for. I love you too!

  2. I'm sorry people stop following you for these. I've always loved your religious posts because you're never preachy, like many of my past friends have been. You're simply open with your beliefs. I'm glad the sun started to shine for you – sometimes I pray for that, too, because it helps me so much.

  3. Oh wow, it is so wonderful that you are starting out your days by opening the bible. I feel like I've become so busy in life that I've barely given any time back to the Lord… and it hurts! I'm trying to figure out a way to better balance my schedule, not only so I have a balance with my inner peace but also so I can better connect with Him.OH, oh! I just had to say I love your new look! The colors are wonderful, and the header is great! :DAnd to answer your question, I can read Hiragana and Katakana very well, and I can read common Kanji – but my knowledge in that area is a bit on a child-like level =>_<= This is what my tattoo says in Japanese and English:「主をおのれの 喜びとせよ. 主はあなたの 心の 願いをかなえてくださる。」"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."Love,Aya of Strawberry Koi

  4. I love the way you delight in the Lord. I love how you see and know that He is intricately involved in every detail of your life.I resonate with you on the "reading the Bible/coming up in conversation/peace of the Holy Spirit in response to frustration" thing. It's really cool when I find myself responding to someone with wisdom that is FAR beyond me. I recognize the Holy Spirit at once. The more we spend in His word, the more readily answers and peace flow through us. He gives us the words, just like He promised.Vicki, I will pray that God will give you alone time with Him in very beautiful, unexpected, and obvious ways. Your desire is so glorious, and you are doing the very best you can. I'm going to pray that God gives you the consistent gift of His presence.And as for me, if you could actually pray for my friend Becca's mom. Her mom is dying of cancer, and they are literally just waiting for her to pass away peacefully. Pray that she is healed in this life. Pray for Becca and her family. They are not Christian and therefor do not know the Hope that is found in Christ. Pray for Hope, and for the very Real Presence of Christ Jesus in their lives. Please, please, please petition the Lord and intercede for them.<3

  5. AMEN! Thanks for this Victoria, it really really made my evening! You have such a way of inspiring and encouraging others!Prayer, oh how I love that feeling of being hungry for prayer, and knowing the need to stay close to God. Its something I need to work on lately, somehow personal time with the Lord seems to slip through the cracks! Its so important though…Sometimes I read in the evenings, when things are quieter. I've tried to make it a point in my mind that it doesn't have to be at a certain time or place, but it always frustrates me when I don't get up and do it in the morning! I'll be praying for you right now, my requests seem to be in some ways what yours are. Prayers for a closeness with Him, more consistency to reading the Word, a heart that is "listening" to God – not the world.Love from your sister in Christ!~Lauren

  6. That is truly a beautiful post! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! They always make me happy!Ruby,

  7. Thanks Allison. I think I used to be a bit pushy and preachy, but God has really softened my heart over just this past year even. Rachel – Thank you so much. I am always so thankful that God had put us in each other's lives and that we've watched one another grow over these past nearly 20 years (isn't that crazy to think that it's been that long?)! I'm really blessed to have you as one of my favourite and what I feel one of my closest friends. Thanks for being so encouraging!

  8. i admire your belief so much, it is so touching and heart warming, and i love hearing how your prayers have been answered! gives me hope that mine will too. 🙂 xo

  9. 20 years!! I never thought of it before! Wow! It's a true gift that we've watched each other grow up. Thank you for never giving up on praying for the Lord's grace over my life. I love you!

  10. Don't be discouraged about posting on God. If people don't want to hear it, they can just ignore it. I can't imagine why someone would then choose not to follow you.

  11. Thanks for the comment Victoria :)Oh yes, reading in the morning is always best, in my opinion, it really starts the day off on the right foot! I just meant I try not to feel guilty if I'm reading it at other times – that its better to read it all than not read it because my window of opportunity has passed!Again, you've been such an encouragement to me as well! This blogging world is a really neat way of meeting other like minded women – and getting encouragement in our faith! God works in wonderful ways…~Lauren

  12. I found you 10 times more attractive because I found out you were a Christian 🙂 Please do keep posting about your faith! It was rare enough that you were modest. A modest fashionista with impeccable style AND a Christian obsessed with films and music… I was definitely sold! I find that mornings are the best for my quiet times, too. It's easy because I'm naturally a morning person! I used to get up at 5:30am everyday to leave for school when I was a child and bragged about it too until one of my dad's friends burst my bubble by saying he got up at 4 everyday. I deserved it. I was a brat. I attended a biblical time management class back when I was a young adult leader at my old church. They did a whole section about quiet time and referenced to parts of the bible where Jesus got up early in the morning to pray. It wasn't so much of an example as to WHEN should be the right time but more of the best setting– a quiet place and time free of distractions. For most people, that is very early in the morning. It's also a loving sacrifice to do it as the first thing. Sadly and honestly, I haven't been doing much of my quiet times let alone early in the morning! I just have to find the best time given my switch in schedule! Thanks for the post, Victoria. It's truly a need for me to be reminded! PS– On Netflix: We do Instant Play for movies we have previously looked up the content for and found nothing. We then have the movies with questionable content to ship as DVDs and play them on Clear Play 🙂 You're right though, you really can't do anything with Instant Play!

  13. i'm thrilled to see so many comments about your latest post. as you know, i really enjoy both your fashion-y posts and your spiritual posts. you're so genuine and your authenticity just pours out of your writing. you're a wonderful role model and just a cool person.

  14. Hi!!! I'm from Bolivia, I just discovered your blog, and I love it!!! I'm christian too, and it's really difficult for me to talk about God with my friends… and God for me is everything, I live his mercy everyday!!!I really enjoyed reading your post!!!God Bless you!!!

  15. I think that it's difficult for people who aren't religious to see that kind of thing on a style blog. It's hard to not be part of the majority especially with preachy Christians (you don't seem like that) like to push their beleifs down your throat. I can see how religoiusy stuff factors into your style but it kind of sucks to have read about something you don't believe in. Maybe you could start a seperate blog about the Christian stuff and then just do style stuff on here. Just an idea.

  16. I think that it's difficult for people who aren't religious to see that kind of thing on a style blog. It's hard to not be part of the majority especially with preachy Christians (you don't seem like that) like to push their beleifs down your throat. I can see how religoiusy stuff factors into your style but it kind of sucks to have read about something you don't believe in. Maybe you could start a seperate blog about the Christian stuff and then just do style stuff on here. Just an idea.

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