Brick 2005 (w/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lukas Haas, Nora Zehetner, Noah Segan, Noah Fleiss) – 3.5 stars – The awesome thing about this movie is that it is set for high school aged kids but it is totally the likeness of 1940s film noir!! It is about a kid who tries to find out about drugs and people who make them in his school when it comes to the girl he is in love with being mixed up with them. He becomes a bit of a Narc sniffing out the “Who-did-what”s.  It was quite interesting, but was a little boring at first. I hardly recall any bad language in this (maybe one or two words that weren’t crazy even) which I was so relieved about. There was no nudity, in fact the most sexual it got was showing some kissing. No drug use (yey!), but definitely talk of drugs. There was, however, lots of kids beating kids up (punches here and there and shootings). I was impressed. . .and yes I do find Joseph Gordon-Levitt attractive and he was on my bedroom walls way back. He did a great job in this film!!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010 (w/ Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner) – 3 stars – What a disappointment! This was my least favourite of the books, if you’ve read “my story” on my Ruby-Eyed Okapi blog, you’d probably understand a bit why, yet this was my husband’s favourite of the books (yes he read them too) and he was very let down with the movie and said New Moon was better (which was his least favourite book!).  They put too much in about the growing vampire army and not enough about some of the most important factors of the book that I really thought caught the essence of the story. There were sexual references in this at times, a heavy make out scene with clothes starting to be removed but nothing seen and it stops, and loads of violence of vampires and such. It was just a little boring at times for me to watch, and I got just as annoyed as I did reading the books, so that factor stayed. New Moon was so much more amazing. The music doesn’t even hold up in the latest one in comparison to the last one.

The Chosen 1982 (w/ Robby Benson, Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger) – 3 stars – About a friendship between two American Jewish teens during WWII who have different customs, as one is more traditional and one is reformed. This was really good but not amazing or it would have received a higher rating. I don’t know what else to say on it.  I think there was some language in this. Based off of a book but I haven’t read it. I always though Robby Benson was cute (ahh Ice Castles. . .haha).

Michael Jackson’s This Is It 2009 (documentary) – 3 stars – While MJ was working on his last big tour, filming went on of him working on getting his music, dances, and special effects before performing. 9 days beefore the performance he died. It was really amazing to me that after all these years he remembers all his dance moves for every song and remembers the details. He seemed like such a patient and kind person the way he would tell people things if they messed up his work.  I don’t know how he could dance so very much at his age either! He really must have kept up with it constantly.  I actually used to really love his music so it was nice. My sons were dancing while watching.

Walk, Don’t Run 1966 (w/ Cary Grant, Samantha Eggar, Jim Hutton) – 3 stars – A man finds an apartment in Tokyo for a few days in which a young woman owns and lives in. Although she is against the idea, she allows him to stay there. When the man brings another man to also live there, this man is young and is either a spy or in the olympics. The woman of course is very scheduled in how she lives. This was pretty boring at first but got rather interesting once a romantic tale came into it. It suddenly became very cute and had little bits of laughing matters.

Anastasia 1997 (w/ voices Christopher Lloyd, Meg Ryan, John Cusack) – 3.25 stars – I always loved this movie. I also love how pretty the colours are and the animation of everything.  The songs are so pretty. I was able to remember some of them because my older brother had the soundtrack (haha).  There is of course the bad guy which is supposed to be Rasputin, which of course if you knew anything about him, he was pretty messed up. This story has always been so interesting to me no matter how it is approached.

Inglourious Ba****** 2009 (w/ Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, Diane Kruger) – 2.75 stars – This would have actually had 4 stars if it were not for all the content. I did expect the content but my husband really had wanted to see this movie badly since before it came out in theatres. :: sigh :: So that being said there is graphic violence big time and a lot of it. There is a lot of language. This is a very long movie and usually you were so into paying attention that you didn’t notice it was as long as it was. It is a fictional story about a group of Americans who are mainly Jewish and a few extra Jewish men outside of the US who go around killing off Nazis and scalping them (and yes they show a lot of them scalping). It also tells about a woman who escaped from a very good detective nazi who hunts Jews to kill them. She owned a french theatre and Nazis want to use her theatre to show exploits of a nazi Private who sniped off a few hundred people. There is one quick sexual scene that lasts 3 seconds which was not necessary at all. I was so upset after seeing this film that I cried a bunch. I don’t like violence and I don’t like people wanting to kill anyone because vengeance is the Lord’s and we are to seek Justice but not murder. oh goodness watching this fried my brain so much that I had to read the Bible and pray before going to sleep because my mind was so harmed!!!

To Be or Not To Be 1942 (w/ Carole Lombarde, Jack Benny) – 3 stars – This was a funny movie about a group of stage actors from Warsaw, Poland that get shut down when the war starts. They get involved in mix-ups with a Nazi spy and try to rid of him. There was a lot of humour in this, but I caught the S-word in German being said loudly which surprised me!

Soldier Child 1998 (documentary) – 2.75 stars – This of course was informative of what children are being forced into by Joseph Koney for the Lord’s Resistance Army. I’ve read a few books on it now and my heart is definitely crying for these innocent children who are tormented when forced to killed many people and others are forced to become “wives” for soldiers when they are children themselves too. It is a very sad reality in Uganda and Sudan. This documentary however was a little boring at times and didn’t hold enough of my interest compared to other documentaries that really grab at me. This is slavery/human trafficking that needs to end!

Doubt 2009 (w/ Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams) – 3 stars – A nun believes things about the priest of her church that she doesn’t necessarily have proof of, but hopes to figure out in any way possible.  Another nun tries to find the good in everything and at the same time wants to know the truth. While a priest who seems to have a heart for children and his community, may or may not be guilty of something he hasn’t done to another child. There was a lot of dialogue in this film. I liked it because it did show a positive and a negative and made you think about things in different lights and at the same time it didn’t even solve anything.

Gigantic 2008 (w/ Zooey Deschanel, Paul Dano) – 1/2 star – This is about a guy who works for a mattress company and a girl comes in whom he pursues. There is drama between their families. There was a lot of language in it and what killed it for me was that I had this image that zooey deschanel never showed more skin than her belly button, but there she was. . topless as can be. So I turned it off. I didn’t see the last half hour. There was a lot of sexual talk and a sex scene that you didn’t really see in it too. The actual storyline was pertty boring for me as well.

Auntie Mame 1958 (w/ Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne, Fred Clark) – 3 stars – What a long movie! I usually have a hard time paying attention to lengthy films, but I held on just fine. This was pretty entertaining about a woman in the 1920s who has to take care of her nephew once he is orphaned. There is concern about his education since Mame is a bit of a free person. This story is about the relationship of Mame and her nephew Patrick as he grows up and tries to find his true self. There was some language in this and a few sexual things said. It was pretty fun and entertaining, but boy does Mame talk a lot! That is a little annoying, but it worked for the role.

Foul Play 1978 (w/ Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase) – 1.5 stars – A woman gets caught up in an investigation when an FBI agent gets killed while being near her. She feels people are out to kill her. Even the cops think she’s crazy.  It was a bit boring but did have some funny scenes. There is language and sexual conversation and scenes (like a short little guy stripping in a love haven 70s style with blow up dolls and all).

Star Wars: Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith 2005 (w/ Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman) – 4 stars – We hadn’t seen this since we saw it in theatres. I adored it when it came out. Not as much now, but definitely a lot still. It is my favourite of the new ones. I used to do yearly marathons of the originals (haven’t done so much since having kids).  So this is about the Chancellor trying to lure Anakin into going against the Jedi. Of course Padme is with child(ren) so this brings Anakin to being all about wanting to protect his woman and child(ren).  My husband made a point that there are so many short scenes in the beginning half of this movie. He is right. They scene skipped too quickly! Lots of violence in this movie (mostly against androids) in case you are curious or haven’t an understanding of Star Wars.

Music I’ve Listened To Lately:
The Starting Line – Based On a True Story album – favourite tracks: “Photography”

Queen – Queen album, Queen II album, Night At the Opera album, Sheer Heart Attack album – favourite tracks: “Keep Yourself Alive”, “Doing All Right”, “Great King Rat”, “The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke”, “Nevermore”, “Funny How Love Is”, “Seven Seas of Rhye”, ” ’39”, “You’re My Best Friend”, “The Prophet’s Song”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Killer Queen”
Sondre Lerche – Two Way Monologue album – favourite tracks: “Two Way Monologue”, “On The Tower”, “It’s Too Late”, “Love You”

Queen performing “Doing All Right” (it is a bit different than the album recording) in 1977

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. I liked Inglourious Ba******, there was a lot of language and violence, but I don't think you could have a Nazi movie without it. I haven't seen any of he twilights because of how disappointed people have been from them… I was debating on seeing them since New Moon got good reviews.. but I think the bad reviews on eclipse changed my mind. Love your movie suggestions!

  2. You know I'm going to comment on this post big time!!! 🙂 Brick- I LOVED Brick! We rented it right after seeing Brother's Bloom, directed by the same guy (Rian Johnson). He's new and have only done two movies, but already, he's become one of my favorites! I agree about the noir. It's not your typical high school movie. The dialogue is very adult yet so artistically done. Twilight- I can only say that I liked one of the soundtrack albums, and I'm not even sure which one it was. It totally blew me away. It had a lot of my favorite artists! Is This It- I wanted to see it, but my husband recalled a stripper on the stage during the preview. Is this true? Inglorious B- I must admit, I really liked this movie, like most of Tarantino's movies. They are very violent and foul, but looking past that, I see the cleverness. What I cannot look past is sexuality, and I'm not sure why that's worse for me. Those things are all poisonous. Tarantino doesn't play on sexuality too much. Although, the original 1978 film had a lot of nudity, so we didn't even bother to watch it. Gigantic- Same feelings as you. Didn't like it so much. Although I generally like Zooey, she's just too overused, and she was particularly sexual in this one. Star Wars III- My favorite of the new ones too!

  3. Joseph was in Brother's Bloom?? What scene? This is the most interesting news of the day! I'm going to have to rewatch that now for the 3rd time!!


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