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Just a bunch of Carnies

The carnival each year in my hometown is always a bit small and boring, but it did have more things this year.We really only go to eat zeppoles (balls of fried dough with confectioners sugar covering them) and see if anyone we know are there to talk to and catch up with (the older we get, the less people we see, unless they have kids now). No one was there when we were there, so we ate some food and walked around a few times then left. Leto loved just watching all the rides.

I’ve done an outfit post of this dress in the past. πŸ˜‰

Leto was having a hard time feeding himself ice cream. Daddy did a great job showing him, so he did it again after I took this shot.

It is really hot and humid, so Micah was so sweaty. As you can see my boys always see to have fake tattoos on their bodies.

Another busy weekend for us. I’ll be posting an outfit entry on Monday! If You don’t hear much from me this coming week, it is because we have a really packed week!!


16 thoughts on “Just a bunch of Carnies

  1. Carnivals are the best, always so much fun. I just have to point out how cute that little boys eye are, adorable :DXoxoSarahP.SI love your blog background and how it matches your pretty banner.

  2. AW! I miss the good ole carnival. We have one for Fall fest in our town every year and I always miss it. I think they are just so randomly weird. Maybe that is why I like them?

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