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Camping Trip Part 1!

We didn’t get to the camping grounds (Knoebles in Pennsylvania – about 2.5-3 hours away from our NJ home) until about 8:30 or 9PM. It was a bit dark and tents were being set up mainly by the males. It took us a while to get to sleep because our little boys are used to their beds. It was really hot by the time we went to bed. Thankfully it cooled off a bit in the middle of the night. Of course I’m an early bird and woke up at about 5:30, got dressed, got Micah some milk (thankfully the ice kept everything cold for the whole HOT weekend), and read my Bible in the woods for a very short while before the boys woke up. We were the first ones awake (we went with some of the Jr. high youth group kids – I’m a youth leader).

Here I am in my “camp outfit” which was actually very comfortable most of the day – even though I looked like a total geek. I got the outfit from Target. I wore the socks so that the mosquitoes would stay away from biting me. It worked. I didn’t get ONE bite all weekend. That’s our tent – yes all 4 of us fit just fine in it.

And that is our Jeep Liberty. I look so tired. That’s what happens when you get about 3 hours of sleep.

Here is Micah putting on one of Rob’s hats. Poor Micah was in that stroller most of the weekend (he would have run around like crazy! He’s such an adventurer).

At about 8 we had eggs, taylor ham (aka pork roll), and cheese on english muffins. We hung around a little bit while everyone else was getting ready. Then we headed out to the amusement park. for some fun. It was hot and muggy and rained a little bit before we got there.

Here is the Youth Pastor’s son Dominick and my Leto hanging out with him. They are really good friends and had so much fun together! They are 10 weeks apart (Leto is the older one). aw. friends! no mosquito bites for Leto either! Our bug spray must have been amazing.

Here’s Micah and Rob. I think we were listening to people talk. The woman in the back is one of the kid’s moms who went with us. She’s holding the Youth Pastor’s daughter.

Rob and Leto went on a ride together. Look at how happy Leto is!

I went on the log flume. I only went on about 3 rides, Rob went on two. We’re not much for rides, so we watched everyone else go on the roller coasters and such while spending time with each other and some of the kids that didn’t go on rides that others went on.

Yey!! This was the little log flume though. there was a much larger one on the other side of the park. I didn’t go on that one though. The people behind me are the parents of one of the youth kids.

After a couple of hours we all ate lunch together. This is the youth pastor’s wife and daughter.

Then some kids went on more rides. This is Ronnie who didn’t want to go on one of the roller coasters.

We went swimming afterwards. My hair of course got all messed up and this is after we came back from swimming. We were there for a few hours. They had a little wading pool and we went in there for the longest time with the boys. We then ate dinner on the burner and I used the camp fire. .  that Rob built (although some of the girls were trying to build the fire for three hours while we were swimming, and it took him 2 minutes).  Here I am with one of the girls (Melissa).

Everyone had hot dogs and burgers. I brought some corn and potatoes and put a burger patty in the mix (and lots of pepper, the way I like it). I used to do this at camp every year and missed it. I offered to make some for other people but they weren’t interested 😦 It was delicious!!!




10 thoughts on “Camping Trip Part 1!

  1. I like how those food photos got closer and CLOSER! Is that your Rosie the Riveter hair? I don't think you looked like a total geek! Maybe just a geek, but geeks can look cute, too! 🙂 Oh geez. Mosquitoes. They are my worst enemies. Those SUCKERS love my blood. For the longest time, I thought I had seasonal allergies because I would ALWAYS have these dots all over my body during summer EVEN while covered up! Somehow, they find a way to slip into my clothes. When walking my dog in our backyard for about a minute or less, I would have about 5-6 bites right away. Okay, enough ranting. I even dress modestly FOR mosquitoes. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! 🙂

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time! And what a wonderful memory for your boys. (How precious is that photo of Rob and Leto on the car ride?!)

  3. You do not look like a geek at all! The headscarf makes you look so tough. If I was a camping kid, I would probably hang around you hoping some of your cool would rub off. Haha! Man, I looked so horrible when I used to go to camp. It does not agree with me at all 😛 And that Log Flume looks like fun!Also, thanks for the extra long comment on my last post. It cracked me up and pointed out some good tips. :)B from A plus B

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