Gorgeous beauty
After everyone had dinner, we went back to go on more rides. 
This thing was awesome. It played whistly pipe music (it’s a Calliope). It was used in the 1800s and had a lot of history behind it that I didn’t read (I think my husband did. whoops). It was really pretty and was huge!.
close up.
Rob and I (and our kids) went to get some fudge here. I was soaked in sweat (see it?)!! It was really hot and humid outside. This was a historical cottage and was so pretty.
The youth pastor, his wife, and son went on the ferris wheel. What a long wait for them to get done. All the kids wanted so badly to go on the huge log flume and were getting antsy.
Here is water from the big log flume’s splashes. They have a bridge that people can stand on to get soaked from it. Those are our kids and youth pastor getting wet right after they got off the flume. The water reached people walking on the black top too, so we stayed far back.
Rob took this of me on the bumper boat. I was going after one of the kids. Only two of them went on it with me. It was fun for me at least.
We went back to camp to make smores! I tried my best to take this shot of them roasting marshmallows in the dark of the night.
Next day: My beautiful son Micah picking his nose! haha
Me with Ashley – so weird to think that I remember when her mom was pregnant with her and now she is going into 7th grade.
These two are brothers. . .can you tell. they have the same face!
Mikyla had a hard time smiling for me. She’s a bit shy (but talks to me). She was the oldest one there (entering 10th grade. The others are entering 7th&8th, and one 4th grade – that younger brother in the green shirt above)
and this is her much less shy sister Caitlin. I love both these girls so much and love that they are different from one another, and both unique!
Youth pastor’s daughter
My handsome husband Rob whom I love so much. I honestly stare at this picture a lot since putting it on the computer. He’s dreamy. I feel like I have a little school girl crush. Maybe it is because I hang out with 13 year olds.
My little nail biter: Leto
I brought my tripod and remote so I could get a group shot. We could have taken a few more people, and we have many more in the youth group, but these were the ones who were able to go.
from left to right: Micah (my son), Rob (my husband), Justin, Kevin, Melissa, Karen, Mikyla, Nate, Caitlin, Leto (my son), Ronnie, Ashley, Janice, Natalie, Mike, and me in front (I really do live out of my Star Wars shirts people) and Dominick in his chair.
Then we have the goofy shot. . I was pretending to eat my son!
after some pancakes, guess what? They wanted more roller coasters. Rob and I (and our sons) were getting used to this. Here I am sitting waiting for the roller coaster to open. My R2-D2 shirt by the way is from Delias from last year, my shorts are circa 1967 from Vietnam (my dad’s war fatigue pants cut up).
This thing was pretty far up but I zoomed in a bit.
Leto can drive already! oh no!!
This was a helicopter ride that lifted in the air that Dominick and Leto (who will not become a Yankees fan like his friend hopefully) went on together. They had so much fun!!
Then we packed up our things and went back home. 😦

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  1. This is great! Loved all the pictures of the kids, I miss them so much.

  2. Looks like such an amazing time!!! You have such a beautiful family.Lulu Letty

  3. These pictures are brilliant, looks like so much fun!!From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. I loved seeing all the pictures. It looks like everyone had fun! I haven't been camping in so long…

  5. The bumper boats look fun…I have never gone on a camping trip. Its definitely on my list of to-do things 😉

  6. The Youth pastor's daughter has beautiful eyes!!I like the comment about Leto driving, just wait, time flies. hahaI have a letter coming your way! miss you!

  7. Love these photos! Those rides look amazing :]

  8. awww fabulous photos my dear!! so cute :)hope the weather with you in proves, the weather here is still rain rain rain! xo

  9. Great Photos, Oh i love camping, it's so much fun x

  10. I didn't know your family consisted of a: booger-eater, a nail-biter, and a kid-eater! I don't know what to expect now. It seems like our family and yours are going to get along JUST fine 🙂

  11. This is great! Loved all the pictures of the kids, I miss them so much.

  12. […] went to Knoebels Amusement Resort in PA, was 7 years ago.  I actually wrote a blog post here and here about it!  The boys don’t remember it because they were so little (1 and […]


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