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1942 Honeymoon!

A few months ago, my dear friend Laura’s grandmother passed away. Her mother gave me a few of her old dresses. One of them was this beautiful dress that she had worn in 1942 on her honeymoon! It is really cool to know some history about a dress, especially to know members of a family to root off of it. I finally got to wear the dress (took me a long time to actually get it to the dry cleaners or I would have posted it sooner).

I look like an elf here. . .pointy ears do that though. love it!
I think I was still trying to talk to my hubby as he was taking this shot. . .I look all discombulated or something!
Vintage 1942 Dress: My friend’s Grandmother’s
Shoes: Aldo
40s Hat: Becky Drolen
Thanks for your patience about the outfit entries. More will come about soon, but I need to tell you that I won’t be able to make entries as often once September comes around since I’m not going to be on the internet much. I do however have a Spiritual based blog called Justice Rolls On that I just started if you are interested in reading it and following. This one will be my fashion-based blog only (or photo blog) now.

29 thoughts on “1942 Honeymoon!

  1. This dress is just beautiful. I love the mellow autumnal colours. Your hairstyle is also lovely! I find doing 1940s hairstyles with long hair so challenging (my hair is so heavy, the rolls just end up falling down), but you always do such a stellar job with them!

  2. The dress is very flattering on you. And how neat that you get to own a dress with it's own little story behind it! I bought a dress and cocktail ring at an estate sale years ago and was excited to hear all about the owner. And I agree with Sarah's comment above. I also struggle with the vintage hairstyles with long hair…

  3. hey my dear 🙂 thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about my blondey hair 🙂 unfortunately the day before i read your comment i got it re coloured! no more blondey bits 😦 but i do really love it, its like a like a dark rusty red colour.Ill get photos up asap for you to see 🙂 I LOVE your hat in the last post soooo much!!! you look so fabulous in all your vintage dresses!! xo

  4. Hi Victoria! You are so lucky to be given vintage dresses with history. It makes the dress seem even more special to know the story behind it. Fits you really well too!PS. This is weird but I watched Step Up 3d this weekend and this awesome red-headed dancer made me think of you. It could be the hair but you guys vaguely look alike too. I kept thinking: justice pirate! B from A plus B

  5. what a rare pleasure to get a story behind such an exquisite piece! the print, the shape… it's all so beautiful. hopefully you'll be able to carry on the special memories in it. :)i wanted to thank you for your comment on my latest post too. you know, writing that post and reading all the incredible comments made me realize that blogging is not about the clothes; it's all about the girl inside and her values and quirks. It's unbelievably refreshing to hear b/c frankly i'm fed up with this materialistic lifestyle my world seems to be plunging into. there are too many more important things in life to have it revolve around consumption. you have no idea how rewarding it is to know that you guys feel my spirit through my posts too. it's important to me to leave a legacy of positivity and laughter and not one of stellar style, and you guys helped me get my perspective back on track! so sorry to hear about your dear friend passing :(. death really makes the little things in life seems so petty and pointless because at the end of the day they really are. NONE of this matters when your gone. Ultimately, life is about relationships and memories.

  6. This dress is so beautiful; I love the warm colors on you! And I think you touched upon one of the reasons I love wearing vintage. Each piece has a unique history, and when you wear a vintage garment, you become a part of that history. It may sound silly, but I think there's something kind of magical about that. 🙂

  7. What a treasure of a dress and how cool to know the history behind it and that it was actually worn on such a special occasion! Not to mention, it looks absolutely beautiful on you, just perfect with your coloring too 🙂

  8. Oh, I love it!! What pretty dress, shoes, hat, hair, and everything 🙂 It's really nice to have vintage clothes from other people you know personally. I very much agree to that. I'm glad that dress is put to good use! It's too beautiful to be stored in a box somewhere just because it was your friend's grandma's dress.Just subscribed to your other blog! Goodness! You're running three blogs!! I wish I had the time and also the time to contribute to Ruby-Eyed Okapi. You're doing such a great thing here.We'll have to continue that other conversation we had in e-mail!! The gist: I grew up in a Christian family like you, so it's not really too drastic of a story but of course, growing up and making my own decisions led me to understand what it meant to be Christian. It was more of the journey being a Christian that had more meaning to me. I think you and I both began as Christians but then later decided to dress modestly? THAT part of the story was relatively recent and has had such a big impact on me 🙂 I wrote it on my blog "The story behind a la Modest"… just dealing with insecurity and anorexia and all of that. I had such a dark moment in my life when I was already a Christian, and it spanned for several years. It was more of a reawakening as an adult after being awakened to Christianity as a child.

  9. Stunning! I mean both you and that gorgeous dress. I love the history. How romantic that your friend's grandmother wore it on her honeymoon. You look ravishing. And I adore your hat and shoes too. You are the picture of ladylike loveliness.

  10. I love when a piece of clothing has some special history. This dress is lovely, and it was so kind of your friend to share it with you. You look like a vintage dream here.

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