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1940s bobbysoxer

Vintage 40s Jr. Dress: Raleigh Vintage
Shoes: Payless
Thanks to my hubby taking these for me.
I really love love love this dress. I had it in my etsy favourites for a long time and almost bought it about 20 times, but pushed it off before finally saying, “DO IT ALREADY” haha.
Again, another dress with gorgeous buttons that I love.
I’d wear this dress in 500 different colours/prints if it were possible. It is perfect.

39 thoughts on “1940s bobbysoxer

  1. I love it, too!! Glad you finally bought it! Those shoes are awesome, too.Thanks for sharing about your brothers. Trust me, we've discussed about this, with heavy hearts, amongst ourselves, and it is really just that—everything you mentioned. One of the lamest excuse I heard about marriage tonight was "it's just a piece of paper".

  2. This is soooooooo incredibly gorgeous…I absolutely love it 🙂 You look really legit 40s! That's what I love about your style…you have the elegance and personal charisma to make it look so beautifully authentic!

  3. Goodness, I am really slacking behind in all the internet stuff. Rachel S., we were near here in Boonton together before when Leto was really small and I had dreadlocks. Rob explained it better. He reminded me through his comment that I really need to comment return comments. Thank you everyone for your comments!!! I really appreciate it!

  4. This dress is so gorgeous. I love it. Also loving the car photos in the next post. Please forgive me, I am going through your posts in reverse order and just comment when I like something. :)Love from Toronto, CanadaP.S: If you have not entered my giveaway yet, please do. It's my first ever and I would truly appreciate the support. 🙂

  5. The dress is lovely! I'm just jealous you bought it first he he 😉 Etsy has such beautiful dresses! Love your blog 🙂 xxx

  6. The dress is cute!!…I've been looking for shoes like those, I didn't know Payless had them. I need to make a trip there some time. 😉

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