September 20, 2010

Maine Trip #1

One of my best friends lives in Maine.
I have missed her so much and am so very thankful for our close friendship regardless of the distance between us in location. It had been nearly 3.5 years since we visited them (Leto was 4 months old) – far too long, so we quickly made plans and headed up there. The ride was very easy considering all the hours of sitting in the car with two kids. They were very well behaved, which allowed for us to get there in good time.

It was pretty windy and cold the afternoon we arrived. We went for a little walk together.
Leto and Josephine were holding hands, which was so cute. They did that on their own.

all our kids (they have two daughters, we have two sons)
Christian was showing us his kite, since it was so windy outside
It was so cute to me how all the kids seemed to get along so well.
Leto on the swing
Josephine and Leto with the kite
my friend Emilee and sweet sad Jubilee
The next day we went to the park together. We weren’t there for too long though. Micah had fun on this dinosaur
Leto and Rob, they had just been playing in the sand there.
Micah and Jubilee
Silly sisters
Leto and Emilee with the rabbit
Jubilee hidden away
Christian and Rob talking about who knows what. Probably music the way those two are.
Christian and Emilee
Me and Emilee.
More photos from our time there and an outfit post coming throughout the week!

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  1. Such sweet memories. The kids are all too cute together! ❤

  2. The VOLUNTARY hand-holding bit is too cute. As the eldest of six and a huge extended family, I can verily say that peace between toddlers is difficult to achieve indeed.A from A + B in the Sea

  3. my oh my the photos are so beautiful , i love to all look at the innocence and genuine smiles of little children )

  4. Awwwww…the kids look so cute! I always thought Emilee was beautiful too 🙂

  5. Her daughters are so darn cute. I especially love Jubilee on the swings! And her cute little sad face :)Two daughters and two sons? Sounds like a matchmakers dream. I bet you guys joke about that!Bea from A plus B

  6. my oh my the photos are so beautiful , i love to all look at the innocence and genuine smiles of little children )

  7. […] who have been reading my blog for more than a couple years would recall our time there last time here and […]

  8. […] family to be around.  I have previously posted about our visits there on this blog!  Here’s a post and another post from our second visit there.  Here are 1, 2, and 3 posts from the third time we […]


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