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Preppy? Brunette? what?

Okay, so I don’t normally wear stuff like this at all but it was for the HYPEED Preppy theme and I tried it out.  The pants and sweater are from forever21 which I don’t even buy from them anymore, and haven’t for a year for various reasons.  Anyway I really only like the first photo from the set, but figured this will be my outfit post for the day.  I will be posting vintage stuff next week though again.

29 thoughts on “Preppy? Brunette? what?

  1. Just last night, Rob asked me what the "triangle" pattern on someone's sweater was called because he couldn't remember! It was argyle. Lovely sweater!! I have been wearing non-authentic vintage lately because vintage is so scarce! I have been missing wearing actual vintage. I should be scouting around for more. I think you deserve to be loved by Hypeed 🙂 I really think so!

  2. I didn't even recognize you at first!!!!You look beautiful, but I'm so used to you in vintage, I had to do a double take!You look absolutely lovely with your brown hair (then again, I may be biased). Your eyes stand out like crazy.Hope all is well, dear, and thank you for the comment on my "woe-is-me" post. Blah.

  3. Hello!I found your blog through hypeed!I had seen your looks there before, but I never had checked your blog!I was very surprised to find out you are a christian, and I checked your other blogs and I really liked the things you wrote!I specially liked the one where u wrote about the purity ring cause I have the same belief…and with the help of God we were pure until the wedding…I got married at the age of 19 but I dont have any kids yet…I am planning on studying photography next year…I hope God will give u wisdom on how to use this blog to impact many lives…God bless…kisses

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