Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek 1944 (w/ Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken) – 3.5 stars – the situation of this movie is surprising for that time but really sweet too. The problem is that something happened where the lead girl gets pregnant and she doesn’t know at all how or who it was. When a guy she likes admits his love for her, out of kindness he also is willing to father her child. This movie is very funny! It’s a comedy. The outfits & hairstyles are amazing. Loved this. There is a drinking/party scene.

So Proudly We Hail 1943 (w/ Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake, George Reeves, Yvonne DeCarlo) – 3 stars – excellent movie based on the bravery of some of the women who fought in the war after Pearl Harbor’s attack. All the ladies did a great job. I especially loved Veronica Lake’s portrayal which was so unique for the roles I’ve seen her in. There is assumed violence since it is a war film, but nothing is visible.

Too Many Girls 1940 (w/ Lucille Ball, Richard Carlson, Ann Miller, Desi Arnaz) – 2.5 stars – A girl decides to attend a college. There are loads of guys there who are after getting a pretty girl and lots of girls who work hard to get their attention. It actually was a pretty sad film because obviously nothing’s changed except they were dressed better back then (and more). There was a lot of music and dancing in this (like Ann Miller doing her usual dances). It was okay. There was a little romantic tale in it that was sweet.

Teen Wolf 1985 (w/ Michael J. Fox) – 1.5 stars – Scott starts to really change . . and into a werewolf. While he struggles to keep his changes a secret, it ends up being used to his benefit. This is such a corny film. I watched an edited T.V. version of it in the late 80s, so it has been quite a while since I have seen it. I laughed at the dance scene in the film. What bothered me in this is the drunken party scene where kids are tied up together with whipped cream on their underwear bodies and all the kids are watching and laughing. There is also a girl in lingerie and another in bra and panties.

The Jensen Project 2010 (w/ Kellie Martin, Levar Burton, Patricia Richardson) – 2 stars – A really cheesy film about a family that is in need to help save the world from harm, when the wife/mom’s invention is being used for wrong purposes. Of course their son gets involved in mischief while trying to help too. This was one of those movies that really you can watch if you just want a family movie to see, otherwise you’re not missing anything in not seeing it! The actual idea of what this Jensen project is, is a community filled with elite scientists who invent different things used by military and such. It is filled with old T.V. stars from popular shows of the past too.
City of Ember 2008 (w/ Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, Harry Treadaway, Saoirse Ronan) – 3.5 stars – A city is built underground to save humanity. 200 years later, power is running out, food seems to be running out, and the mystery of anything existing outside of the city begins to come to the mind of two teens. Something is wrong, and they are willing to save the citizens of Ember. This was really a unique film and was interesting with the details surrounding it. I really enjoyed it. I don’t recall any language or anything else suggestive. Some slight violence though.

Love Happens 2009 (w/ Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston) – 2.5 stars – An author who is a widower writes about how he coped and got through the death of his wife. While at a book convention to talk about his book and inspiring people, he comes across a florist who gets his attention. While trying to get to know the woman, of course he realizes the pain he still has from his wife. Sad movie, not a bad movie, just boring at times or It would have a higher rating. There was some language. I don’t recall anything else other than a few sexual comments.

Babes on Broadway 1941 (w/ Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland) – 3 stars – One I hadn’t seen since I was a child. Definitely great music, dancing, costumes, and hairstyles. It is about how a bunch of kids make it “big” with their talent, when spotted in a basement club. I will say that Mickey Rooney’s Carmen Miranda impersonation was a little disturbing. Won’t be able to get that image out of my head for a long time. haha.

Haunted Honeymoon 1986 (w/ Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise, Jonathan Pryce) – 1.75 stars – Odd film indeed. What can you expect with actors such as these? Two radio actors who are engaged to be married go visit family in an old strange mansion where the man grew up – but there is a killer in the family. It was just a bit. . odd as stated. I can’t even describe much to you. There is a sexual scene between gene wilder and a dead man in drag (it was dark and he though it was his fiancée) and Dom DeLuise is in drag (different person than the dead one) and there’s some language.

King Kong 2005 (w/ Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Jack Black) – 2 stars – The beginning of the film was so beautiful. I loved the colours, outfits, hairstyles, it was lovely. The dinosaurs killed it for me. It got corny and stupid. I got tired of seeing everyone running around getting eaten or stepped on by different dinosaurs and large creatures. Also I grew tired of seeing Naomi Watts in her nightie running around. The movie became a joke for me. I used to love all the different King Kong movies when I was a kid (1933 version especially), but not this one. Oh and there are near naked tribal people as a warning.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004 (w/ Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Chris Pine) – 2.5 stars – This is about the princess of Genovia needing to marry someone in 30 days or she will not even receive the crown. She meets many suitors and one who seems to be amazing, yet also seems to want her crown – or does he? Cute little tale. Definitely a “girl power” type of film.

The Matrix: Reloaded & The Matrix: Revolutions 2003 (w/ Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne) – 4.5 stars – I hadn’t seen either of these movies since they were in theatres! Rob and I have seen the first movie so many times but finally rewatched these! They are incredible. I hate the one fight scene where they used too much computer animation, but all the other fight scenes are so amazing to watch. I love these movies. Very good story. I like happier endings, but I know my husband adores them as they are for the reason that they aren’t all completely happy outcomes. Really such interesting films. I hate the stupid rave party scenes that they put in BOTH of these films. Unnecessary sex scene during one of those. Revolutions used too much of the S-word and God’s name in vain that it killed my heart every time I heard it.

Movies I didn’t finish because they were either boring, annoying, or lame that I couldn’t sit through it after at least half an hour: Little Monsters, The Prince and the Showgirl

Music I’ve been listening to:
The Creepshow – They All Fall Down album – Favourite tracks: “Sleep Tight”, “They All Fall Down
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – self titled album – favourite tracks: “Going Up The Country”, “Polly Put the Kettle On”, “Mean Son of a Gun”
Poema – Sing it Now album – favourite tracks: all of them really (short album) but “Blue Sweater” and “2 AM” are cute
Flatfoot 56 – Black Thorn album – favourite tracks: “Shiny Eyes”, “We Grow Stronger”, “Way of the Sun”
Radiohead – Amnesiac album – favourite tracks: didn’t really pay attention, just listened to it and it was peaceful and wonderful
Dreamtheater – Scenes From a Memory album – favourite tracks: didn’t listen to it enough for any. Just very interesting album

Poema – 2 AM (Official Music Video)

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  1. The newest King Kong was such a let down for me. I think Peter Jackson did a wonderful job with The Lord of the Rings, but he should know that every movie doesn't need to be over 3 hours long.

  2. I live for your reviews. ;)And I'm loving your taste in music. Remind me to ask you to make me a playlist dear! 😉

  3. Although it might sound a little cliche and boyish to like the Matrix, but I really like it! I think the rave scenes were pretty stupid and unnecessary too. They just came out of nowhere! I don't understand why a lot of great movies with great plot lines and directing think they need to add sexual content to attract audiences. They really don't have to. I think their stories could perfectly stand on their own. I love City of Ember! My husband got the series of books around the story, and they were pretty interesting from what he told me. Sadly though, the tone of the books got more and more anti-God towards the end.You didn't like Teen Wolf? I thought it was pretty funny. It was a cult classic for a reason because it wasn't too great, but it had its good moments. Oh, Teen Wolf Too was even worse if you thought this one was bad lol. It had Jason Bateman!

  4. I agree about the sexual content in Teen Wolf! I forgot to comment about the party scene! That was so high school lame. My bro-in-law is still the same. He met with my Rob the other week per my husband's request, and my bro-in-law said that he only showed up to let Rob get things off his chest. That was a big *rolls eyes* moment. We are just praying for him right now because he thinks that once you've accepted Christ, we can mess up however we want because we are fallen. He likes to err on the side of God's grace more than his wrath or even discipleship or taking up our cross. He doesn't believe in any of those things. He is too afraid to lose the girl and at this point will do whatever he can to keep her. He is the only unmarried son out of all his brothers, and I think he's just a little desperate. Thanks so much for asking, though! His situation is really beyond what we can do. He's hurting his parents and us, but we still see each other and celebrate events and continue to love each other as Christ called us to.

  5. My favorite of the bunch? Princess Diaries. I seriously loved those movies. They were so much fun! And I need to see City of Ember. I think Saiorse is such a talented young actress. Glad to know you liked it!xo,Jenna

  6. Hey girl, thanks so much for the get well wishes. They really meant a lot. You are too sweet :]xx

  7. I really loved City of Ember (Saoirse is such a fantastic actress!) and I'm a little sad they haven't made more movies. As for Princess Diaries, I wish they HADN'T made a sequel. Honestly, who in their right mind would leave Michael Moscovitz for a puling princelet?Anyway I love your movie reviews, and I try to watch at least one in every set. This time I'll pick . . . So Proudly We Hail

  8. Oh, definitely! Anything for REO 🙂 The button that you have on there looks just fine! Right now I can't put up a lot of buttons on my side bar because I need to fix the annoying blue box that goes around every link I put up. I'll try to have that fixed ASAP because I had been meaning to put up more content in that area but haven't been able to.Thanks for checking my old portfolio! That one was a little embarrassing because I just graduated high school when I made that site, so a lot of things on there are probably not true anymore lol… ex, "RNB". I have no idea why that genre was on my favorites. My friends got me into Christian RNB a while back, and I think some of them are good. I do still do freelance web design and development, and I've been doing it for about 10 years now. As for what I charge, it really depends on what you want to have on there. Are you thinking about having a site for your photography? I am actually working on a photographer's website right now.

  9. You guys definitely need exposure! I admire your dedication in running several blogs! I am so happy to find more women and girls that are pro-active about modesty. I feel like a lot of them that I find on the internet are just doing it for modesty's and religion's sake. I have always wanted to find a place to belong but only to find that a lot of people who claim to be modest can sometimes be snobby or maybe just busy, but I try not to think about that too much. It's rare to find people who are genuine and who actually reach out even among the church, and the pool is even smaller among modest women. I believe that's true in every community you enter into. I know I've brought up Is This Modest's website, but you can always just repost your articles, you know? I get some exposure from that site but they usually comment on ITM's website instead of mine, which is fine for me, really. Also, I'm going to a modest fashion show event early next year in MD. If you're interested, you're welcome to come! I find that physical networking has blessed me with so much people to work with. Of course a lot of them are people I design for, but that's also an income blessing.As for REO's design, I think e-mail would be better! 🙂 I always try to work around people's budget but also set a realistic price based on the time I spend and the difficulty of the design. You can send me examples of websites you like, and I think I do a pretty good job making something similar but also significantly different from the examples.

  10. loooooooooooovely post :Dcheck my blog if u like,u may find it inspiring :)http://oh-so-boo.blogspot.com

  11. Really great post! I love all the reviews. This really got my attention!Best wishes,~Zabrinah


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