Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.
Invictus 2009 (w/ Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) – 3.5 stars – Very good movie about South Africa’s president Nelson Mandela and how he tried to bring his country together through the Rugby World Cup. It was really a beautiful look into 1995 and a bit of the person that Nelson Mandela was even though he was in captivity for 30 years. Beautiful film, but it was a bit boring in the beginning of it. It did get better. A bit long for a film. There was language in this movie.

Music in My Heart 1940 (w/ Tony Martin, Rita Hayworth, Edith Fellows) – 3 stars – A European starring on Broadway who is threatened for deportation and falls in love with a woman that he gets mixed up with when their cabs crash. I really loved the outfits and hairstyles in this film. It was a cute romantic comedy musical!

Top Hat 1935 (w/ Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers) – 2.75 stars – A lot of the issue of this movie is people assume something of an event or a person and it gets all messed up and is funny. Beautiful dancing in this film. I probably could have liked the movie more but I was confused at times.

Adam 2009 (w/ Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne) – 2.75 stars – Adam has Aspburgers syndrome, finding it very difficult to be in social environments. He starts to get to know his new neighbor Beth who is a teacher. As Beth deals with her father being charged of a crime, she begins to form a bond and love for Adam, who doesn’t seem to really know how to express how he feels. There is a scene where he puts his hand into a v-neck shirt to touch Beth’s breast and some sexual talk and aspects. There are a few swear words in it as well. This movie did bore me at times but it ended I believe more realistically than most films.

The Gang’s All Here 1943 (w/ Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, James Ellison) – 2.5 stars – A chorus girl gets chased and falls for a soldier who is off to war. She waits for him and ends up having to go to a different location with her troupe. The music was fun in this but sometimes a little tiresome (made me want to fall asleep with Alice Faye’s deep singing at times). Carmen Miranda is hilarious. Some of the acting was awful to watch for me. Goodness the outfits in this and the hairstyles are incredible. Some of the costumes are questionably immodest even for the forties.

Beach Party 1963 (w/ Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello) – 2.5 stars – If you want to get in shape, honestly just do a lot of dancing that they do in these beach movies. haha. I really always loved beach movies. I’ve reviewed a couple in the past. I just hate all the sexual attention put on them. Otherwise they’re so much fun with humor. For instance a scene where a girl just stretches while in her two piece to watch all the surfers fall over in the ocean from watching her.

Veronica Mars (season 3) 2006 – 3.25 stars – Veronica goes to college. She continues to hunt down the rapists on that campus as well as murderers, supposed suicides, and more! I liked this season much more than the second, but not as much as the first. I felt like it ended so abruptly and so poorly. That let me down. I just love how Veronica is an individual, although I think she fits in more here than she did in high school which made me sad. There were only a couple of episodes where there were sun bathing beauties or sexual content, which was annoying. some language in it.

Fantastic Voyage 1966 (w/ Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch, James Brolin, Donald Pleasence) – 2.75 stars – When a scientist with secret information gets attacked and put into a coma, certain people are chosen to become miniaturized and help enter his brain to get him up, so the journey begins. Very good movie, It probably had a lot of new graphic details that was new in that time. Really cool but finishes without really finding out the answer to why they had to take the journey in the first place. There are a couple scenes where Raquel Welch’s wet suit is zipped down a bit, yet no cleavage is shown, but there is a scene where she has to get something pulled off her body and three men are pulling these things off of her and grabbing her breasts a bunch to do it (with her wet suit on though).

Never Been Done (documentary) 2004 – 3 stars – This is the story of a guy who had his foot amputated as a child but was able to become a known skate boarder. Quite interesting and it is only an hour long.

Clambake 1967 (w/ Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares) – 3 stars – A rich guy looks to get noticed by girls for who he is rather than for his money. He decides to switch names with a guy he meets at a gas station, who both go to a resort filled with people their age partying it up. Of course the woman of his dreams seems to be more interested in money as well. Lots of singing and girls in two piece bathing suits and wearing hardly anything dancing around. It was a really cute story and I enjoyed it!

The Brady Bunch Movie 1995 (w/ Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Christine Taylor) – 2 stars – I was a huge fan of watching the wholesome Brady Bunch show as a young kid/early teen. I had loved this movie for some reason when it came out. Looking back at it I was saddened. They made it so sexual and ruined the wholesome love I had for it. I didn’t understand some of the talk that was in it when it came out and now I do. Of course it is about the Bradys and their life in a more modern world using parts of episodes from the good old Brady days. Quite a lot of cameos in it from former carol, greg, and peter brady as well as old alice and most of the Monkees.

Pajama Party 1964 (w/ Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello) – 2.5 stars – A Martian is sent to earth after studying it and told to protect it from invasion. Of course there is an earth girl who is treated like she doesn’t exist by her boyfriend, but this Martian might change the attention she’s been longing for. While all this is going on, others are out to get a rich widow’s money. Funny movie. Lots of hip swaying and bikini bottoms up close and more though. . .and a girl showing a bit too much in a bathtub too. I loved the Dorothy Lamour scene. A few other classic stars are in this too.

The Man Who Came to Dinner 1941 (w/ Monty Wooley, Bette Davis, Billie Burke, Ann Sheridan, Jimmy Durante, Richard Travis) – 3.25 stars – This was really cute. A pain in the bum lecturer stays in the home as a house guest for longer than he is meant to because he slips on ice. He drives everyone crazy but wants to help the family and ends up doing more good than harm. It was such a fun movie! It is probably the first movie I’ve seen where I enjoyed Bette Davis’ acting and such too.

Music I’ve been listening to:
Poema : Sing it Now album – favourite tracks: all of them really (short album) but “Blue Sweater” and “2 AM” are cute

Depeche Mode : Broken Frame album and Music For The Masses album – all are my favourite tracks! (they’re one of my all time favourite bands on my top 5)
The Cranberries : Everybody Else is Doing it Why Can’t We album and No Need To Argue album – all are my favourite tracks! (my second favourite band!)

The Beatles : Rubber Soul album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, Help! album- All my favourite tracks except for Within You Without You that I skip constantly (they are my all time favourite band!)

Me singing harmony to “Zombie” by The Cranberries

Harmonies to The Cranberries’ “Zombie” from justicepirate on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey!Just found your blog!I LOVE that you also put up movie reviews-i'm always looking for new things to watch.i ❤ veronica mars also.Anyway, cute style, cute family!!Followin' you so i can keep an eye on your style and more movie reviews!! Hope you will follow me too!!^_^

  2. Thanks for reminding me of that film! I've seen the man who came for dinner before but that one certainly bears repeating 😀 Great fun.

  3. Great suggestions! I have been wanting to see Invictis. Clint Eastwood always does good in his movies! I love Veronica Mars as well! 🙂

  4. I just watched The Man Who Came To Dinner a couple of weeks ago… I agree, it was great to see Bette in a livelier comedy role. I have my mom's original vinyl of Rubber Soul spinning a lot these days too; such a classic.

  5. I love the song Zombie…for obvious reasons :)I really got into D.M. when I was in Leper. The song Blasphemous Rumors still makes me feel uncomfortable. I like the way it sounds, but the lyrics make me really sad about how he views God as this monster that laughs upon our pain.

  6. It's so nice to see so many people commenting on a movie/music entry, because usually these are the most ignored with comments! Thanks everyone.I'm with you on Blasphemous Rumours Mellie. It is really sad. Some of the other songs are like that too. 😦

  7. i especially like reading about the classic films. i'm going to search for The Gangs All Here and The Man Who Came To Dinner.

  8. will get an eye on them!lovely blog:)xx

  9. Depeche Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxMILK TEETHS

  10. didn't know you liked veronica mars. one of my favorites!

  11. didn't know you liked veronica mars. one of my favorites!

  12. Depeche Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxMILK TEETHS

  13. It's so nice to see so many people commenting on a movie/music entry, because usually these are the most ignored with comments! Thanks everyone.I'm with you on Blasphemous Rumours Mellie. It is really sad. Some of the other songs are like that too. 😦

  14. Great suggestions! I have been wanting to see Invictis. Clint Eastwood always does good in his movies! I love Veronica Mars as well! 🙂


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