Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

The Frog Prince 1986 (w/ Aileen Quinn, Helen Hunt, John Paragon) – 4.5 stars – Amazing movie for everyone to adore. Cute costumes too! It is about a young girl who has no friends and just wants to play, but she also is a very sweet and kind princess. When she meets a very tall frog named Ribbit, She gains a new friend, but she also has a very mean snotty sister who wishes unhappiness upon everyone but herself. I hadn’t seen since I was 5 in the late 80s. It is because of this film that I saw ONCE (now twice) that I became obsessed with frogs (and by obsessed, I mean I’ve owned 73 frogs between age 6-20). oh, and yes the lead girl was in fact the original musical Annie.

Ondine 2009 (w/ Colin Farrell, Alicja Bachleda) – 2.75 stars – A fisherman cares for his handicapped daughter. When he catches a woman in his net he starts to use it as a bedtime story for his daughter, who finds out it is real. His daughter believes the woman is a selkie (mythological Irish creature). I liked that this seems like a fantasy film but so much reality is included especially towards the end. It was a good movie. The dialogue sometimes was boring. There was far too many scenes though of the “selkie” woman in her underwear and there was a very fast sex scene with in and out images of things happening elsewhere.

The Karate Kid 2010 (w/ Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith) – 3 stars – I’m not much for remakes. This should have been called Kung Fu Kid instead considering Kung Fu is what was in this movie and a part of China and Karate is in Japan. I missed a lot of scenes in this movie because I got a damaged disk and didn’t ask for a replacement (forgot after i reported it damaged on netflix and couldn’t change it). I probably missed half hour of the movie so i saw all of the first half and then saw the last scene. It was about a kid (I call him mini-Will since he looks just like his father Will Smith) who moves to China and doesn’t get along there too well. He makes a friend there who is a violinist he gets a crush on. He gets saved from bullying from a group of kids who are kung fu trained. He gets trained by his maintenance man who had saved him. It was similar with situations from the first two original Karate Kid movies. They added more artistic outlooks to it since it is Jackie Chan. I liked it a lot and probably would have loved it more and rated it higher if I saw the scenes I missed. . sometime soon.

Follow That Dream
1962 (w/ Elvis Presley, Anne Helm) – 2.5 stars – Elvis plays a young man (a little too sweet and naive) who is poor and moves to Florida with his dad and a few orphans want to settle down on the beach. There are some fun and interesting situations that they face mainly because of the naivety. I loved a few of the outfits in this film!

Babes in Toyland
1986 (w/ Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves, Richard Mulligan) – 2.5 stars – I was raised on March of the Wooden Soldiers from the 30s and never saw this ever. It wasn’t bad. I just think I was spoiled by the amazing original too much that I didn’t get to appreciate this one hardly at all. This one is like mixing Wizard of Oz in with it which bothered me. Basically it is one of those movies that tells you to accept what you are (in this case being a child).

When In Rome 2010 (w/ Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Danny Devito, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Will Arnett) – 3.25 stars – This was a really cute love story. I liked it! A girl goes to her sister’s wedding in Italy wanting to believe in love but not really believing it exists. She stole some coins out of a love fountain in Italy, which causes certain people who threw those coins in to follow her around feeling they are in love with her. there are a few showy outfits in this movie. There is a nude wall painting as well.

Private Benjamin 1980 (w/ Goldie Hawn) – 1.75 stars – This story is basically about a woman who seems to place her identity into her relationships of romance. When her husband suddenly dies on her wedding night, she doesn’t know what to do, so she decides to join the army. Perhaps she’ll find happiness that way. I didn’t like this movie. It was really long and drawn out but had bits of comedy. There is nudity and sexual sequences and lingerie, underwear. . etc. I had to fast forward through quite a bit which just made the film less appealing because I watch movies for a good storyline mainly. There is also a quick drug use scene.

Trouble Along the Way 1953 (w/ John Wayne, Donna Reed) – 2.75 stars – A father who is a former football coach is in financial need and is also in a battle to be able to keep his daughter, since her mother doesn’t really seem to care about her. He is constantly being checked on and gets a new coaching job at a Catholic school with a losing streak. It was an okay movie. The little girl was the best in this movie. I’m not big on John Wayne films but it wasn’t like his normal roles so that was good.

Twilight in Forks 2009 (documentary) – 2 stars – Kinda interesting in a way to see how a town known for it’s trees is now known for the Twilight Saga and has become a tourist attraction. It’s pretty sad but nice at the same time how people fall in love with the place in general because it is so much a part of the books and films. It was interesting to learn the real histories in the town too.

The Last Airbender 2010 (w/ Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone) – 3.5 stars – I actually really liked this. I have seen the first season of the show through netflix with my sons who enjoy it, so I did have an idea of things. The movie however was very beautiful visually. I enjoyed the story and felt connected to the characters too. It was clean and had a little violence here and there, but overall it was a beautiful story about Aang, who can bend air. various nations bend other elements as well, but Aang is the last air bender and is the Avatar who is able to bring peace to the land.

Music I’ve been listening to:
Ska Lives – vol. 1 compilation album – favourite tracks: “Sleep it Off”, “A Better Plan”, “Roll Jordan Roll”. “Gain Back Lost Youth”, “Still On the Move”, “The Prodigal”, “Every New Day (Live)”, “Chemical Reaction”
Paper Route – Absence album, Are We All Forgotten album – favourite tracks: “American Clouds”, “Are We All Forgotten”, “You Kill Me”, “Enemy Among Us”, “Dance on Our Graves”, “Last Time”
Showbread – Who Can Know It? album – favourite tracks: . . .:( every song has the same monotone drag in the singing which sounds the same for every son that I couldn’t get into it 😦
Ascend The Hill – self titled album – favourite tracks: “Joy”, “Return to Us”, “Sing”
Menomena – I Am the Fun Blame Monster album, Mines album – favourite tracks: “The Late Great Libido” (need to listen to them more for other songs still)

Paper Route’s “Gutter”

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  1. I'm going to try and Netflix The Frong Prince! I really liked Karate Kid a lot too, but I do agree the name was a misnomer. It was funny because both my husband and I had the same prediction for the ending, which disappointingly didn't happen! When the DVD/Blu-Ray commercial came out, it said that there were special extra scenes they added, which were exactly the scenes we hoped the movie would have! We both thought that Jackie Chan and the headmaster of the school would do a duel in the end, but that wasn't in the movie.We have the 80s Babes in Toyland in VHS, but we couldn't find it anywhere on DVD! It wasn't on Netflix or Blockbuster, I think. I did see the 60s version, too. I liked The Last Airbender too even though everybody else (including reviews) thought it was really bad. It was very intense visually. The only qualm our friend had with it, being a watcher of the Nickelodeon show, he said that the movie crammed the entire season in one movie, which of course, made everything rushed. I was a little turned off by the kiddie conversation, but I should've kept in mind that it was afterall, a kid's show.I like that Paper Route song a lot! Cool video, too.About accountability: I think we all need that! Thanks for being honest. I know that if you didn't care at all, you wouldn't have said anything. Sometimes I get into that mode where I'm just too afraid to say anything and might be perceived as being too strict, but as Christians, it's our job to help each other out.Love,Rachel

  2. I am going to have to watch Twilight in Forks. I had not heard of it. Have you been to Washington state? If not seriously consider going there sometime. It is so beautiful. The photo possibilities are just wonderful! My husband is from a town north of Seattle and we hope to settle there after he gets out of the Army!!

  3. I read about Ondine in one of my favorite books and immediately downloaded a pdf of the story after. Now I'm pretty curious about the movie! I had idea there was one :)Bea from A plus B

  4. hey my dear great reviews! can i ask will you be seeing the black swan when it comes out with natalie portman? its meant to be incredible but it doesnt come out in the UK until FEb 2011!! I know it comes out in America in Dec so I would love to hear your review on it if you see it! 🙂 xo

  5. I agree with that Showbread album. It's NOT their best. I wasn't very impressed by it. I would recommend their other ones. Do you like Mewithoutyou at all?

  6. Mellie, We have a couple Mewithoutyou albums but I don't really listen much to them. I know one of their albums we didn't really think one of the songs was sending a good message out. . as if they were talking about coexisting rather than standing up for Jesus against all powers of darkness and idol worship as God tells us to. Rob had noticed that and it really bothered him but I hadn't heard it until he played it for me and I agreed. . . but maybe their other albums are better. I don't know their album names. which do you suggest?

  7. Oh my gosh, I forgot all about the frog prince. I used to love that movie when I was little. Great choice. I went to see The Last Airbender and I had high hopes for it because I absolutely adore the cartoon (I have all 3 on dvd) but the movie kind of disappointed me. I don't understand why they changed all the pronunciations of the names, and I just don't think there was enough of anything- bending, dialogue, character development. The only thing that stood out for me was Prince Zuko, who was also my fav character in the show. You should try to finish the rest of the series- it only gets better. And they are coming out with a new miniseries sometime early next year that takes place about 50 years later. And oh my goodness that Babes and Toyland version haha. I think I my dad got that for me at McDonalds when they used to sell movies for like $3. That version is so hilariously cheesy, I watch it every Christmas. Have you seen the Annette Funicello version? I love it too:D


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