It started to drizzle while I was taking these so they look a little gloomy because of the grey sky lighting.
I was really hoping to post a Thanksgiving Day outfit, but the one I had bought was measured incorrectly by the person I bought if from that I had to return it. It was so gorgeous too! 😦  Therefore no fancy Thanksgiving clothes worn to post photos of. I wore this outfit on Tuesday.


In place though I have this really lovely outfit! I hope you liked it! I was a little iffy at first about the blue top with the black and brownish gold striped skirt, but I think it looks cute.
Vintage 1964 Real Mink Stole: c/o my friend Laura (it was her grandmother’s – she gave it to me over the summer. . .It actually was quite warm too but I feel so odd wearing a dead animal)
Vintage 50s hatTimely Vintage
Blue in the Lace TopModcloth
Vintage 50s Skirt: (my first swap!) Female Hysteria
Shoes: c/o Payless

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  1. Infinitely jealous of this outfit. Send it my way? :)<3 Cambria

  2. Just adore that fur stole! I wear one all the time in the winter – keeps me warm. – just added you as a must-read on our blog. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey, You look great in that skirt! awesome swap! I'll have to send you some pictures of me wearing the gray dress!

  4. Classic and beautiful. :)Feel free to stop by sometime.Myideaofstyle.blogspot.comXX T

  5. You look absolutely lovely! A adore this…

  6. If u ever get tired of that fur stole…mail it to me…hahaha…!I love it!It looks soooo comfy!

  7. Absolutely love all these pictures. Left you an award on my blog if you're interested. 🙂

  8. LOVE the whole look!!! I really like the top!!! 🙂

  9. You are just so gorgeous. I swear, you have the most perfect face.Wishing you well, swissy missy. <33

  10. wowwww love your lace collar top, it's beautiful! ❤

  11. Oh my gosh! I love this outfit so much! And I also know what you mean about fur. I'm an animal lover…but I have a vintage princess coat with a fox fur collar, and when I wore it to school (high school…nuff said) I just said it was fake to avoid freakouts. People actually believed me, too. It's sad, but the animal has been dead for a long time so, might as well do them justice instead of letting their fur sit in a dusty corner, right?

  12. Oh wow, what a great vintage find! I would feel weird wearing real fur too. Cute outfit too! 🙂

  13. I love the lace with the stripes! and all the colors work perfectly, so you have nothing to worry =)xo


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