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Mink & Stripes & Lace

It started to drizzle while I was taking these so they look a little gloomy because of the grey sky lighting.
I was really hoping to post a Thanksgiving Day outfit, but the one I had bought was measured incorrectly by the person I bought if from that I had to return it. It was so gorgeous too! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย Therefore no fancy Thanksgiving clothes worn to post photos of. I wore this outfit on Tuesday.


In place though I have this really lovely outfit! I hope you liked it! I was a little iffy at first about the blue top with the black and brownish gold striped skirt, but I think it looks cute.
Vintage 1964 Real Mink Stole: c/o my friend Laura (it was her grandmother’s – she gave it to me over the summer. . .It actually was quite warm too but I feel so odd wearing a dead animal)
Vintage 50s hat:ย Timely Vintage
Blue in the Lace Top:ย Modcloth
Vintage 50s Skirt:ย (my first swap!)ย Female Hysteria
Shoes: c/o Payless

64 thoughts on “Mink & Stripes & Lace

  1. Oh my gosh! I love this outfit so much! And I also know what you mean about fur. I'm an animal lover…but I have a vintage princess coat with a fox fur collar, and when I wore it to school (high school…nuff said) I just said it was fake to avoid freakouts. People actually believed me, too. It's sad, but the animal has been dead for a long time so, might as well do them justice instead of letting their fur sit in a dusty corner, right?

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