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Snow Angels and Dinosaurs. RAWR!

Thanks once again to my husband Rob for taking these
(so I did’t have to set up the tripod and all)
You can see my roots here too well. . .time to dye my hair (and brown again since the red came through!).
I think my landlord is trying to trap an animal (the box on the left)
I love these oxford boots that I got over a year ago, but I really don’t wear them enough.
My nose started to get really red from the cold
I was watching these kids in one of the yards behind our house where we live and they kept sneaking up to see what we were doing while making bird noises at my sons. I said “Hi” to them at one point and they were shy and one said it back.
Re-Mixed Outfit details
Plaid shirt: Target
Blue striped shirt: Delias
Boots: Forever 21 (. . when I used to shop there)
My sons had some fun playing in the snow (of course it has snowed more since about three more inches or so – so much for that supposed snow storm.) Here’s Leto.
He made me take this photo of his dinosaur. “He wants to be in a picture too!”
and Micah with his dinosaur too
Leto made a million snow angels. He was so cute!
My other cute snow angel who couldn’t really figure out how to make any like his big brother
Rob was trying to teach Leto how to make snowballs here.

62 thoughts on “Snow Angels and Dinosaurs. RAWR!

  1. This outfit is amazing and just perfect for running around in the snow. You're such a beautiful woman, your hair color just fits you wonderfully.xoxo mama wolf.

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