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Movie & Music Suggestion Post #36

Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Flipped 2010 (w/ Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, Aidan Quinn, John Mahoney) – 4 stars – I really love cute little love stories that are not only interesting, but very entertaining as well. This movie was very much amazing. It is about a boy named Bryce and the annoying girl that lives across the street named Juli. The really cool thing about this movie is you get different perspectives of how they met each other and their feelings for each other. It is hilarious and really heartfelt too!!! I loved it so much! Content: some name calling, mentioning Playboy and activity to it, about three or four profanities

Orchestra Wives 1942 (w/ George Montgomery, Ann Rutherford) – 3 stars – Connie is in love with big band music. She is wild about Bill who plays the trumpet who she is able to meet. When they practically just meet, they end up eloping. She becomes an orchestra wife dealing with the drama of the other wives on the road and issues that are known in general about her husband as well. It was a cute movie. A little funny at times with things that take place. There is a lot of Glenn Miller music throughout this movie and really fun swing dancing to also watch. What beautiful outfits and hairstyles as well. content: some kissing, lingerie (covering parts), assumed affairs.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 2009 (w/ voices: Justin Long, Christina Applegate w/ actors Jason Lee, David Cross, Zachary Levi) – 2 stars – This is one of those movies where you say, “oh no, don’t do that!” when you smell trouble coming up. It was a bit too cheesey for my liking and I used to adore watching the cartoon in the 1980s that had the Chipettes in it too. I get the theme song in my head often. This story . . The Chipmunks are going to high school now. Will popularity issues split them up? At the same time three female chipmunks are hoping to meet them and make it big as well and might be the target of the chipmunks’ former manager which could cause problems. content: name calling, high school bullying

Three Days of the Condor 1975 (w/ Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway) – 3 stars – A man who works for the CIA reading so many books to try to figure codings out. When tragedy strikes his department, he finds himself on the run and trying to find answers. This is a thriller movie that was very interesting but so confusing. I hated the ending and feel all “AHH! but. . .???” content: violence (lots of shootings in this), language (mainly the F-word about 4 times and a couple lighter words), a sex scene (but I started to check my email during it on purpose so I didn’t see if there was nudity or not since I don’t want to see that as it is) I did however see thigh touching and kissing.

Fitzwilly 1967 (w/ Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Feldon) – 2.75 stars – a butler who enjoys his job also has a secret job where he steals things to keep his boss “wealthy: since she doesn’t really have much money even though she thinks she does. Of course a secretary hired starts to find their activities to be very suspicious. This was a cute movie. It was funny and sweet too. I loved Barbara Feldon’s outfits in this. content: kissing. Stealing.

Letters to Juliet 2010 (w/ Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, Vanessa Redgrave) – 2.5 stars – I have a hard time seeing movies with Amanda Seyfriend (my husband can’t stand her at all), but I endure because of the stories she has portrayed that interest me. Anyway this movie was cute and predictable, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as I hoped. A woman who works checking facts, goes on vacation to Italy with her fiancΓ©e. She comes across an area where letters are daily posted on a wall to Juliet Capulet about love, loss, and hope. In searching about what goes on there, she ends up writing back to a letter dating 50 years earlier that was hidden. She goes on a journey helping a woman find an old love. content: light kissing, people groping a naked statue bosom, a couple profanities, cleavage

I Capture the Castle 2003 (w/ Bill Nighy, Rose Byrne, Romola Garai, Henry Thomas) – 3.25 stars – This is about a family who lives in a castle in England that is not really in the best shape. The father of the lead character Cassandra is a writer who has become poor since he stopped writing. Cassandra also loves to write. When two American brothers that have wealth come around eventually trying to sweep her sister Rose off her feet. Cassandra learns about love in various forms. This was a very powerful story of love and “coming of age”. It was also very sad. content: a scene of a woman’s bare top half as she enjoys the rain (could have done without this scene), a somewhat far away shot of a vagina (I guess not too many people catch that), profanity, thoughts of seductions, make-out scene and other light kissing scenes, casual smoking and drinking, imprisonment of a character against their will

Little Miss Marker 1934 (w/ Shirley Temple, Adolphe Menjou, Dorothy Dell) – 3 stars – This is one I always wanted to see with Shirley Temple. Finally I got a chance to and it was a wonderful story! A little girl is dropped off by her father as debt collateral at a horse race station but is soon orphaned. A stage singer and a bookie deal with the child best they can while their heart goes out to her. It was a very sweet and darling story. content: little 5 year old girl’s chest is shown in one scene as she is changing for bed.

Gypsy Girl aka Sky West and Crooked 1966 (w/ Hayley Mills, Ian McShane) -2.25 stars – At first this was very interesting. A girl lost part of her memory after something tragic happened in her life as a child. She goes often to the church graveyard burying dead animals. She is very confused and a lot of people in her village don’t seem to like her or treat her very well other than the children. A guy who finds her to be very interesting keeps watch on her and wants to get to know her more. Very odd film but the last quarter of it was really sweet. content: name calling, some violence

The Candy Shop 2010 (w/ Mattie Liptak, Doug Jones, Ron Prather, Abigail Monet) – 3 stars – This is only 30 minutes long and you can watch it through this link. It is a really well made short film about child exploitation, and using an interesting concept of how girls are just sweets in a candy shop and are right there under your noses in your own town being forced into a supply and demand money making service. I really recommend you all see it. I’d rate it higher if it were longer.

The A-Team 2010 (w/ Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Bradley Cooper) – 3 stars – I watched the show a lot as a child since my father is a Vietnam veteran army special forces airborne so I think he felt a big connection to it. The movie’s characters were very much like the original actors’ portrayal but gave them also their own unique shine too.  This story is about four war veterans who take on special jobs. In particular they try to recover money plates that are being used illegally. There was a lot of action in this and fun unrealistic adventure that is really exciting.  It was enjoyable. content: woman with cleavage and a slight bit of her bra is shown, magazine pin-ups in a mechanic shop (really both of these clips are in the first 5 minutes of the movie and are fast). language and violence.

The Road 2009 (w/ Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Charlize Theron) – 3.25 stars – No I didn’t read the book. My husband has it and plans to read it soon though. This is about how tragedy strikes and strips the world of rescources needed to survive life. A family is left trying to cope with survival through starvation. A father and his son are on a journey of survival, keeping on a look out for cannibals who show no mercy.  It was a very sad and depressing story but was so interesting. The really sad part is that the ending leaves you unsatisfied. I’m hoping that the book’s ending was different. haha. Well done. content: violence (bodies, skeletons, wounds, body parts. . all shown throughout scenes), language, memories of being with his wife like touching her inner thigh to lead to a main body part for arousal. . (nothing shown).

Music I’ve been listening to:
Rogue Wave – Out of the Shadow album, Asleep At Heaven’s Gate ablum, Descended Like Vultures album, 10:1 EP – Favorite tracks: “Bird on a Wire”, “Publish My Love”, “California”, “Medicine Ball”, “Wait For It”, “Crush the Camera”, “Harmonium”, “Like I Needed”, “Chicago x12”, “Lake Michigan”

Stars – Heart album, Tour EP, A Lot of Little Lies For the Sake of One Big Truth album, Nightsongs album, Set Yourself on Fire album, The Comeback EP, Dead Child Stars EP – Favorite Tracks: “The First Five Times”, “Soft Revolution”, “On Peak Hill”, “Heart”, “Elevator Love Letter” (still learning more before having favorites)

Imelda May– Mayhem album – favorite tracks: “Psycho”, “Mayhem”,  “I’m Alive”

Oaks of Righteousness Tree of Life vol. 1 EP (available only here) – favorite tracks: all. . short 5-track album
I should really listen to much more music. . anyway here’s just a song from each band


15 thoughts on “Movie & Music Suggestion Post #36

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Very surpised you didnt like Letters to Juliet that much I really found it adorable- sure it was predictable but I think sometimes thats the fun of it- Life cant be predictable so its nice sometimes when the movie can be in the best way possible πŸ™‚

  2. Ooooh Flipped looks pretty cute, and I've been wanting to see The Road (but read it first…).Did you know that The Road was the first genre fiction novel (sci-fi, fantasy, romance, etc.) to win the Pulitzer prize? True story. Gives those of us who enjoy some flights of fancy in our writing a little hope. =)

  3. The Road was a good movie. It may have had the same apocalyptic theme as the movie that came out a year after, The Book Eli, but it was good in its own right.I really like Stars too πŸ™‚

  4. The Road was a good movie. It may have had the same apocalyptic theme as the movie that came out a year after, The Book Eli, but it was good in its own right.I really like Stars too πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Very surpised you didnt like Letters to Juliet that much I really found it adorable- sure it was predictable but I think sometimes thats the fun of it- Life cant be predictable so its nice sometimes when the movie can be in the best way possible πŸ™‚

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