For Christmas, my husband bought me all the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I just finished the 6th book called The Long Winter in which the Ingalls family endured hardships of blizzards for seven months! I decided to look up old photos of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I decided on Sunday morning to go to church dressed with an inspiration from the books I’ve been reading mixed with the 1950s. I have posted myself in this 50s skirt before back in December, but they were indoor shots (due to the bronchitis I had) and I have been dying to get photos of myself in it outdoors! My friend at church’s reaction to my outfit was, “LITTLE WOMEN!” . . I have yet to read that book too πŸ˜‰

It was about 17 degrees outside when I took these plus it was windy. My eyes watered a little from the cold wind. The following day it was -4 degrees, so I picked a good day for photos! Now as I type this up I am staring out of a window as the snow is falling and is said to create about 10 more inches for us. I’m feeling very blessed to have such weather, as odd as that sounds. I guess reading The Long Winter was helpful to see how blessed I am.

I borrowed one of the flowers from the giveaway I’m holding right now (hope whoever wins it doesn’t mind). If you would like to win it as well as two other hair accessories and a pair of earrings, please take a look at my previous entry.
Outfit Details:
Flower Hairclip: c/o Lila-Jo (enter my giveaway to win it!!)
Dark Horse Blouse: Modcloth
Vintage 50s Skirt: The Tailor’s Stories
Oxford Boots & belt: Forever 21 (via over a year ago)
Ribbon Tie: plain old ribbon :: shrugs ::
I wanted to also just post a couple photos of Laura Ingalls Wilder that inspired this look:
I love all their clothes. Probably were all handmade by their Ma. Laura is the one standing on the right. Carrie is the little one and Mary is sitting.
Left to Right: Ma, Carrie, Laura, Pa, Grace, Mary

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  1. i somehow missed reading those books when i was younger, and it makes me sad because people talk about them all the time! i do love little women, though πŸ™‚ that skirt is so pretty, and the blue complements your eyes so well! i'm sure you hear this all the time, but your eyes are gorgeous.

  2. This outfit is perfect, and complements your eyes beautifully. I've been wanting to pull out some of my childhood books to read, too!

  3. A really lovely look! Somehow the blue and the black together like that are both wintry and bright enough to make a person think of spring! And I love the first picture of Laura Ingalls WIlder and family… very inspiring!

  4. Victoria! Girl–you need to wear your hair up more, you have such a lovely and delicate bone structure…too pretty! And read Little Women! It was my favorite book from 7th to 10th grade and I think you'd really like it. Your mention makes me want to go re-read it again :)xxMILK TEETHS

  5. I had, no joke, a handmade (by my mother) dress when I was little that was made to look like Laura's from Little House on the Prairie. I was OBSESSED with her. Of course I was the only 2nd grader who showed up to the first day of school in a pinafore. Awesome. Thanks so much for featuring my outfit on your tumblr today! I'm so glad you liked it.xoLaurel

  6. You really do look like you walked straight out of the movie. The blue matches your eyes perfectly. so

  7. This post is truly amazing, I love the inspiration! ❀

  8. OMG – SO CUTE. I love the cute detail of the rounded collar on your top. And the matching blue ribbon tie and skirt. Such a great one!Kristine. Or Polly.

  9. I just read that whole series a couple of years ago. I love them so much! They always make me feel pretty lazy, though, when Laura goes on and on describing all the hard labor and cooking and such they had to do. Did you know that Laura's daughter Rose was very involved in the editing of the books? There is some information that suggests Rose was responsible for the happy family impression the books give, and that the reality was not quite so rosy. We'll never know for sure, but it's really interesting to read about!Stephanie

  10. LOVE IT!! you look beautiful, especially in the closeup shots πŸ™‚ but that is such a fabulous skirt (plaid!) and i love the addition of the little blue ribbon tie.


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