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Modest Fashion Features #8

I noticed this week I had a thing for blue! Also so many of these ladies have belts and cardigans or hats. Kinda interesting to me. I am getting sick again and hopefully my bronchitis won’t return. I’ve been taking medicine that hopefully will work fast! In case you haven’t entered the giveaway I’m holding yet, please do. There are only a few more days to do so!

[Click photo for zoomed in details]

Favourite of the week: Carey
Top Left to right: Zina, Ninin, JoAnn
Bottom left to right: Laurel, Katie, Iris

If you want recognition for your modest outfits just let me know about your blog in a comment or even submit a photo here. Most of the time I pick from my random searches of bloggers or daily reads. To see the daily features and people’s submissions, follow this tumblr I run. 


36 thoughts on “Modest Fashion Features #8

  1. I love Zina's the most! Such a cute style! Yeah blue is one of my favorite colors to wear, over half of my wardrobe is some shade of blue. I wish that you lived closer! Seriously, then we could go hang out with Lauren while the guys sat at home and watched movies like "The Notebook" 😛 heheheh 🙂

  2. Hope you get well soon!! It's been snowing a lot here, but the temperature doesn't seem too cold especially when there are crazy winds. Rob is healed from the flu, and thank God that I didn't get sick from being with him at home for almost a whole week.

  3. I have a "thing" for blue too! Such a perfect color!Ick, being sick is no fun! This season seems to have been a bad one for colds and flu's – hope you feel better soon!

  4. Good Morning…sorry that you are not feeling well. It must be tough raising children and not feeling well yourself. Just stopping by to say that I love this feature on your blog although I have told you in the past. I look forward to it. I tried to upload a photo but my computer crashed again…must be something with my computer. Anyway feel free to use one of my photos if you would like to. I don't usually do a lot of full body shots but I will remember to do more in future. Feel better. Dawn

  5. hey my dear sorry i havent commented in a while i had a rough week! love these posts youve started doing! i follow at least one of the girls every wk! 🙂 xo

  6. Goodness, such lovely picks yet again! You find the most darling girls…And I do hope you start feeling better soon my dear! I will be keeping you in my prayers that your bronchitis stays away…Oh, and I must say that you looked so beautiful in your last outfit post. The close ups of your face are truly impeccable. Not too mention I'm just head over heels for your peter pan collar blouse!

  7. Thank you so much for featuring me! All of these looks are lovely! <3I hope you feel better soon! I've had a slight cold the past few days which has been very pesky. It was so hard not to cough loudly in church today! >.<~ Katie

  8. I have a "thing" for blue too! Such a perfect color!Ick, being sick is no fun! This season seems to have been a bad one for colds and flu's – hope you feel better soon!

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