Ratings are on a scale of 1-5. Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Nowhere Boy 2009 (w/ Aaron Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ann-Marie Duff) – 3.75 stars – Excellent movie about John Lennon’s upbringing and how he came to learn about music and learned how to play it. It is mainly about his life experience with his Aunt Mimi and his Mother Julia. It was so weird because Aaron Johnson looked a lot like him and sounded so much like him at times that it was very convincing. Great fashion throughout the film too. content: a sexual scene of John doing things to a girl in a park. She is fully clothed but she is making a lot of noise and they show that his hand is up her skirt as she stands there, then John takes his pants off (he’s in boxers) and the girl kneels down (nothing shown). . Wish they took this scene out! Also he gets caught with a porn magazine by and they show part of the cover but the woman is dressed. There is language throughout the film, teenage drinking and smoking throughout the film too. There is teen violence (punching) as well as trouble making seen in some parts.

My Six Loves 1963 (w/ Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson) – 2.5 stars – A famous actress grows weary and is to rest for a while. She finds a bunch of kids hanging out at her place without anyone to take care of them so she decides to do her best to help them along with a pastor. Very sweet story.

For Keeps 1988 (w/ Molly Ringwald, Randall Batinkoff) – 3 stars – I saw this once a long time ago and could only recall one scene. Now I got to watch it in full so I can remember it very well. It is a great story to show you how love can survive through hard times. A high school couple have plans and goals for their future and yet their plans are also to be one day married to one another. While still in high school, they find out they are expecting a child which is going to obviously change everything. content: lots of language throughout it, underage drinking, sex scene (they show nothing but microscopic sperms and egg), making out, talk about abortions, unwed pregnancy, a scene of a couple showering together (nothing seen, but body parts are talked about), Pretend sex noises (purposefully made to get a reaction, but people are clothed), neglect of a baby, lots of arguing

Killers 2010 (w/ Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck) – 2.75 stars – A plain boring woman goes on vacation with her parents and meets a guy who sweeps her off her feet, but little does she know that his job was always to kill people (an assassin). He hopes to settle down and give that life up, but maybe other people have different plans for him. This was a very funny movie. I enjoyed it but there were just some things that I didn’t think were very necessary or I would have rated it higher. The romance in it was adorable though. Content: sexual talk, cleavage, man without shirt on for quite some time, a whole scene for a few minutes of woman in her bra, man kissing each bosom quickly while she is in her bra, woman getting a dress cut off because it’s too tight in which you see slightly some of her backside then she is covered with a towel, slight language – one F word, violence and gore, wine and beer being consumed, kissing, Tom Selleck’s mustache haha.

My Sister Eileen 1955 (w/ Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Betty Garrett) – 3.25 stars – Two sisters try to find a place to live and to get good jobs thinking they’ll make it without a problem. Problems start arriving though. An older sister feels like an old maid as her beautiful sister draws crowds of men. All she wants to do is snatch one of her own without them wanting to go to her sister. This is a really fun musical with a beautiful wardrobe, a fun cast, and lots of comedy and blooming romances. Splendid in every way. I’m in love with this song from the film. content: girls dressing/undressing (while in long slips and such)

Marjorie Morningstar 1957 (w/ Natalie Wood, Gene Kelly) – 2.25 stars – This is a depressing love story about a young woman who meets and falls in love with a director at a summer camp. They each have hopes and dreams of making it big in the entertainment world, but the pressures and hard work cause issues in their own relationships. This story really confused me at times (not sure why). I still don’t understand the ending. There is a little bit of singing and dancing in it, but not too much. Each person acts really great but at times it seemed a little over-acted. content: immodest dancewear, drinking & smoking, talk about cheating or being sexual together (very subtle)

A Christmas Carol 2009 (animated w/ voices of Jim Carrey, Cary Elwes, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn, Gary Oldman) – 2 stars – Yeah I know Christmas is over but I was waiting for this to arrive since November but it had a very Long wait on netflix. ugh. Anyway finally got to see it and was let down. It was so boring and I could tell there was just a huge focus on the animation instead. a “look what I can do” thing. My sons didn’t even seem interested. I love this story though and could never get sick of it. content: scary ghosts extremely slight British language

Little Manhattan 2005 (w/ Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray) – 3 stars – I love little kid romance stories. This one is about a boy who never seemed to pay mind to girls at all but suddenly all he can ever do is think about a girl he knew since he was very small who now is his karate partner and hangs out with him all the time. She becomes his vision of perfect beauty and he is love sick. This was an adorable movie. Thankfully the story ended pretty realistically too which was great. content: vomit, a mom who isn’t divorced yet who is dating, people kiss, a boy and girl wrestling playfully together, two “hell” words, karate against a bully, adults drinking wine

Beauty & the Briefcase 2010 (w/ Hilary Duff, Jaime Pressly, Michael McMillian) – 1.75 stars – A young woman has dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine. When she gets her storyline planned, she sets out to work in a business filled with men so she can date as many as possible for research. the overall outcome was cute, but the rest was really sad for me to watch because it was very much about picking up guys and getting constant attention. content: sexual talk, very very short tight skirts, cleavage, people modeling in saran wrap, men’s chests, men checking out women, woman bending over in different ways during a business conference and the woman being acknowledged as a sexual distraction, making out on a bed, man underneath a desk too close to the short skirted woman when his girlfriend walks in, card game playing using male bodyparts (nothing shown, just mentioned)

Extraordinary Measures 2010 (w/ Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell) – 3.25 stars – A couple works hard to provide for his family, and has two children that suffer from a disease that has a 9 year lifespan. In order to try to keep his children alive, he seeks out a scientist who has theories for an enzyme that can save and help heal people who suffer from the disease. This is based off of a book and a true story (not sure how much since I never read it). It was such a good movie and very heartfelt and sad at times but really sweet too. content: lots of language – especially the S word by Mr. Ford (he says it so much that I was actually surprised it was rated PG!), woman in a slip, kissing scene of married couple on a couch.

Music I’ve been listening to:
Lisa Loeb – & Nine Stories: Tails album, Firecracker album – favorite tracks: all! I was in her fanclub throughout the 90s, so yeah. .

Fiona Apple – When the Pawn. . . album – favorite tracks: On the Bound, Limp, Paper Bag, Fast as You Can

Mayday Parade – A Lesson in Romantics album, Tales Told by Dead Friends album – favorite tracks: Jamie All over, Jersey, Miserable at Best, When I Get Home You’re so Dead
Slick Shoes – Self titled Ep, Rusty album, Wake Up Screaming album – favorite tracks: Silence, Joe’s Sick, Proved Me Wrong, Fall, Another Day, Hide & Seek, Elisa

This Providence – self titled album – favorite tracks: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Card House Dreamer, My Beautiful Rescue, The Pursuit of Happiness: The 2nd Movement, The Road to Jericho is Lined with Starving People

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  1. I appreciate a harsh movie critic! I am tough with my movie ratings as well. I have only seen a couple movies on your list. I liked Extraordinary Measures and loved Killers!

  2. I love that you always pick movies I have never seen before! I can't wait to try some of them.

  3. Have you ever seen the original "My Sister Eileen" with Rosalind Russell? Definitely worth checking out.LOVE that album from Fiona Apple.

  4. I really really want to see Nowhere Boy, but haven't yet. I really enjoyed Extraordinary Measures as well. I don't usually go for the real life sappy story, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. Great reviews 😀

  5. Just saw Nowhere Boy. Loved it! Also, couldn't stop staring at the costuming and art direction. So fun!

  6. I love movie inspiration..thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  7. some great movies. i have seen some movies looking forward to see the remaining. Ans some great music list.

  8. some great movies. i have seen some movies looking forward to see the remaining. Ans some great music list.

  9. Just saw Nowhere Boy. Loved it! Also, couldn't stop staring at the costuming and art direction. So fun!


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