Anyone ever read the Prince Valiant comic strip? Well yeah, I feel like his long lost sister now.

I was looking at these two photos of myself that I took in Feb. 2005 and Apr. 2006
I decided to do a combination of the two of them for a new hairstyle for myself.
Only problem is that I hate hate hate hate it. I went too short and it just is not something I like on me. I look forward to growing it back out a bit to have the elf hair again which I should have just trimmed instead. Thankfully my hair grows really fast.
[I wasn’t as modest back then at all, I apologize]

I’m going to probably be selling this cardigan on my etsy store because it’s just a little too short on tall and long-armed me. It’s so pretty! I wore it without the collar (which comes with it) two outfit entries ago.

I wore the jeggings underneath the dress because the dress is a bit too short on me. I’m sure it looks a little odd, but I felt much more comfortable this way and would feel confident leaving the house wearing it. Around home I usually wear the dress with thigh high socks.

Okay some of my Laura Ingalls Wilder inspiration came to me still while editing these. haha.

When we bought our car a few years ago, we started to notice how many others there were on the road. We never paid much mind to it. Now that I have bangs I see loads of other bloggers with them that I didn’t really take note of having bangs before, and now I feel less unique. I’m not one who likes blending in. haha. Do other people have experiences like this?

handmade Dress – Jennifer Lilly Designs
Vintage 60s Cardigan – Dear Golden
Jeggings – Pacific Sunwear
T-Strap Heels – Modcloth
Headband – c/o Sunshine & Carousels (giveaway win)
Crosses – I’ve had them since I was 11.

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  1. Yes your bangs are short, but you can definitely pull it off! I think you still look really nice. How do you like jeggings? I've heard so much about them but am worried about buying a pair since I'm so hip-y, haha. Also – YES! I've wanted bangs forever and finally got them over a year ago, and then I noticed EVERYONE had them. I've been growing them out for 2 months now. Once they're all grown out I'll decide if I want to keep it that way, cut them again, or get a new style altogether.


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