I’ve been on the ModSquad by Modcloth for over a year now and they put an old photo of mine up on their blog yesterday to ask people to also join the street team.  I thought that was pretty cool.

There’s this little elementary school near where I live and it looks like it was built in the late 50s/early 60s or so. I thought it would suit the time period of this lovely dress that I borrowed from Quincy over at Q’s Daydream. She also has worn one of my dresses which you can see how we each wore it through each of those links. She knows I love Gingham, so of course she sent me this one.

I love the lace on the dress. so cute.
Just to let you know, it was really sunny and warm on the day I took these. It had to have been at least 35 degrees but it’s been below 0 other days, so I was so cozy! The hat made me sweat a little. I don’t think I would be able to handle living in really warm climates.
What I’m wearing:
Dress: Borrowed from Quincy
Shoes: c/o Payless
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Flower Hairclip: Lila-Jo
Hat: borrowed from my husband
Other than that, Since after cutting these bangs (which I have the longer pieces behind my ears for this outfit) I kept thinking about Janet Munro’s hair. When I put on Quincy’s dress here, Right away I thought about The Swiss Family Robinson in which Janet Munro was in (which I watched far too often as a child). It reminds me so much of these dresses she wore. Therefore I thought I’d share photos to illustrate for you what I mean.

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  1. Oh these pictures are precious! Love that dress!

  2. Hi Missy, I love love love the first photo! The composition and how there is a flag in the background–very nice. Also, I love your little socks and maryjane combo. You and that lady from bleubirdvintage need to start like a stylish mom blogger club or something!xxMILK TEETHS

  3. Lovely outfit! that dress is adorable, and I love it with the socks and tights you paired it with! <3Awww!!! I saw Jane Munro in an old Disney movie when I was little! It was called Horse Masters and I loved it sooooo much! I had completely forgotten about that until I saw that picture. Thank you for reminding me! <3~ Katiehttp://www.beautifully-pure.com

  4. swiss family robinson is one of my favorite movies.such a classic movie! :)you look beautiful and that dress fits you perfectly..i love wearing pink in the snow..xoox

  5. I love this dress! So so sweet. But, I still can't believe you are warm – there is snow!! We have just come out of a heatwave so at the moment 26 (which is about 80F) is feeling rather cool.

  6. Congrats with the Modcloth stylesquad! I just applied to be a part of it yesterday! And I absolutely love your pink vintage dress. You have the best vintage finds, for sure.

  7. That dress is just as perfect on you as I thought it would be! The color IS perfect with your hair and skin. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! :o)


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