There is a Modcloth facebook contest and I’m currently in 8th place in. Please vote for me (it ends either today or tomorrow, don’t remember)! All you have to do is have a facebook and leave a comment to vote for it!! You can only vote once, but let your friends know too! Speaking of Modcloth, they featured me on their blog for their thrift finds. 
Now for the mushiness. . . and a short story. . .
We were together for a little over four months. I had laryngitis & bronchitis. I felt so awful because I was in bed all day surrounded by tissues and wishing I could talk.  My prince walked into my bedroom with a dozen roses and a very sweet card (which I still have).  I don’t think he stayed too long, but I was touched considering I felt so disgusting.  He’s not much for doing gifts or coming up with romantic idealisms and I’ve learned to accept that (thankfully I’m also a very cheap and simplistic date).  That was our first Valentine’s Day. Today is our tenth Valentine’s Day together as a couple. Many of them we didn’t even bother doing anything at all (no flowers, candy, cards, etc) and that is fine with me because I’d rather be shown love on the rest of the days of the year rather than feeling forced to on one day each year.  I’m very blessed that my best friend is also my loving husband.
And because he was not really smiling in any of these other photos (he was acting like a baby about being in this snow). . here’s one in which I made him laugh.
Yes these are my natural waves. I love them, though they always make my ends look very split but they’re really not – just frizzy (I just didn’t brush enough before the photos were taken).
He’s wearing:
21 Men, Heritage 1981, & Doc Martens

I’m wearing:
Vintage Dress – Purple Deer Vintage
Shoes: Aldo
Flower Hairclip – Lila-Jo
Necklace – c/o Love Hearts and Crosses

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  1. Thanks for your coment!!Happy valentine's day!! xoxo!!

  2. happy valentine's day! <3your dress is beautiful…you two are such a cute couple. the hubs and i do not really celebrate either..we only do cards bc i like to save them and collect them..haha.xoox

  3. what an amazing dress!!!!!! you look gorgeous in it! and congrats on those 10 years together. you know, that's no small feat. i hope you guys have a wonderful day no matter what you do 🙂


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