Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Tangled 2010 (w/ voices Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy) – 5 stars – The story of Rapunzel has been my favorite faerytale since I was a child (part of why I am in love with long hair and want to grow it long). I found out that this movie was coming out a few years ago and waited and waited to see drawings or any pictures for it, etc. I finally saw the movie (wanted to see it in theatres). I love the twist and unique storyline created for it!! PLUS this is my favorite Disney princess because she’s probably the first A-cup princess. Hooray for us small busted ones!! She probably is the most talented of all the Disney princesses too. Rapunzel has a special ability due to a situation that saved her pregnant mother from death. However she was kidnapped and locked in a high tower. I laughed and cried watching this. It is now my favorite animated Disney film! content: none that I noticed at all other than hitting people over the head with frying pans and attempting sword fight (mainly for self defense)

Seventh Heaven 1937 (w/ James Stewart -my fav! & Simone Simon) – 3 stars – They slightly changed the beginning of this story compared to the original silent film from 1927 which I loved and reviewed too. It was exactly the same but with talking! A girl who is used and abused is able to escape her life when a man who takes her under his roof and tells her he has no belief in God, but life with her starts to change his mind and the story shows reasons why or how.  It was a good movie but because it was so completely similar to the silent version, it didn’t stand out. content: kissing, near suicide

Doctor Who: The Movie
1996 (w/ Paul McGann, Eric Roberts, Sylvester McCoy, Daphne Ashbrook) – 1 star – Okay when this movie came out I was anticipating it with my brothers like crazy. As I’ve stated before, I’ve been watching Doctor Who since the 1980s (the CLASSIC Doctors, Baby!). We had seen every episode (other than the damaged/destroyed ones, obviously) and finally we could see this. The worst part is the beginning because Sylvester McCoy was one of my favorite doctors (the 7th) and of course we knew he’d have to regenerate into Paul McGann but to see how it was done is awful!!!! I shouldn’t have re-watched this movie because we all hated it when it came out and I hated it more now. They get too many things wrong (if you have seen all the episodes be it classic and the new ones, you’d understand I think too).  Anyway, It is because of this movie that I don’t count Paul McGann as a Doctor at all. :: sigh :: Content: cleavage & kissing

While You Were Sleeping 1995 (w/ Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, Peter Boyle, Glynis Johns) – 3.25 stars – A commuter is obsessed with a guy who comes through at her job. She dreams of being with the man. When he is mugged on the tracks, she saves him from being run over and ends up playing it up that she knew him very well. It causes her to learn a lot about his family. This is a really sweet and funny film! content: some language, talk about sex and pre-marital pregnancy, kissing

Amish Grace 2010 (w/ Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tammy Blanchard) – 3 stars – This movie was based off of the events in 2006 when school girls in the Amish village were killed in Pennsylvania. It shows how different people coped (from the murderer’s wife to the Amish themselves).  It was very good. It was completely clean too (no language, visible violence, or sexual content).

The Greatest 2009 (w/ Carey Mulligan, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon) – 2.75 stars – A family loses a son and each family member copes in a different way. The girl who was with him during his death comes into their lives and everything seems so hard for each of them. They don’t know how to move on while the girl is able to accept things in a more positive light. It is a very dramatic and sad movie and sometimes moves pretty slowly but was good. content: a sex scene in the beginning (I skipped it so I don’t know for sure what is in it), language, drug use, teen pregnancy, a guy’s bum close up as he is naked at a party

49 Up
 2005 (documentary) – 2 stars – In 1964 there were children chosen in the UK to be filmed on a regular basis every 7 years. They started at age 7 and this documentary shows how they grew up, the relationships they went through, the families they had, the jobs they pursued, etc. It was unique that someone dedicated themselves to film these people every 7 years! I thought that was interesting. They were 49 when this was completed. Even so, I was rather bored after a while. It was far too long and wasn’t as interesting after the first few people they showed. I couldn’t wait for it to finish. I love learning about people, but it was not displayed well enough to capture my interest.

Secretariat 2010 (w/ Diane Lane, John Malkovich) – 3.25 stars – A bio film about a woman who becomes an un-common housewife since she takes control of her father’s farm and horses to prepare in raising the perfect race-horse. She deals with traveling away from her family often, finding a trainer and jockey worth putting her heart into, and she fights a male dominated sport. This was a very good film and was quite enjoyable. I think I cried too. Based on a real life event from the late 60s-70s. content: a couple immodest outfits worn by teens (brief), I think I heard 2 light swear words, mockery of being a woman, death in a family

My Dream is Yours 1949 (w/ Doris Day – my fav!, Jack Carson, Lee Bowman) – 3 stars – apparently the original version of this film was made in 1934 which I have not seen (usually I see the original first). It is about a talent agent who really wants to hit it bigger in the music business but he just lost his #1 partner. He comes across a great voice and tries to make a hit out of her.  The cheesy part of this film is that Bugs Bunny does a song & dance number with them! It was otherwise quite cute and really a fun romantic tale. content: kissing, immodest outfits

Let’s Dance 1950 (w/ Fred Astaire, Betty Hutton) – 3 stars – This was funny at times and a little sad at other times.  It is about two entertainers who do many numbers together singing and dancing. However the woman is married and the man had no idea. After a few years they bump into one another and the woman’s husband died shortly after they last saw each other. It deals with the situation and fight that they work together in trying to unite the woman with her son who was being taken care of by her mother-in-law. Fred Astaire and Betty Hutton were a funny pair (i love Betty Hutton’s humor in the films I’ve seen with her). content: kissing, kidnapping, lying, gambling, couple immodest costumes

Good 2008 (w/ Viggo Mortensen, John Issacs, Jodie Wittaker, Mark Strong) – 1.75 stars – I couldn’t get into this movie. I expected something better. It was quite boring. It was long and drawn out but at least the ending seems realistic to what real life would have been! It is about a writer who gets chosen by the Furor (Hitler) to be in a special Nazi task-force. However he has a Jewish friend and he has some family drama which make his life hard to be “good”.  content: language, nazi street violence (nothing graphic), notions of an affair, woman in bed with a sheet over herself, the starting idea of a man about to get oral sex (nothing shown, scene cut off), women in area-covering lingerie, a close up of a woman’s bum sticking out of her bathing suit

Temple Grandin 2010 (w/ Claire Danes, Catherine O’Hara, Julia Ormond, David Strathairn) – 3.75 stars – This is an inspiring and amazing bio-pic about a woman who is autistic and had to deal with breaking many barriers in the 50s-70s because people mock her and say she is retarded. She learns to overcome and pursue her education which was not commonly heard of at all back then.  Claire Danes played the role perfectly and had me convinced. This woman connected and expressed how to overcome the struggle of being autistic while being an inventor and using her mind to get through situations. content: they show how animals would have been treated in that time but Temple Grandin helps clear this idea, Also there is mockery of how she acts as well as a scene showing bull testicles to try to scare her off.  There also was an idea of a sexual response thought by an educator after Temple invented something but it is not noticeable really. No language or anything else in this film to be worried about!

Featured Band & album

Tilly and the Wall (Bottoms of Barrels album)
I still remember the first time I heard the song “Rainbow in the Dark” when I was pregnant or perhaps just had my firstborn son. I was amazed that instead of using a drummer (which they also use sometimes too), this band had a tap dancer to provide the percussion! They have a lot of energy in their sound and My favorite tracks from this album are “Rainbows in the Dark”, “Lost Girls”, “Sing Songs Along”<–my favorite, and“The Freest Man”. I haven’t listened to any of their other albums and really should, since it’s been so long!

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