Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Thor 2011 (w/ Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman) – 3.25 stars – As a child, I used to read my brothers’ comic books. Thor is my eldest brother’s favorite, as well as mine.  I used to think it was so interesting how they spoke in old English and the really amazing power that Thor had was so interesting! I was happy yet nervous when I found out they were going to be making this into a film. I was afraid it would be cheesy. Some of this movie was a little boring at times. It was visually gorgeous! Thor is going to be king but has a heart for constant battle.  Due to disobedience he is banished and sent to earth.  He bumps into some people who are so interested in the phenomena of the sky and universe. There is a fight against evil throughout the movie. We get to see life in the kingdom of Asgard and life on earth. I enjoyed it, but was hoping for better. content: Thor showing off his muscles, kissing, violence, PG use of language

Dance with Me, Henry  1956 (w/ Bud Abbott, Lou Costello) – 2.75 stars – I laughed a bunch while watching this.  It is kinda cute!  the D.A. investigates debts when a person is killed.  When Lou’s adopted kids are threatened to be taken away, he and his wife try to seem like a “normal” family, but don’t really seem to know what that means (these are hilarious scenes).  The dresses are so cute in this film!! I love them. content: a kid smoking a cigar (can’t think if there was anything else though)

Shake, Rattle & Rock! 1994 (w/ Renee Zellweger, Howie Mandel) – 2 stars – I never saw the 1956 version. This was so typical 1990s yet it is based in the late 50s.  A young girl wants to make it big in the music business. She ends up dancing on the local T.V. show and sends an uproar with her parents. It was a pretty corny film. The music even sounded too much like the 90s at times. It was a bit uninteresting but there was some good music in it. The storyline slacked. They also made this look like there would be a sequel. content: teenage rebellion against parents, language, teenage smoking, kissing, underwear shown and highlighted while dancing

Shadow of a Doubt 1943 (w/ Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotten) – 3.25 stars – What a very interesting story! I love Hitchcock movies though. This is about a man who is on the run and cops are after him. There is a young woman who is quite obsessed with her uncle in which she was named after. He is coming to live with them for a while and she is so excited! However, maybe there are more secrets he is keeping to make her like him less the more she’s around him. Very well done. I loved the clothes and hairstyles throughout it. content: talk of murder, hurting other people with aggressive physical force

Jeremiah: The Bible 1998 (w/ Patrick Dempsey, Oliver Reed) – 2 stars – Okay, this had some things added to it and changed than what is written in the Bible, but the overall essence of the story is embraced. Jeremiah was a man who was used by God to reveal to the people to stop their idol worship and for the king to stop his oppression. He took a stand when no one else would. I just think that it could have been done better, but it wasn’t that bad.

Stone of Destiny 2008 (w/ Charlie Cox, Kate Mara, Billy Boyd, Ciaron Kelly, Stephen McCole) – 3 stars – based off of a true story about the Stone of Destiny which was from Scotland but sent to England in the 1920s. In the 1950s a young man wanted desperately to bring it back to his homeland by stealing it for National Pride’s sake. content: some language, drinking and smoking, and kissing

Mildred Pierce 1945 (w/ Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Ann Blyth, Zachary Scott) – 3.25 stars – A Who-Done-It film! A woman seems to have issues and is taken in for questioning when her husband is found murdered. She recounts the story of what her life had been like over the past several years. She had men in her life, a business she ran, and two daughters that meant everything to her.  This is a really excellent story and had beautiful art of photography. I kept thinking different people killed him but we find out at the end who really did it! Beautiful clothes and hairstyles once again. content: two-piece bathing worn, kissing, murder without the blood

Featured Band & album

Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? ——————————————–
I decided to pull out an album from 1995, which is not normal for me, because I honestly can’t stand the majority of music from the 1990s other than my beloved Cranberries.  I will however state that Oasis was very big when they came out and often compared to becoming the next Beatles (or that they sounded and looked like them as well). I would listen to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” over and over again, but most people always favored “Wonderwall” which I also like. Perhaps that one was played out on the radio far too often! Songs off this album that I also like are “Some Might Say”, “Cast No Shadow”, and “Champagne Supernova” (well . . minus the getting high part and such)

This video makes me want to pluck their eyebrows
Warning: immodest circus showgirl in video

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