My brother’s wedding was very quickly put-together. They didn’t have any decoration plans at all 3 weeks before the wedding was to take place, so I asked them if I could help them out. We have a low budget as well as my brother, so I did what I could.

I found this amazing tutorial on how to make your own moss ring-bearer pillow! My son Leto was the ring bearer in the wedding, so instead of spending about $25 bucks on a boring white pillow, I spent about $7 on this that I made myself. It was perfect for their yellow and green theme!! What do you think?

I found a tutorial for how to make your own little decorative luminary jars. I made a few of them and added some floral decoration to mine.

Here they are lit up

I made a bunch of these little can vases. The tutorial was here but again I added some of my own touch. Of course I love the gingham one the most and have it in my own possession. hehe.

Here are some flowers in it.

Modcloth recently did a tutorial for how to make candle jars. I thought they looked pretty, and since my brother is a bit of a fan of western and pioneer type of decor, I got these candle holders to make them. They look really pretty when lit up.

I made some garland out of fake ivy. I super glued loads of these little yellow flowers on them (same ones I put on my bobby pins I made that I wore in my hair, as did all the bridesmaids).  I truly would have preferred to make the one from the tutorial I found and got the idea off of (using baby’s breath), but I didn’t have time to do that. Oh well. They still looked nice as I did it.

I made this card box from my head using a shoe box I had, gluing paper all over it. The top part was glittery paper. I glued ribbons all over it and more little craft flowers. Then I put two popsickle sticks (cutting off a bit of the ends so they were flat) and had this tag from old scrapbook materials I had and there it is! A Wedding Card box! It held in all their cards nicely, don’t you think?

I made a little guest book for them too using scrapbook materials. I had a lot of left-over guestbook pages in my own guest book. I cut those out and put them in.

I also had a few large glass vases with flowers I put in them but didn’t really get any shots of them. There were a few other types of decorations I made but they were not really that interesting.

Oh and I made some Poofs/Pom-Poms thanks to Modcloth’s tutorial too. They took the longest time to work on and I only made 12 of each color. Their cake topper was of a groom pitching a baseball to his bride who is holding a bat. They gave us favors of baseballs with their names on it and the date of the wedding (they both play on local softball/baseball leagues).

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