Movie Ratings are on a scale of 1-5.  Anything rated over 3 stars and is in bold, is totally worth seeing! – I rate pretty harshly.

Doctor Who [new series – season 6: part 1] 20115 stars (of course) – I really enjoyed that there are two companions in the series. It reminds me of the classic series when the first two doctors, sometimes the fourth doctor, and the fifth doctor had two or three companions at a time. This season was filled with “Who’s that?” and “Who did it?” questions.  It started off with a “bang” and ended with a “a-ha” and “oh-no!”. . .I talk this way because I don’t believe in giving away spoilers in case you haven’t seen it. Overall we have The Doctor who travels in his TARDIS with his friends Amelia/Amy Pond and Rory (the married couple) and occasionally River Song who knows much more about the Doctor than we are to understand. They go on an adventure to different times and planets. However, Amy seems to be going through some changes that keep The Doctor questioning, the companions know a secret that they try to keep from him, and now we are finally getting to know who River Song really is (the last episode reveals who she is anyway, but I still have questions about her). The best episode of all was done by Neil Gaiman. Oh how adorable!! I loved how they reflected on a history lesson of a few things we learn about the TARDIS in the original classic series. Very cute.  Highly recommended series. Doctor Who has been my favorite T.V. show since seeing it in the 1980s (thanks to my eldest brother who recorded all the episodes)! content: kissing, rare very light language

Doctor Zhivago 1965 (w/ Omar Sharif, Julie Christie) – 3 stars – What a truly depressing story. I hate depressing Russian stories (I’ve said this before).  Goodness I feel so cold and empty after seeing stories like this.  It is about a Doctor that toils during the Bolshevik Revolution. The story is about a young girl who has a huge story told to her about this Doctor.  It is about war, romance, betrayal, and sorrow. content:  woman on a bed in which you see a slight part of the side of her breast and the entire backside minus 3/4 of her bum, violence (not too graphic but very sad instances), rape (nothing shown though), affair, men and women in bed together

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 2010 (w/ Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel) – 2.75 stars – Okay some of this was pretty funny. They even did things that were in my thoughts as I saw them being done and then they’d say them (like a little Star Wars “These are not the droids you are looking for”). The storyline is that Merlin’s three apprentices end up having issues between them. Balthazar Blake searches for centuries for his own specific apprentice to help save the world, however this certain choice is just a puny geek who lacks confidence in himself. content: kissing, magic fights, very light language

The Diary of Anne Frank 2009 (w/ Ellie Kendrick) – 3.25 stars – Excellent BBC production based off of the diary entries of Anne Frank who lived during the time of WWII as a Liberated Jewish woman (aged 13-15) who was in hiding for two years with her family and 4 others and wrote in depth about her life during that time. content: a young man’s complete backside, people in a tub individually (as covered as can be), kissing, girl groping herself as she is physically changing, back-talk to parents & elders

Glee [Season 2: Part 2] 2011 – 2.25 stars – Yeah, I couldn’t really get into this part at all (I actually liked the first part of the season a bit). It was too dramatic and annoying really.  Everyone is dating someone else and then switching to someone else, blah blah blah. Rachel cries, Kurt cries, same old story. I just truly have a problem watching shows that is about teenagers (well . .granted two of the high school actors were born in 1982) but has too much sexuality and a way to seemingly try to mold young kids’ mindsets about things. I think often times they promote things that I know my parents poo-pooed. That scares me. I only watch it because it is a way to relate to some of my youth group kids who watch such shows (I’m upset some are allowed to see it). The music is good most of the time, but that’s really all that it has going for it for ME as a viewer. Otherwise I just get sad watching it. content: . .  pretty much everything other than really bad language and nudity.

The War Bride 2001 (w/ Anna Friel, Aden Young) – 2.75 stars – This story is set in WWII in which a Canadian soldier goes to England and falls in love with a woman there. She gets shipped out to his home to live with his mom and sister (loads of other war brides were also shipped out) and finds that life is so much different there than what she is used to.  It was a good story, but at times a bit droll to watch. The main actress was “Charlotte/Chuck” in the T.V. series Pushing Daisies, in case you people know about that show (which I rated much higher than this film).  The outfits were very lovely in the film. content: girls in lingerie/bras, woman’s complete backside (there may have been more but I didn’t look), kissing, lifting skirts/touching woman’s upper thigh, some language, smoking, drinking

What Would Jesus Do? 2010 (w/ John Schneider, Jim Gleason, Mark Arnold) – 2.5 stars – This was a little corny at times with some bad acting skills here and there, but the message was nice.  The story was set in a town with a lot of homeless people living in the streets and a lack of jobs. A pastor who has a lack of faith due to an event that happened in his life has a congregation of people who don’t seem to really care much about God or living out what they supposedly believe in. A stranger (good old boy Bo Duke. haha) comes in and stirs things up a bit to make them rethink their lives. content: lots of Jesus

The Pride of the Yankees 1942 (w/ Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Walter Brennan) – 3.5 stars – This is a story about New York Yankees’ Lou Gehrig and the love he had for baseball and for his wife. Many of you may know of Gehrig’s disease in which he had, however there isn’t much talk about that in this movie. He died the year before the film was released. I don’t like the Yankees at all but live only 15-20 minutes from Yankees Stadium, but the story was interesting to me and I really love Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright and had no idea they were in this movie until right before seeing it. They did a beautiful convincing job. content: a few times of a couple wrestling happily and kissing, punches, alcohol

Featured Band &Album:
Straylight Run‘s self-titled (2004) album
I know I’ve said it before that I really love harmonies. Well, this one is full of them. The music is really pretty as well.  I am sure some of you know of the band Taking Back Sunday or possibly Breaking Pangea (not too many people know that one though, but I loved them). Two of their members created this indie-rock band which had 2 albums & 2 EPs. The Some tracks I enjoy are “The Perfect Ending”, “The Tension and the Terror”, “Existentialism on Prom Night”, “Another Word For Desperate” which is probably my favorite track, “Mistakes We Knew We Were Making”, “Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs”, “For the Best”, “Now It’s Done”. . .I just listed all but three tracks. haha. That’s how much I love this album and believe it is worth it (even the tracks I didn’t list are good).

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  1. I like Doctor Who, but one thing i do not like about the new series are the homosexual references. It is completely inappropriate, and i don't like having that shoved down my throat

  2. I completely agree with you.


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