After church two Sundays ago, we took our family to the street fair on the other end of our road. There were so many people there that we knew whom we bumped into and talked to for a little bit. I don’t see my oldest brother and his wife very often, but they were there and hung out with us for a while eating lunch and walking around and spent some time with their nephews. I always buy kettlecorn to bring home and eat with my sons (my husband’s not much of a popcorn person, while I’m a little insane about it).  We ate fish and chips for lunch (the boys had chicken fingers and fries).  Leto and Rob had some ice cream (Micah was asleep in his stroller). I bought Amish Whoopie pies to take home in which Rob and I ate all up by the next day (they are so so good).
Pops is the little 50s hot dog/ice cream place we go to once in a while (they always love how I dress when I go in). They gave the boys these hats. Micah was really tired and eventually fell asleep.
You all get to see my real smile for once. This is a woman I go to church with (she taught me Sunday School when I was 11) who saw I was being photographed by Rob as she was walking through the fair. She jumped in and asked if I was going to be posting these photos and took a shot with me.
I squint a lot when the sun is in my eyes and when I smile
Leto wanted to drive this for real and was sad it was stuck there.
I always read on blogs how girls get a little nervous or feel odd when people walk by or are near and such as they are being photographed. I really don’t mind at all and think it is hilarious and sometimes talk to the people who are nearby.
Outfit Details:
Vintage 80s Dress & Vintage Purse: Lola Vintage giveaway win via calivintage
Shoes: Lulu*s
Vintage 1960s blouse: etsy 2 yrs ago (shop is gone)
bracelet: gift from friend
[next week I will begin to post borrowed outfits from bloggers/shops to spread awareness of human trafficking/modern day slavery. To find out more information & sizing in case you would like to have your modest clothes worn here, please email: ]

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