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Ice Cream Shoppe

– Outfit #3 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –

Thank you to Rebecca of Singing in His Name for allowing me to borrow this dress!! It was great for a little outing to the new ice cream/candy shop nearby. It is a really cute place that we’ll probably go to more and more. It reminded me of the old drug stores that served ice cream too.

[hairclip: Lila-Jo | shoes: Modcloth]

Reason why I’m doing this #3:
Freedom’s Promise is a great organization that helps out children who are vulnerable to becoming victims of slavery in Nashville, TN and Cambodia. If you’re asking, “Nashville? What?” You heard right. They help the mentally and physically challenged (as well as girls who come out of forced prostitution and stripping) who often get targeted in sexual exploitation and forced into many things against their wills. In Nashville, they help these kids by using therapy with horses (they get to groom them, go on nature walks, and ride them). In Cambodia they help kids living in poverty who have no education and are liable to become slaves or have already come out of slavery (from being forced to bonded labor, coercion, sexual slavery, etc). They also help them out of forced drug addictions (many children who are forced into prostitution are given drugs so they can be easily abused and remain calm and also some girls become addicted to it to escape the pain). Freedom’s Promise gives sewing lessons to girls, gives them educations in Khmer, teach them English, and try to build real relationships with the girls who have suffered so much harm.

“I watched our staff and the nongovernmental organizations’ counselors and social workers playing with the girls, drawing with them, singing songs, and, most important, smiling at them-just looking them in the eyes and smiling genuinely out of love and compassion.  I wondered how often someone had looked in their eyes and given them a loving smile in the brothels. And the thought caused my heart to ache.” -from the book Terrify No More by Gary Haugen, President of

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:


22 thoughts on “Ice Cream Shoppe

  1. I love the dress on you Victoria! The color is great in the photos and the wedges go great with it. I am so glad to have been able to help you out! That is one of my favorites out of the dresses I sent you. Yes I cannot believe anyone would not believe in God when you see those beautiful mountains in Alaska! In Christ,Rebecca

  2. What a cute place!! Looks like it was enjoyed by all! 🙂 You look lovely in that color! I love the details on the dress. 🙂 THANKS for sharing the info about Freedoms Promise!

  3. Victoria, you are so beautiful and you have the cutest family! Thank you for spreading the word about human trafficking! You've really inspired me to be more involved 🙂

  4. Freedoms Promise sounds like a great organization! I am glad that you are spreading awareness through fashion. Its such a neat idea and I can tell you are super passionate about it! I am interested to hear more about what you are doing.

  5. so cute! and this reminds me, i still need to send you a couple of things. i've been in the midst of preparing for a cross country move to happen in a few weeks and have been running around like a crazy lady these days. sigh.

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