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Ripe Red Strawberries

– Outfit #4 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –
A very beautiful dress borrowed from Jessica of Splendiferous Inclinations. Thank you!  My husband will sometimes just drive around to find a place to quickly take some photos of me. We were going home from the supermarket with our boys and pulled into a location I have been to many many times. I bought some strawberries for my husband (I’m allergic to fruit) and thought they matched the dress well enough to use as a prop!  Find out more about what fruit and slavery have in common below.
I am throwing rocks at oppression (okay I didn’t really throw this rock, but I want to destroy slavery).
Reason why I’m doing this #4:
Many of what people in the US (and UK from many news articles I’ve also read) consume regarding foods (in this case fruits and vegetables) are slave planted/picked (not all, of course). Before I actually knew anything about human trafficking, my husband and I boycotted a certain popular fast food company since they were not properly taking care of or paying their tomato pickers (been boycotted by us for probably 5 or 6 years now). It really made us upset to know that this was going on in our “land of the free”. It is best to purchase fair trade foods. Even if they are a little more expensive, they are planted/picked by people who are treated with respect, dignity, and are paid properly for their hard work.
There are many cases that still go on today of people holding slave camps where many immigrants especially don’t understand the laws in the US and come hoping for a good job and an opportunity to make money for their families. They often will be told by people in the US that they have just the job for them. They promise them great things but are held in horrible conditions where they are guarded, made to live in confined areas with many people piled in a room with awful conditions (bugs, lack of plumbing, etc) and a lack of food and water. They end up working long hours every day of the week with little to no pay. This is truly commonly found while also horrific that anyone would treat another human being this way so that one/a company can gain power and money for themselves (while people often die because of these conditions, but the slave owner doesn’t seem to care).
“In 2001, an African American crew leader named Michael Allen Lee pled guilty to keeping 24 African American orange pickers indebted throughout the 1990s by providing them with crack cocaine.” “In September 1999, Abel Cuello Jr, Basilio Cuello, and German Covarrubias, labor contractors from Immokalee, were arrested for the smuggling and involuntary servitude of 27 migrants, who had been held against their will and forced to work in southwestern Florida’s tomato fields. ” “Perhaps the most vicious case of modern migrant slavery is that of Florida-based labor contractor named Miguel Flores. Flores was indicted in 1996 for enslaving hundreds of Mexican and Guatemalan farm workers on a camp in South Carolina.” -John Bowe in his book Nobodies
If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:

32 thoughts on “Ripe Red Strawberries

  1. You look so pretty!!! I just adore the dress and the red hair bow you added. ;)Food worker conditions are a hot topic here in Florida. There have been several large pieces in the local paper over the past few years about some of the more shady/illegal picking operations. It's really sad; I had no idea this went on prior to moving here. I think mostly because living previously in a state that didn't rely so heavily on agricultural production (Virginia), it wasn't a topic that was covered by the media as much. It's really tragic that this continues to happen, and has made me a bit more aware of where my food is coming from.

  2. Yeah, most of the news I find about agriculture in the US are focused on FL. It is really sad. Thanks for always reading my articles and leaving comments, Casey! This does happen in other states too, but most of the time the areas are so rural that not too many people truly know it is there. I tend to buy only organic fruit/veggies and usually those are more likely to have fairly paid workers involved.

  3. I love reading all the information you provide with each post, I learn something new every time I visit your blog! That red is just gorgeous on you!

  4. I'm so glad you read it and that you're learning new things!!! I was afraid for a second when I decided to do this that people wouldn't want to read all the text – but it was just too important to not post!

  5. huh.  Maybe that's why Leto doesn't care for fruit – because you're allergic and weren't able to eat fruit while you were pregnant.  Do you think he might be allergic too?

  6. No. I didn't eat any peanut butter at all or peanuts when I was pregnant with Micah and he is allergic to peanuts/peanut butter (I'm not). Leto is not allergic to any foods that we've noticed at all, but I think the lack of me eating them didn't help him (and Rob's tried to eat fruit with him many times). Leto ate lots of fruity baby foods without an issue though.

  7. You look amazing in red! I really love the dress on you 🙂 I am sorry to hear that you are allergic to fruit! I did read about the fruit-pickers/boycotting awhile ago and it really did make me upset. It is amazing how people can be so cruel to each other. I actually got pretty upset earlier today because one of the blogs I just discovered was closing down due to extreme amounts if hate mail. It just makes me so upset that people are relentless! Everyone is a human being, they know what pain is, why do they inflict in on others the way they do? I just don't understand.

  8. Thank you. I have lived my whole life without fruit, so it's not too much of a problem for me.That's sad that people even get hate mail! Sorry they are closing their blog down because of it. 😦

  9. I agree with you 100%. I only buy local and organic, even if this means that I must make monetary sacrifices in other areas of my life. The same goes with purchasing clothes; this is one of the reasons I only wear vintage or thrifted clothing. Also, you look lovely. The red dress is so fitting for the summer and the strawberries are the perfect compliment to your outfit!

  10. That's a reason why I try to buy most of my vegetables from local farmers. It's the safest way, because you never know where the food in the convenience store really comes from. And I'm in the lucky position to live in an area where I can get everything I need for daily food.Oh and awesome dress, the whole outfit is great! You look stunning in red.

  11. That is definitely a strawberry-esque look. I'm glad you added a political message to this- it's a great way to get your message across. We don't hear too much about this in Canada- it basically just stems with "fair trade products", but not much detail after that. Sincerely, Sabrina

  12. Your posts always blow me away. I start by thinking oh thats so cute, i love your dress and by the end I'm like who cares about the dress with all this going on in the world! uh.xx

  13. I came to your blog because I really loved your dress, your shoes and the photo with the strawberry in chictopia ( I think is very lovely ) and to be honest I wasn't expecting this little article…  I think slavery is happening right here, right now just round the corner no only in America or Europe everywhere really and I think because we don't see people walking naked with chains (like in the old days) people think that slavery doesn't exist anymore but it does mainly because greed. I believe in companies that care about the employees that care about the planet and people. I believe this companies in the long term will be successful. The companies that  exploit the employees or destroy the planet won't last because everything good or bad you do comes back to you in one point. I agree with you abou trying to buy fair trade products is away to help and support companies that care and destroy the bad ones 🙂

  14. Slavery is definitely larger today than it ever was before, very very very true. The past 4 outfit entries I've had all explain things about modern-day slavery. . .as will all the rest afterwards. I am glad that people like you see what is going on and know it is happening around them. Thanks Victoria. 😉 Love your name too. hehe.

  15. Hi Victoria!! Beautiful dress you look great in red. Thank you for enlightening me on the horrors of human trafficking. I didn't really know anything about it before reading your blog, but now I really want to start doing some things to help. Also I have a new blog. Something happened to my old one and I couldn't even write in it anymore. This is stilll a work in progress, but I am excited about it!!

  16. I LOVE your outfit!! I'm obsessed with saddle shoes (even though I have yet to suck it up and buy a pair), and I think they look great paired with your red dress! I love your hair ribbon and locket as well!

  17. These saddle shoes were only $8 when I bought them with another pair at Payless a couple years ago. They've lasted a long time and are really comfortable! If you ever get a pair, let me know what you think of them!

  18. yep. My brother was also allergic to fruit for a long time, but then he used organic ones and found out it was the pesticide he was allergic to instead!!! I haven't tried that though, plus I broke out once to organic raspberries as a kid, so I doubt that would work out for me.

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