I received a very nice E-mail from an employee of Misikko a few weeks ago offering me a free Hana-air blow dryer by Misikko for just testing it out and writing up a review for it. I wasn’t very sure at first if I would be willing to do it. I thought there was a gimmick involved. However, the communication and correspondence was very quick and sincere. I noticed that the blow dryer cost about $300 (on sale now for $194), so I was in shock that they wanted me to keep their product for simply writing this entry up. I’ve also known many other bloggers being asked to review their products such as their infrared flat iron too.

When I received the Hana-Air blow dryer it was packaged very professionally. There was a big box filled with goodies (and here I thought I was simply getting the expensive blow dryer). Inside the box were many items and a fake rose sitting on top looking pretty. there was a box in which to put my hair straightener in as well as a little to-go heat-proof case for it. There were little satin bags with a bunch of nail filers and two different hand sanitizers. There was a stuffed animal monkey holding a little comb (which my boys by the way loved the monkey!). Also inside were two large Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner bottles! There were two different sized Hana products that are used to protect hair from heat and make it shiny (I used it, which looked lovely. It’s photographed for an outfit, but not yet posted on my blog). There was a container of potpourri roses (which is in my underwear drawer now), one of those eye covers for sleeping/spa stuff (sorry, not sure what they are called), and everything was tied up in cute ribbons throughout the packaging.

Now about that best blow dryer: I used it a couple days after I received it. I’m actually not much of a blow-drying type of person (although it takes my long thick hair about 6 hours to air dry sometimes).  I tend to like my very wavy hair as it is, so I skip the blow drying (but will do it every so often). This particular Hana-Air blow dryer made my hair fluffier but very pretty. It straightened it pretty well too. It took me a while to figure out how to use it even with the directions though. The cheap $10 hair blower I have used at home for a few years had sort of similar buttons. One switch was used as an on/off and for how much you want of air blowing out of it. They were great speeds (my $10 one had a very very low air that took forever, so this one helps dry my hair so much faster).  Another button is for how hot you want it, while the button that confused me up at the top was to make it cool or hot in general. My other blow dryer had to have me hold down the button to have the cool setting, but this one stays put. My husband and sons were in bed as I was using it. My husband stated that it was really loud (even with the bathroom door closed) and in jest said it sounded like $300. Really that is the only downside to it. I loved the cord/wire for it because it doesn’t get all tangled up. It’s thick and really long so I can walk around the bathroom. It was a good size and felt good to hold (not too light and not too heavy). The heat setting didn’t burn my scalp like my other blow dryer tended to do. When I was finished blow drying my hair I could put it in the velvety bag that came with it (as well as a “concentrator” attachment piece).

One of my concerns with being educated on where our products come from and who is getting them for us is that the Congo is one of the only places you can get a type of material called Tungsten, if not the only. There are Three Ts that are found in only three places in the world (Tin, Tungsted, and Tantalum) and usually those types of elements/metals are picked by slave labor (yes especially today, more than ever!). These people are very abused and harmed in gathering them (and suffer greatly, sometimes dying if they don’t make quota and get beaten enough). They also don’t get enough money to live or provide for their families while companies make loads of money and live comfortably without doing the dirty work. Tungsten is usually used for heating products, so I hope that it is NOT used for the Hana-Air Blow Dryer!

Overall I will have to say that the Hana-Air Blow Dryer  is a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars! If slave labor was involved in the making of it, I’ll rate it 1.5 though. I was really impressed by all that was sent to me (and felt truly blessed and spoiled all at once, and I don’t like that second part at all, but the blessing was because I was just really touched to receive all of that for just writing up a review. That was really kind). 

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  1. Great review!! I'm not much of a blowdrying person either, but this sounds like a pretty decent hair dryer. The one I have is really old, but I still love it!

  2. Whoo-hoo! Great to see your review up! I still have to write mine and wasn't sure how to write it! I tried my new hair curling wand tonight, kinda difficult but fun! I am just so flattered they thought of us! My seven year old sis had a ball with some of the goodies in there too!

  3. I actually wish I got the curling wand since I actually curl my hair on a more regular basis than I touch a blow dryer ever, so I really look forward to your review!!! That is cute that your sister loved some of the things that came in the package.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!!-Hopewww.aflatteringtale.com

  5. That's amazing that you get to keep all of that! I only started using a blow dryer to dry my dreads every other week 🙂

  6. I never blow dry my hair….maybe that's why I don't get split ends. I would really like a curling iron, though. It would be nice to be able to style my hair any way I want without the need of a hair salon!


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