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Playing with Dolls

– Outfit #5 to stand up against modern-day slavery/human trafficking & promote modesty! –

Thank you once again to Rebecca of Singing in His Name for allowing me to borrow this dress!! This dress was a bit big on me but with the belt it fit lovely. It was very comfortable and I loved the tiny flowers all over it.  I’ll be explaining what’s up with the rabbit doll in a second. I borrowed it from my parents (their long-time friend handmade it!). My friend gave me the necklace and the hairclip is from Lila-Jo, as usual!

Reason why I’m doing this #5:
Nearly 4 years ago I attended a “Freedom Fair” that I was invited to (not really knowing what it was about). The main organization involved had a display table set up. They were called Love146 and had just changed their name (from Justice For Children – I think). It is because of that freedom fair that I learned about human trafficking and became passionate about finding justice for victims of slavery. Love146 has my heartstrings.

I believe little girls should be playing with dolls and gaining an education instead of being forced into prostitution and told to look sexy to gain customers. Yet, this is happening all throughout the world!!!

Children in various parts of the world who are very young are sometimes displayed, sitting in rooms seen through peepholes. They are numbered and then chosen by men to satisfy them sexually. They are not even seen as worth having a name but as a commodity. Love146 wants to take hold of those who are labeled as a number and give them real love and hope for their lives, because they are precious treasures. Love146 places female child victims of sexual slavery into safe-houses to help restore their lives and empower them to gain confidence and reintegrate them so that they will not be put back into sexual slavery and exploitation again. Since most of these children are very young, all they know in life is abuse. It takes a lot of work and a few years for them to feel a sense of freedom. Love146 teaches them, gives them medical treatment, and helps them through art, gardening, and dance therapy (they even have an awesome tree house they can hang out in for therapy).

I truly recommend that you sign up to their mailing list (enter your e-mail address right at the top right corner of their site). They send some of the most heart warming news (such as recently they talked about a woman who had been restored and was able to reintegrate into society with their help. The people who helped her were able to attend her wedding)! They recently started to work with young boys who have been through sexual slavery as well. A lot of these boys are told to dress up as girls as well to fit fetishes of men’s desires. It is truly heartbreaking what they are made to do in order to provide money for their “owner” and for men to feel whatever sick pleasures of power by making them please them. Love146 are doing a great work in the lives of many kids who have only known abuse.

“I looked up in the dictionary what the word ‘innocent’ means and it means ‘purity of heart’, ‘freedom from guilt or fault’, ‘blameless’. I think children who have been exploited and hurt and broken are still innocent. They haven’t lost their innocence. I don’t even think their innocence has been stolen from them. I believe they’re still innocent the way children should be….These children are not saying ‘We don’t have a voice.’ they’re just saying, ‘We’re not being heard.’… So our job is to really amplify their voice…I’m in this process of learning a new language, a language of hope. The interesting thing is that it is children who are teaching me that.”  -Rob Morris, President/Co-Founder of

If you’d like me to borrow your clothes to spread awareness against human trafficking and promote modesty, please E-mail me:

19 thoughts on “Playing with Dolls

  1. YAY for outfit #5 to spread awareness!! You are doing an awesome job of sharing information that I lot of us would probably never be aware of….and you are looking great while doing so! Keep it up, Victoria! πŸ™‚

  2. Again, thank you doing this series! The Love146 website is so encouraging, what wonderful work they're doing.That dress is so pretty; it looks very 1940s!

  3. love 146 is an amazing organization. I heard rob morris speak at a youth conference and it was a life changing experience.Β  thanks for doing this. you're an amazing woman of God!

  4. Wow I had never heard of this organization before, but I will be sure to check out Love 146. I am happy to hear that they help boys too, as I know that with females, it is obviously a much larger issue but it happens with males as well. A few months ago there was a story on NPR about sex-trafficking and there was a small focal point on how certain women become addicted to it, even though they want to stop. At the end of the story, they left info on how to donate money to help, which is really cool. That is what I love about your posts. You don't just spread awareness, you let people know how they can help. :)You look amazing in that dress and I love the bunny!Β  The black & white pics are amazing too πŸ™‚

  5. yeah, there are a couple women who might be into sex-trafficking, but most of them are ones who were trafficked themselves. Loads of women run brothels because they were forced into prostitution and are older and don't have any other opportunity as a job but to do what was done to them (very sad). Most of the reason why young boys are in sex-trafficking is because men want to have sex with them, not women (it is rare, but yes it does occur and I have read a few accounts about it). I think it would be really difficult for them to deal with the abuse more because boys tend to take things harder than girls and cope worse. Boys want to be protected by their dads and feel important and manly, but when they are taken from their homes and sold into prostitution to other men, it is like a double whammy for them. Most of the young boys die much earlier on from disease than females and have a less of a chance to become men at all compared to the young girls who are raped in prostitution and diseased who might still have a chance to see womanhood. I think this is why there are more and more organizations trying to help the young boys out (especially in countries like Burma, India, Thailand, and Cambodia). I'll have to do an entry about this more because it freaks me out how I have two sons and 1 of every 4 or 5 boys gets sexually abused. (while females are 1 of every 3 or 4 girls who are abused). I would have thought boys are less likely to have that happened, but they are almost equal. It's so sad that anyone would abuse anyone at all!Anyway thanks for the compliments on the photos and the rabbit. Thanks for reading these posts too!

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